Aisely Carter

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Aisely Carter is District Twelve's female tribute of the 60th Hunger Games, in which she placed 14th. She died on the second day of the 60th by the hands of Shrol Raidan. In actuality, she was killed off due to Cynara's inactivity for that day's post.

Aisely Carter
Aisely Carter
D12F of the 60th Hunger Games
District 12
Age 16
Weapon(s) Spear
Training Score 3
Token N/A
Alliance None
Victims None

played by Cynara



District 12

Having been born in the Seams, the poorest area of District Twelve, Aisely has never had the luxury of convenience. However, this factor is the major contributor to Aisely's personality. Living by her own standards, Aisely consistently exhibits the concepts of compassion and hard-work. She is also naive to a fault because of such a nature, which has led her to be taken advantage of in the past. Aisely is also somewhat insecure with her emotions. When extremely stressed, she is likely to be driven toward exerting loud bursts of long-kept anger -- though is quick to apologize for any such event. Often enough, she empathizes with a great many of people as she has dealt with loss before, at times being prompted to give out help, which is mainly driven by the fact that she herself cannot allow others to suffer -- to an extent. This very extent is when she is shown to be hypocritical, in contrast of her previous actions. If the involvement of the Capitol is shown, Aisely is more likely to shake in fear of the consequences rather than support those who suffer. This evidently shows that through her "nice girl" attitude, she possesses a sense of self-preservation.

In contrast to her sense of self-preservation, Aisely is loyal to her family of four. When her mother died roughly a year back, her commitment to family was only strengthened. In her mother's absence, Aisely vowed to continuously provide for her family's well-being. As an older sister to her two younger twin siblings -- one boy, one girl -- she purposely takes after her mother, doting after them as her mother had. But, as a daughter, her relationship with her father isn't on good terms. After his wife's death, Aisely's father took up drinking as his own form of escapism. To this day, he's been plagued with the thoughts of her death and of being the sole provider for the family, leading him to become somewhat morose -- as well as pretending to believe that the life he's living is fine as it is. Though, as much as Aisley's father tries not to, he sees Aisely as the living constant reminder of his wife -- in both personality and appearance. Such a reminder has led him to physically abuse Aisely one night, a night which Aisely deeply remembers.

In secret, Aisely wishes to one day take both of her younger siblings away with her from her father. However, that secret was halted from ever happening when she was reaped as tribute for the 60th Hunger Games.

60th Hunger Games


During the Bloodbath, Aisely made note of the killings happening around her. A few moments after she retrieved her spear, she was attacked by several tributes. Immediately afterward, Aisely fled from the Bloodbath, knowing already how close she was to dying on that day.

Day Two

On the second day of the 60th, Aisely encountered both Shrol Raidan and Inkling Marling. Inkling soon takes off, leaving Shrol and Aisely together. As Shrol soon becomes lost in a collection of various thoughts, including his sister, Yaron Raidan, Aisely picks this time to make her attack on the inattentive Shrol. However, Shrol manages to make notice of this and swing his hatchet in time to defend himself. It takes all but one swing to split the skull of Aisely Carter. Afterward, Shrol drops to his knees, praying. Though Aisely lays dead, Shrol apologizes briefly to her corpse with the words, "I'm so sorry."