Index of files:

display.php - log of all actions, link to tribute inventories in the sidebar. Loads most recent day automatically; others must be manually selected.
display_all.php - log of all actions, link to tribute inventories in the sidebar. Loads all days.
inventory.php - displays tribute's inventory. Must be modified with '?tribute=' and the tribute's ID (e.g. 1f)
table.php - a table of all current tributes' damage and food and water status.
mutt_list.php - a list of all muttations that have been found in the current Games.

Admin tools
display_admin.php - normal display with admin utilities bar at top.
combat.php - add combat action to database.
resubmit.php - add random event to database.
noncombat_submit.php - add non-combat action to database.
correction_submit.php - correct a mistake in tributes' damage.
td_undo.php - reset a tribute's TD to whatever it was before the previous attack (unlogged action).
resurrect.php - update tribute's status from dead to alive (unlogged action).
rekill.php - update tribute's status from alive to dead (unlogged action).
toggle_fire.php - update tribute's status from 'has fire' to 'no fire' and vice versa (unlogged action).
inventory_admin.php - update tribute's inventory (unlogged action).
stations_admin.php - update tribute's stations (unlogged action).
add_mutt.php - add a muttation to the pool.
redo_odds.php - recalculates odds.txt for the most recent day.
add_all.php - add all tributes to the database.
add_acct.php - add account (i.e. sponsor [SP1], Random Event [RE]) to the database.

HG_Engine_User_Manual.pdf - a user manual to operating the HG Engine as an administrator.