64th Hunger Games

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The upcoming 64th Hunger Games. It's okay that this page is all template-y because the Games haven't even started.

64th Hunger Games
Map of the 64th Arena
The map of the 64th Hunger Games arena.
Arena theme You wish
Victor Nope
Reaping date Nope Nope
End date idek, mang
Gamemaker Aya



List of Tributes

This is a list of the dead tributes thus far in the 64th Hunger Games.

Place Name ID Owner Age Killer
1st Opal Shore 1f Cass 16 --
2nd Yaa Valarro 7f Thundy 17 Opal Shore
3rd Mikhail Ivashkov 6m Kiah 18 Yaa Valarro
4th Xanthus Grimm 1m Elegant 18 Opal Shore
5th Locust Lovelace 4f Python 17 Mikhail Ivashkov
6th Andal Ferde 5m Semper 16 Xanthus Grimm
7th Drace Vandel 3m Dars 18 Opal Shore
8th Sierra Birdbrook 12f Clover 17 Andal Ferde
9th Luciana Trevers 5f Stare 14 Locust Lovelace
10th Florence Hartmyre 6f Wonder 17 Yaa Valarro
11th Erik Strauss 12m Charade 17 Sierra Birdbrook
12th Motel Hunt 10m Greenbeads 17 Florence Hartmyre
13th Jaime Lyon 2m South 18 Dart Jaguar
14th Akasha Labinnac 9f Roseh 18 Opal Shore
15th Gaff Grimsdottir 4m Verbal 14 Florence Hartmyre
16th Deimos Lasner 7m Kire 17 Erik Strauss
17th Nightshade Bluesea 11f Nightlock 18 Deimos Lasner
18th Entaelia Lanine 2f Mew 16 Drace Vandel
19th Xavier Gregory 11m Dreamer 16 Mikhail Ivashkov
20th Samuel Tulius 8m Rosetta 18 Locust Lovelace
21st Cleo Sullivan 3f Tristen 18 Motel Hunt
22nd Akina Hooper 8f Dancin 15 Andal Ferde
23rd Bae Fescue 10f Aurum 16 Yaa Valarro
24th Jabber Jay 9m Freshy 16 Luciana Trevers

Death due to inactivity.


Before the Bloodbath


Florence Hartmyre Jaime Lyon Xanthus Grimm

The Last Dynasty

Opal Shore Cleo Sullivan Drace Vandel Locust Lovelace

twilight bandits

Jabber Jay Bae Fescue Nightshade Bluesea

The Night's Watch

Samuel Tulius Motel Hunt Erik Strauss

Bad Intentions

Andal Ferde Mikhail Ivashkov Deimos Lasner Yaa Valarro

The Running Men

Entaelia Lanine Gaff Grimsdottir Akina Hooper Xavier Gregory

Halcyon Hearts

Luciana Trevers Akasha Labinnac Sierra Birdbrook

After the Bloodbath

The Last Dynasty

Opal Shore Drace Vandel Locust Lovelace Xanthus Grimm

The Last Dynasty

Opal Shore Mikhail Ivashkov Locust Lovelace


Day 1


Probably someone will die.

After the Bloodbath

Hopefully people will hunt.

The rest of the Games

We'll get there when we get there.


Hold your horses jfc