Fire (Combat)

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Fire was added to combat as a Ratmas gift in December 2012.

Fire Weapons

In order to temporarily light a weapon on fire, you need the following: -Matches/Flint/Firemaking station -Tar (a jar that contains a single use of flammable black tar that can be smeared on the following weapons: sword, knife, spear head, 6 arrows/throwing knives/blunt projectiles, blunt weapons, flail, axe, pole sword. It may also be smeared on whips and armored gloves (for unarmed attacks) but these objects will burn up after one use.)

A weapon can only be lit in an intro post at the beginning of a fight and may only be considered on fire until it is extinguished (see table below) to deal additional damage. Fire is a separate dice roll with the code [roll=1-50].

Fire Table

Roll Result Damage
1-20 Extinguished 0
21-35 Minor burn +2
36-45 Moderate burn +4
46-49 Severe burn +8 damage, +Turn Delay
50 Immolation Instakill

Additional Rules

The Fire roll MUST be placed BELOW the weapon roll. One jar of Tar is only good for one use. Ranged weapons (e.g. flaming arrows) can be used until the wielder is out of flaming projectiles (typically 6 arrows/knives/projectiles) since they are each lit separately.