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What is the Incentives program?

In short, the OTM Incentives program is exactly what it sounds: an incentive to encourage participation in the Monthly Spotlights selection process. The idea is to get everyone to participate in recognizing those that they feel deserve recognition for the past month.

In order to achieve this, points are offered to participants in both the nomination and voting stages of OTMs. The amount of points varies with the level of participation — the more categories you nominate for, the more points you get! These points can be cashed in for site prizes (see table.) The prizes offered may change over time.

The Points Checker can be used to determine the number of points you currently have. To redeem points, PM Aya on HGRPG.

Prize Cost
1 Karma 15 points
$50 Site Money 15 points
1 Tessera 35 points
1 Concise Bio, any day of the year 50 points
"Citizen of the Year" OTM Award Awarded to the member with the most points in December 2013

If you have any other suggestions for Incentives prizes, feel free to make your suggestion in the Questions & Suggestions Board on HGRPG.