75th Hunger Games

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These are the 75th Hunger Games, and the 22st on the site.

75th Hunger Games
The map of the 75th Hunger Games arena.
Surreal Theme Surreal
Victor TBD
  1. OOC Weeks
Reaping date January 27th, 2017
End date TBD
Gamemakers Aya and Lalia



List of Tributes

This is a list of all the tributes that took part in the 75th Hunger Games.

Place Name ID Owner Age Killer Day
1st Shelby Leviane 8f Mylee 18 -- --
2nd Cassiopeia Shaw 2f Ali 18 Shelby Leviane 9
3rd Tamron Rhodes 11m Dee 17 Shelby Leviane 9
4th Saummerand Demheaux 2m Arctic 18 Shelby Leviane 9
5th Anise Himura 2f Shrimp 16 Cassiopeia Shaw 8
6th Salome Izar 11f Zori 16 Saummerand Demheaux 8
7th Lucas O'Hara 9m Lance 18 Shelby Leviane 8
8th Castor Karmichael 7f Python 16 Tamron Rhodes 8
9th Elettra Eckhart 6f Ghosty 16 Salome Izar 7
10th Eva Hope 8f Puppy 18 Anise Himura 7
11th Riordan Einfallen 6m Tom 18 Lucas O'Hara 7
12th Wylla Lysander 3f Azaleah 12 Shelby Leviane 7
13th Sage Scarborough 12m Kaplan 16 Tamron Rhodes 7
14th Riven Fowley 10f Solo 18 Cassiopeia Shaw 7
15th Curse Jinx 4m Jorg 18 Shelby Leviane 5
16th Eszter Summit 7f Kari 18 Cassiopeia Shaw 5
17th Fallon Payne 5f Stare 17 Eva Hope 5
18th Gabrielle Bellamonte 4f Chaos 18 Riven Fowley 5
19th Helios Delacroix 9m Rave 18 Helios Delacroix 4
20th Anarchy Brice 4f Flyss 15 Jerrard [Shark-shark] 4
21st Raven Barker 7f Dars 16 Gabrielle Bellamonte 4
22nd Atlas Lumiere 1m Kousei 18 Riven Fowley 4
23rd Marcus Fletcher 7m Yoya 14 Saummerand Demheaux 4
24th Ophelia Stromstatt 10f Rosetta 17 Nakom [Swarm] 3
25th Jano Karmichael 7m Rook 16 Nakom [Swarm] 3
26th Ivar Hammerfell 2m Emsrocks 17 Nakom [Swarm] 3
27th Ronnie Cheyne 4m Frankel 16 Nakom [Swarm] 3
28th Ingran Ansgot 6m Elegant 17 Nakom [Swarm] 3
29th Diorite Fray 1f Gryphon 16 Nakom [Swarm] 3
30th Iridium Eckhart 6f Arx 12 Spider Elephants [Stampede] 3
31st Lightning O'Hana 4m Arrows 16 Spider Elephants [Stampede] 3
32nd Seth Brogan 7m Marr 15 Spider Elephants [Stampede] 3
33rd Asriel Dreamurr 2m Nyte 16 Nakom [Swarm] 3
34th Hela Loptrdottir 2f Anzie 16 Armor Dellia [Mutt] 2
35th Scarlett Stroms 10f Zoë 17 Asriel Dreamurr 2
36th Callixtus Shim 5m Mattio 15 Eszter Summit 2
37th Molly Malachite 1f Mrmista 14 Anise Himura 2
38th Ave Clayton 3f Onyx 17 Callixtus Shim 2
39th Chloriphina Sills 4f Unitato 17 Ivar Hammerfell 2
40th Pollux Cree 5f Fuzzy 17 Marcus Fletcher 2
41st Chaos O'Hana 4f Cameo 18 Diorite Fray 2
42nd Leticia Wheeler 7f Gaby 15 Eva Hope 2
43rd Gentian Hope 8m Lyndis 18 Riven Fowley 1.5
44th Lazarus Stroms 10m Pogue 18 Ingran Ansgot 1.5
45th Elvaina Eckhart 6f Briar 16 Raven Barker 1.5
46th Lorenzo Ruined 5m Kay 18 Ivar Hammerfell 1.5
47th Brooke Destin 4f Tristen 16 Scarlett Stroms 1.5
48th Anton Ladetto 6m Noodles 16 Chaos O'Hana 1.5
49th Eden Turner 5f Clover 15 Lorenzo Ruined BB
50th Kyros Moreno 1m Thundy 18 Ronnie Cheyne BB
51st Zanita Luzell 9f Greenbeads 18 Atlas Lumiere BB
52nd Affron Williams 12m Bailee 17 Eva Hope BB

Death due to inactivity.


The Seventy-Fifth arena took place in a Surreal themed arena.


All areas were mirrored in an alternate dimension, accessible through portals and rabbit-holes hidden in the arena.


Looking down from the rooftop of a massive mansion, you are at least half a dozen stories up in the air. Chimneys are scattered around at random and numerous trap doors built into the shingling promise both escape and certain danger. Surely it would be safer to risk whatever waits below. Already you can tell the building seems to be in a state of disrepair, tiles loose beneath your feet as you attempt to navigate the chaotic logic of the roof's peaks and sudden drops. The cornucopia itself seems conspicuously absent — only the audience and the sky whales above are able to see the way the subtle colors of the shingles draw an illusion of a three dimensional one upon the roof itself.

Stilted Mansion

Turning on bird legs, the mansion stands over a fissure in the middle of a sprawling rose garden. Inside the mansion is full of dusty decadence — marble floors resembling a life-sized chessboard, chandeliers larger than some lower District houses, and ornately carved crown molding. Curious paintings are hung gallery-style up and down nearly every wall, but the most mind-boggling thing of all is the great hall at its heart. Countless stairways spiral and intertwine in every direction, disregarding gravity. There is a feeling of looking up, west, and backwards all at once and yet some trick of the light promises that all of this is possible. What's so mad about a tea party on the ceiling? Why not lounge upon such a luscious lip-shaped living room set mounted to a wall?

Rose Garden

Red paint drips from many of the flowers, leaving them a particularly upsetting shade of white and an abandoned game of croquet stretches out between topiaries shaped as mutts from throughout the history of the games. If not for the obvious tending of the topiaries the garden might feel completely neglected. The flowers have grown wild and untamed, coiling up the bird legs of the mansion to creep in through cracked windows and lay claim to the halls. It almost feels as if the garden wants to reclaim the arena and, indeed, there is a suspiciously empty patch of earth at its center where the largest of all the topiaries seems to have gone missing. The occasional roar from within the mansion is almost as unsettling as the whispering wind outside, like the flowers are gossiping behind your back about how soon they won't be the only ones dripping red.

[Tributes can move freely between the Rose Garden Prime and the Stilted Mansion Prime.]

Salt Flats

Here the earth becomes sky. Shallow water reflects the clouds above, schools of birds circling your ankles as you lose sight of dry land — of any sense of up or down. Only the occasional sand bar and your own movements break the deceptive stillness of the water. As the horizon disappears, sky into sky, you realize the sand is so pure and clear that you can see right through it... but surely that's only your own face being reflected up at you.

Phosphorescent Orchard

Every color intensifies until it is as if the sun lives within all things. The truth of this becomes most apparent when night tries and fails to claim the orchard, every flower and tree glowing eerily in defiance. There is only day here. Fuchsia leaves, lavender toadstools, golden hanging moss, powder blue apples, silver grass — this is a forgotten otherworld once dreamt of by little girls who love unicorns and little boys favoring pink. Maybe you. Overgrown and untended, nothing is as it should be. Every color is "wrong". Confused clocks draped over branches melt into puddles of water scattered across the ground, reflecting blue and clouds despite the canopy blotting out the sky. All the animals seem more human than you, even the glass-bellied tardigrades with their transparent bodies, insides on display.

Paper Plains

The landscape waits for you, holding its breath in anticipation of what it will become. Grass and dirt end and everything becomes colorless — less than white — except for herds of mutts roaming like strange nomadic tribes. Elephants as tall as gods, even from a distance, lose their heads in the clouds and you hope they continue thinking there is nothing here worth looking down for. Flocks of flying fish leap from cloud to cloud as sky whales float by, but there is nothing upon the endlessly blank earth until your hand draws it — be it blood or kinder colors.


The Antharians

Brooke Destin Elettra Eckhart Elva Eckhart Helios Delacroix


Asriel Dreamurr Ingran Ansgot Castor Karmichael Jano Karmichael


Cassiopeia Shaw Callixtus Shim


Diorite Fray Hela Loptrdottir Saummerand Demheaux


Atlas Lumiere Ave Clayton Ronnie Cheyne Ophelia Stromstatt

Golconda 2.0

Atlas Lumiere Ronnie Cheyne Ophelia Stromstatt Salome Izar

The Jokers

Cassiopeia Shaw Anarchy Brice Callixtus Shim Riordan Einfallen

The Jokers 2.0

Cassiopeia Shaw Anarchy Brice Riordan Einfallen Sage Scarborough


Anarchy Brice Riordan Einfallen

The Mad Hatters

Chaos O'Hana Lightning O'Hana Fallon Payne Tamron Rhodes

El Martillo Maldito de Dios

Ivar Hammerfell Curse Jinx Zanita Luzell

M.A.S.S.ive Destruction

Marcus Fletcher Seth Brogan Affron Williams Sage Scarborough


Kyros Moreno Anise Himura Gabrielle Bellamonte Eden Turner

Persistence of Memory

Atlas Lumiere Fallon Payne Salome Izar Tamron Rhodes

Pretty Little Liars

Chloriphina Sills Pollux Cree Leticia Wheeler Riven Fowley


Raven Barker Shelby Leviane Lazarus Stroms Scarlett Stroms


Iris Eckhart Eszter Summit

Reticence; [Day 2]

Elettra Eckhart Iris Eckhart Eszter Summit Helios Delacroix

Reticence; [Day 4]

Elettra Eckhart Castor Karmichael Eszter Summit

Speakers for the Dead

Wylla Lysander Lorenzo Ruined Anton Ladetto Lucas O'Hara

Speakers for the Dead V.2

Wylla Lysander Eva Hope Lucas O'Hara

Speakers for the Dead V.3

Wylla Lysander Eva Hope Lucas O'Hara Riven Fowley

Speakers for the Dead V.4

Wylla Lysander Eva Hope Riven Fowley

Speakers Reunion Tour

Wylla Lysander Lucas O'Hara Riven Fowley

Through the Looking Glass

Molly Malachite Gentian Hope Salome Izar