74th Hunger Games

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These are the 74th Hunger Games, and the 21st on the site.

74th Hunger Games
The map of the 74th Hunger Games arena.
Stonehenge Theme Stonehenge
Victor Ansgar Todd
  1. OOC Weeks
Reaping date October 1st, 2016
End date TBD
Gamemakers Kay, Rosetta, and Greenbeads



List of Tributes

This is a list of all the tributes that took part in the 74th Hunger Games.

Place Name ID Owner Age Killer Day
1st Ansgar Todd 10m Kire 18 -- --
2nd Hyacinth Mortuus 12f Python 18 Ansgar Todd 8
3rd Pillar Fray 1f Tristen 16 Hyacinth Mortuus 7
4th Asha Lumiere 1m Kousei 17 Ansgar Todd 7
5th Samira Hart 5f Zoë 18 Pillar Fray 6
6th Sacha Dupont 5m Fox 18 Asha Lumiere 6
7th Jenoah Rasoio 8m Frankel 17 Ansgar Todd 6
8th Desimae Warble 11f Grim 17 Samira Hart 5
9th Rolf Parks 9m Emsrocks 18 Sacha Dupont 5
10th Bolts Spark 3m Chevi 17 Pillar Fray 5
11th Reese LaChance 7m Dars 18 Jenoah Rasoio 5
12th Deja Hatcher 3f Marr 13 Sacha Dupont 4
13th Maye Talliago 6f Charade 18 Sacha Dupont 4
14th Mitchell Laws 12m Tom 18 Jack [Yeti] 4
15th Torka Hammerfell 2m Cato 18 Queenie [Hellcat] 4
16th Mordecai Wu 4m Elegant 17 Jenoah Rasoio 3
17th Jackson Samuels 6m Yoya 18 Deja Hatcher 3
18th Ryan Summit 7f Azaleah 18 Torka Hammerfell 3
19th Myara Lowe 10f Avalon 17 Jenoah Rasoio 2
20th Rachel Violette 2f Kaplan 17 Samira Hart 1
21st Drake Harvest 11m Puppy 18 Mordecai Wu BB
22nd Kimmie Yov-Maoi 8f Fuzzy 17 Pillar Fray BB
23rd Joselle Brookwater 4f Lyndis 18 Asha Lumiere BB
24th Sabrina Larue 5f noodles 16 Mordecai Wu BB

Death due to inactivity.


The Seventy-Fourth arena took place in a Stonehenge themed arena.



A stone bridge conveniently connects the two halves of the arena. It is sturdily constructed right over Rift Valley. Erected in the dead center of the bridge, the Cornucopia for the Seventy Fourth Hunger Games is a one room log cabin. It is a home at its most basic: linked logs with hay stuffed between for insulation, a dirt floor, a cast iron stove, a rocking chair, an off-balance table with a top hat perched where dishes ought to be. That’s it. Astute tributes may realize there’s no bed or bathroom, no comfort to be found at all. It is a relic from the past, an uncomfortable reminder of life outside of the arena. (Team GM)

Stone Henge

From a distance, it may not seem so bizarre to find slabs of rock adjacent to a Quarry. Upon closer inspection, however, it becomes clear that these are not boulders, but carefully sculpted and arranged granite blocks which tower over the tributes. They are arranged in a circle, forming their own arena within the arena. Ribbed rippling grass forms a soft bed in the center of the ring. Tributes may lie beneath the stones for a brief respite from the sun, but be warned: there’s no shelter to be found here. (Kay)

Granite Flat

A strangely beautiful place, the area is a flat expanse of granite in every color and size. The way the light hits the rocks gives the appearance of a glowing field of treasure, but beware of other things hidden by the land’s beauty. (Geebs)

Fog Lake

This area of the arena is covered in dense, swirling fog. For a few brief seconds every minute it parts so that the tributes might see the rock at their feet and something more: the technicolor pools. The lake is actually series of sulphur pools, bubbling away. Their depths are turquoise and amber, pthalocyanine and marigold. Up close, the fog looks more like steam and the rotten egg smell really isn’t so bad. The pool is just begging you to take a dip, take a sip, but will you be so brave? (Kay)

Rift Valley

The rift valley is not for the claustrophobic. The stone pass is narrow, barely wide enough for a tribute to extend their arms at their sides and not scrape the intimidating rock walls on either side. The walls are so high that it’s difficult to see what’s at the top. Really, those walls are tectonic plates, extending far deeper into the earth than anyone can imagine. Above the earth, they stare down as tributes pass between them, silent and unmoving. (Rosetta)


The quarry greets tributes like a large gaping mouth, descending into the foundation of the Arena. The ground fragments into steps that are each at least five feet high. Here, the ground is a deep, dark red, suggesting clay. As one descends the steps, the red earth becomes darker, until it’s nearly black at the base of the quarry. At the foot of the rock steps, large blocks of brown, red and gray rock sit upon a cracked, parched earth. The quarry once might have been bustling, even perhaps filled with water. Now, it’s dry as bone. (Rosetta)

Crooked Mountain

Dark clouds gather around the mountain to the east. The peak of which is bent at such a dramatic angle it seems to be begging for a landslide. Trees dot the base of the summit, dark shrubby things clinging to the rocky soil. It is strangely quiet in this part of the Arena, but never let your guard down- even ancient alps can surprise you. (Geebs)



The Light Brigade


Black Widows



Solo Tributes



The 74th Bloodbath was the bloodiest bloodbath in a while. It started off with the death of Sabrina Larue. Mordecai Wu attacked her unarmed and crushed her skull(5186). Another death came quickly, only five attacks later when Asha Lumiere also crushed Joselle Brookwater's skull. Later, Pillar Fray managed to issue the final blow to Kimmie Yov-Maoi as she tried to crawl from the chaos. Drake Harvest lagged behind the others fleeing, and got attacked by the remaining Hubris alliance, and finally was killed by Mordecai Wu attacking him and severing his left ear as the final attack.

Bloodbath Deaths

Sabrina Larue, District 9, Cornucopia

Joselle Brookwater, District 4, Cornucopia

Kimmie Yov-Maoi, District 8, Cornucopia

Drake Harvest, District 11, Cornucopia

After The Bloodbath

After the bloodbath, Maye Talliago traveled to the Fog Lake by herself, and Deja Hatcher also traveled alone to the Quarry. As Kimmie Yov-Maoi was dying, Rachel Violette ran over to mourn her fallen friend, but The Light Brigade alliance quickly advanced and with only two attacks the already injured and unsuspecting girl was killed. The final blow was issued by Samira Hart and was a deep gash on her left forearm. A multitude of other tributes noticed the attack and joined in by attacking Rachel's two main assailants, Samira Hart and Myara Lowe. Neither of them perished and everyone quickly fled the bloody scene.

Hyacinth Mortuus talked with Drake Harvest as he lay dying soon before the scene mentioned above.

The Sarpedons traveled to the Quarry.

Hubris traveled to the Rift Valley where they lured back Buttercup the Cat, who was originally in Hyacinth Mortuus' Bloodbath items list. Ansgar also lured a rat to keep in his pocket, as they are faithful servants of Ripred.

Day 1 deaths:

Rachel Violette, District 2, Cornucopia

Day 2

While the Excalibros fought The Light Brigade, mutts swarmed the arena. Each of the two-person alliances were beset by two harpies, who tried to tantalize the tributes with their wiles. But the tributes resisted and killed the harpies, with Rolf Park opting to string their severed feet into a necklace using rope he obtained from a sponsorship. Meanwhile, the solo tributes went against mutts of their own, all of whom were soundly defeated. A yeti and ghull came down from the mountains as well to terrorize the Hubris alliance, but Bolts' aim struck true on the ghull while Hyacinth finished off the yeti after the alliance had worn it down.

Meanwhile, Jenoah's fiery glaive smites down Myara Lowe, causing her alliance to hastily flee the scene.

Day 2 deaths:

Myara Lowe, District 10, Rift Valley

Day 3

When the first ray of sunshine hit the cornucopia, the twenty four booby-trapped plates simultaneously exploded, obliterating the log cabin. A cloud of disturbed tracker jackers rise from the ashes, heading for the Crooked Mountain, where the unfortunate Light Brigade alliance stumbles on them. Reese and Samira are stung, causing them to hallucinate and lash out randomly, unable to distinguish their allies from the two gemstone lurkers that have emerged from the rocks. Pillar Fray, the only one from their alliance who managed to escape the tracker jackers, kills the first gemstone lurker, while

Torka and Rolf find Ryan and Sacha in the Rift Valley. Eager to prove himself as the formidable career of of his duo, Torka strikes the final blow on Ryan Summit, leaving her to bleed to death.

Meanwhile in the Rift Valley, Jackson stumbles upon Deja and attacks her. It is a very close fight, with both tributes dealing out nearly as much as they took. Feeling betrayed, as Jackson had helped her out of the bloodbath two days ago, Deja finally summons the strength to kill the district six tribute.

The two remaining large alliances encountered each other in the quarry, with Jenoah and Ansgar philosophizing about the nature of Ripred and what it means to truly believe in such a god. Neither of the pair from District twelve are willing to kill their district partner, instead striking at those they saw as the greatest threats. Jenoah claimed his second kill by slicing Mordecai's arm off with his glaive.

Maye Talliago, the lone remaining tribute from District Six, stumbles across two granite golems, one after the other. She nimbly dodges their glancing blows, hurling javelins that pierce their toughened stone skin. After the first golem died, Torka and Rolf find Maye and help her kill the remaining rock monster. Ever the charming thief, Maye kisses them, her hand slipping into Torka's bag to steal his food.

Day 3 deaths:

Ryan Summit, District 7, Granite Flat

Jackson Samuels, District 6, Rift Valley

Mordecai Wu, District 4, Quarry

Day 4

On Day 4, the Gamemakers arranged for a feast in the Rift Valley for those tributes who showed up. Two alliances, Hubris and the Light Brigade, showed up, as well as the remaining solo tributes Maye and Deja. The latter two were quickly overwhelmed by attacks from the Light Brigade, with Sacha Dupont dealing the final blow to both tributes. The other tributes, too far away from the feast, instead faced mutts of all sizes. Two yetis emerged from the Crooked Mountain to attack the Excalibros, one of whom scoring a critical hit on Mitchell and ending his life.

Meanwhile, Torka and Rolf easily defeated the two poisonous mutts they encountered in the Granite Flat. Just as Rolf left Torka to gather some items, however, a hellcat emerged from seemingly nowhere and sprang upon Torka. The exhausted Career was no match for this bloodthirsty animal and succumbed after a long and arduous battle. The emergence of this mutt, far stronger than usual, has been seen with suspicion, and rumors abound as to whether it was sent by Gamemaker Zaya Reine herself, feeling jilted after Torka's passionate kiss with Maye.

Day 4 deaths:

Deja Hatcher, District 3, Rift Valley

Maye Talliago, District 6, Rift Valley

Torka Hammerfell, District 2, Granite Flat

Mitchell Laws, District 12, Crooked Mountain

Day 5

A storm tears through the Arena during the night. In the darkness and the rain, the tributes find it difficult to see their allies and soon they are gone. Alone in this rainstorm, they only have their own strength to rely on. This strength proves enough for most, and the fights end quickly; too quickly, a viewer might claim. Within moments, a single hit each kills Reese, Bolts, and Rolf. In the remaining time, Samira finishes off Desimae, ending hopes of a District 11 comeback.

This day also saw the introduction of a special mutt - the Ditto. The shapeshifting mutt that confronted the lone Asha Lumiere brought the Career close to death, its ability making it far more threatening than it often first appears. Ultimately, however, he was able to defeat the creature in the most intense fight this day of the Games.

Day 5 deaths:

Reese LaChance, District 7, Granite Flat

Bolts Spark, District 3, Granite Flat

Rolf Parks, District 9, Rift Valley

Desimae Warble, District 11, Crooked Mountain

Day 6

Day 7

Day 8