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Opal Earnest is a tribute in the 64th Hunger Games. She is most notable for her victory in the 64th hunger Games and then her marriage to the 67th Hunger Games tribute Potato Earnest.


Opal Earnest
Opal Shore
D1F of the 64th Hunger Games
District 1
Age 19
Weapon(s) Dao
Training Score 8
Token Leaf
Alliance The Last Dynasty
Victims Askasha Labinnac
Drace Vandel
Xanthus Grimm
Yaa Valarro
Place 1st

played by Cass


Early Life

Opal Earnest was raised by the Shore family. She was raised and breed to become a career, in the hopes that she would claim the title of 'victor'. She never knew her original parents, the only ones she has ever known are is the Shore family. Before marrying Potato Earnest she was known as Opal Shore. Before being reaped her life consisted of gardening. She loved plants, and her life was essentially focused solely on the life she could create in a garden rather then her own life. Due to her obsession with plants and gardening she was often bullied and tormented by other careers in the district. Thus, she tried her best to avoid the training centre, whilst still attempting to maintain the status of a 'career' to appease her parents.

64th Hunger Games

The year of the 6th Hunger Games Opal (as she was back then) Shore was reaped.

Early Games

She almost escaped the Bloodbath without a scratch, but near the end she was cut by one other tribute. After that they set out into the arena, with Cleo Sullivan dead they were one ally less, after coming across Xanthus Grimm it was a mutual decision to include him into their group.


Hardly your typical career tribute Opal Earnest found the trials of the games more difficult then any of her siblings would have. One of the few Shore's to despise training her status as a 'career tribute' was more for show then anything else. However, by using her Dao she was able to kill Akasha Labinnac by setting her on fire, the first time a tribute had ever burned to death. After that she then killed Drace Vandel her ex-ally, the boy from district three who had, in fact, betrayed her. Xanthus Grimm was brought down next, the hardest kill she had, as they had become quick friends from the beginning, however Xanthus made sure he left a mark, as he took her entire leg off. Yaa Valarro fell in the finale, the final kill that lead to Opal's victory.

Victory Tour

It was on the victory tour that she first meet Potato Earnest. After wondering off she heard him singing, curious and in awe over his amazing voice she followed it until she found the boy sitting in the field. The two connected instantly, both of them avid gardeners, Opal found herself falling for the odd young boy, his love of plants and the garden as great as her own.

Drought Plot

Set in the summer between the 66th and 67th games, the Drought plot was created by Cass and Elegant in an effort to not only create a site wide plot, but to bring Opal and Potato back together as well. In the two year time period not much had changed with Opal, she had invested a large amount of time trying to help a broken boy, Danyel Le Meur, to recover from his traumatic life. Then with the Drought she volunteered to head off to district eleven, having heard the disaster and instantly fearing the worst for Potato. It was there that she found Potato Earnest almost dead, his mother and father had already passed away due to the consequences of the drought. After heading to his house she took him in, nursing him back to health.

67th Hunger Games

The 67th Hunger Games was Opal Earnest's breaking point. After the trials of the 64th Hunger Games, and losing her brother, Argonite Shore, in a few games before she was emotionally shattered. However, after seeing Potato in the Capitol she was determined to not let any of her anguish show, instead she focused on spending all of her time with him, knowing that it could possibly be their last days together. To Opal's surprise Potato asked to marry her, she accepted, and thus she became Opal Earnest, consummating their marriage hours later.