Shelby Leviane

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Shelby Leviane is the victor of the 75th Hunger Games. She is most notable for being the first victor from District Eight and the first tribute and victor to have 6 kills.

Shelby Leviane
shelby picture
Victor of the 75th Hunger Games
District 8
Age 18 (during games) 21 (current)
Weapon(s) Sword ,Throwing Knives, Glaive, Axe, Spear, Knife
Training Score 5
Token n/a
Alliance Remnants, then Solo
Victims Curse Jinx
Wylla Lysander
Lucas O'Hara
Saummerand Dehemaux
Tamron Rhodes
Cassiopeia Shaw

played by Mylee

// Life before the games //

Sister to Cha Leviane, Shelby and Cha shared a one-sided relationship at the beginning (Shelby admired Cha, but Cha didn't return the feelings). Cha really only opening up to Shelby. Shelby was intrigued by what Cha told her, about the mysteries that haunted her head. Shelby ended up realizing that her sister was starting to lose her sanity. Shelby clung to the little bits of Cha that was left. After her sister, Cha, volunteers in the place of Chatter McKellan, Shelby says to herself, "(Oh, my dear, deranged sister, but you simply cannot.)" In the justice building, Shelby tells Cha not to lose herself. At the end of their goodbye's Shelby knew that Cha was already gone. Four years after the death of Cha, Shelby's sanity began to deteriorate, believing at one time that Cha might not have even existed. Before the reaping/volunteering of the 75th Hunger games, Shelby did not idolize her sister anymore and admitted Cha was not a hero. When she volunteers she lays out 3 words. Delusional. Lucid. Never afraid. She realized she has become everything that her sister was.

// The Bloodbath //

Shelby escaped the bloodbath without any injuries. In the end she regrets participating in the bloodbath.

Inventory after the bb:

- Vivid tangerine crayon

- Fuzzy Wuzzy crayon

- Granny smith apple crayon

- Violet-red crayon

- Orchid crayon

- Carnation Pink crayon

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