60th Hunger Games

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60th Hunger Games
Map of the 60th Arena
The first floor map of the 60th Hunger Games arena.
Arena theme Hourglass
Victor Julian Bryze, District 2
Length 8 days
Reaping date January 14, 2012
End date April 11th, 2012
Gamemaker Aya
Quell Twist No alliances permitted



List of Tributes

This is a list of all the tributes that took part in the 60th Hunger Games. I was kind of guessing at their ages though, soz.

Place Name ID Owner Age Killer
1st Julian Bryze 2m pthalorarity 17 --
2nd Reyes Moreno 1m Thundy 17 Julian Bryze
3rd Kiara Mason 11f Lulu 16 Julian Bryze
4th Avon Lightwood 1f Elegant 18 Reyes Moreno
5th Fledger Rells 4m Morgana 16 Kiara Mason
6th Shrol Raidan 8m Meg 14 Julian Bryze
7th Inkling Marling 5f Stare 16 Avon Lightwood
8th Yaron Raidan 8f Wolf Tears 16 Julian Bryze
9th Eliana Ledessa 6f Phunke 16 Julian Bryze
10th Liliana Rhyson 10f Ray 17 Eliana Ledessa
11th Surge Alder 3m Cass 16 Reyes Moreno
12th Blythe Godwin-Seavers 5m Arx 16 Eliana Ledessa
13th Relic Livewood 9m Tsarashi 18 Surge Alder
14th Aisely Carter 12f Cynara 16 Shrol Raidan
15th Kwabena Cane 11m Meranda 14 Falling sand
16th Maiya Clandestinee 2f Nofo 12 Kiara Mason
17th Ally Willics 7f GreenBeads 17 Maiya Clandestinee
18th Seepie Dilox 3f Skylar 16 Avon Lightwood
19th Moore Briggs 10m Matt 17 Avon Lightwood
20th Ethan Taurus 6m Cameron 18 Ally Willics
21st Dominic Rosenfeld 7m Semper 16 Ethan Taurus
22nd Smokey Saber 12m Devin 18 Ethan Taurus
23rd Baylee Spencer 4f Markey 16 Fledger Rells
24th Lightning Vox 9f Briknope 15 Reyes Moreno

Death due to inactivity.




Day 1


The bloodbath was reasonably bloody. Yaron got the wealth, which was some ish and a rat statuette and a ham sandwich.

After the Bloodbath

Julian was all "raaah killing people!" and Maiya killed Ally and then Kiara killed Maiya and went from zero jugs to two. Avon is like "o there is a snake in my bag" then "ow it bit me ow poison" then "I SHALL BECOME CAPTAIN HARPOON!" and cuts off her hand and shiz. Reyes shakes his booty.

Arena map on Day 2.

Day 2

oh yeah btw the arena changes every day bc of sand. Blythe and Eliana fight and Surge and Relic fight and Blythe and Relic die bc sometimes people die in fights, you guys. And Ink and Shrol are supposed to fight Aisely but Aisely never shows up so Shrol cuts off her head anyhow.

Arena map on Day 3.

Day 3

Ink and Kiara but mostly Kiara kill a stegosaurus. Julian fights a riverbat. Fledger almost dies in quicksand to a Whip-Horned Buffalo. Liliana and Eliana fight you guys because their names. There can only be one -liana tribute! Actually I lied, there can be none, cause after Eliana wins, Julian is all "raaaah kill!" and kills her. Reyes cuts off Surge's head (because Surge is naked and purple) then shakes his booty.

Arena map on Day 4.

Day 4


One of them catches on fire, I think, and Reyes shakes his booty while running away from that ish. Yaron fights a massive spider. Everyone else has the day off. Good for them. No one dies.

Arena map on Day 5.

Day 5

Does anyone drink wine in the vineyard? Idk. Ink and Kiara are there separately, fighting brewbirds. Yaron and Shrol almost die to scorpion mites. Julian is like "raaaah kill!" Yaron actually dies to Julian. Avon gets latch crabbed and contemplates turning more of her body parts into weapons, and Fledger is almost killed by a mutt again.

Arena map on Day 6.

Day 6

Kiara finds a knife in the gemstones. I remember this because it was like the only good RE in the whole Games oops. Also she kills Fledger. Shrol's like "Julian imma keel u" and Julian is like "lolnope." Reyes shakes his booty, probably, while killing a tumnus that is trying to steal his ish. Avon is like "all my body parts are weapons now" and kills Inkling.

Arena map on Day 7.

Day 7

Bzzzzzz there is a beehive. I bet Tristen likes that. Reyes finds honey, which may or may not be opium honey (it is), then shakes his booty and kills Avon. Avon is like "dis my not-body part weapon, I named it lamp" and gives it to Reyes. Julian kills Kiara in the graveyard. FINAL TWO, YO.

Day 8

On Day 8, the towers are completely covered and it is just sand left you guys. Just. Sand. Oh, and tributes. Two of them.


Julian's like "raaaah kill!" and Reyes is all "calm down bro u r cray" and Julian is like "maybe maybe not but raaaah kill!" so Reyes raaaah kills himself with a lamp, and Julian's like raaaah nope! and cuts off his head anyhow.


Copy and pasted from the 55th games page. To be edited later.