73rd Hunger Games

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These are the 73st Hunger Games, and the 20th on the site.

73stHunger Games
The map of the 73st Hunger Games arena.
Arena theme Dante's Inferno
Victor TBD
Length TBD
Reaping date 4th June,2016
End date TBD
Gamemakers Stare, Avalon and Chaos



List of Tributes

This is a list of all the tributes that took part in the 73st Hunger Games.

Place Name ID Owner Age Killer Day
1st Justice Fray d1m Arx 18 -- --
2nd Iris Flower-Oak d7f Puppy 17 Justice Fray 8
3rd Roger Strangways-Teach d4m Aya 18 Justice Fray 7
4th Machaon Amador d8m Python 18 Iris Flower-Oak 7
5th Scout Krigel 4f Lalia 16 Justice Fray 6
6th Atlas White 9m Nyte 18 Roger Strangeways-Teach 6
7th Lucrezia Eckhart 6f Kari 18 Machaon Amador 6
8th Daniel Tate 7m ArcticWoof 18 Iris Flower-Oak 6
9th Achilles Muto 2f Pogue 18 Iris Flower-Oak 5
10th Emmery Johnson 5f Jess 17 Scout Krigel 5
11th Natalie Brandt 8f Lancelot 17 Atlas White 5
12th Minos Vallanso 5m Tom 18 Justice Fray 5
13th Heathcliff Travers 2m Zori 14 Justice Fray 4
14th Bailey Truus 10f Arrows 18 Achilles Muto 4
15th Weaver Rhodes 11m Emsrocks 18 Emmery Johnson 3
16th Petra Vipointe 12f Azaleah 17 Machaon Amador 3
17th Hypatia Anning 3f Ali 18 Bailey Truus 3
18th Kizzy Turren 10m Marree 17 Natalie Brandt 3
19th Iona Holbrook 11f Cameo 15 Daniel Tate 3
20th Ross Wolfe 3m Kire 18 Shere Khan [Hellcat] 3
21st Cedric Lane 12m Chelsey 18 Valak [Bone Dragon] 2
22nd Stevie Masinova 6m Rave 17 Bianca [Hellcat] 2
23rd Percy Delacroix 9f Briar 14 Heathcliff Travers BB
24th Renée Perdris 1f Onyx 17 Percy Delacroix BB

Death due to inactivity.


The Seventy-Third Hunger Games took place in a Dante's Inferno themed arena.



There are two great, skeletal hands reaching out from the ground to shelter their treasures from the incessant dust and wind. They curl oddly, their fingertips slotting ill-fitted against each other, but they still make a cage of old bleached bone that towers well higher than anyone present. Torches waver in a ring and this dancing light gives them the illusion of breathing, gone once you blink. Or is it?

Dead Lake

Mysterious, corrosive liquid fills the Dead Lake. Upon the touch of flesh, the skin will begin to peel and damage intensely, causing varying severe burns to the flesh and tissue. The acidic water is a tarry, black color with dark-green sections surrounding outer layers in the shape of a ring. Resembling very faintly of disgusting, murky swamp water, a thin layer of mist clouds over the lake, however tributes can almost clearly make out bones and skulls rising to the bubbling surface.

Howling Storm

A bleak, grey expanse of smooth stone that acts as a sort of wind tunnel. Setting foot inside immediately buffets you with hot, dry wind, and the sand and stone kicked up into your face doesn’t help either. It almost feels like skeletal hands trying to rip the clothing off your body and drag you down. It is highly advised to watch your step here. With drops on every side, one might accidentally get flung down.

Lonely Caves

Given its name for a sole purpose, the Lonely Caves are meant for the single accompaniment of oneself and their belongings. Lone travelers straggling off without anybody to assist them in their tasks, these caves may take you to anywhere within the arena that one wishes. Sight in pitch black, and echoes that rebound from one entrance to another, the easiest way to navigate is with a light source. Perhaps, with given light, one may also witness mysterious carvings that change as each day progresses onward. Not to mention, the foreign words engraved upon stone welcome those into the cave, “Lasciate Ogni Speranza, Voi Ch’entrate.”

Pool of Molten Gold

Unlike the Dead Lake and Pool of Boiling Blood, the Pool of Molten Gold is striking to look at. A beautiful amber glow emanates from the gold, reflecting off of hundreds of diamonds, jewels, and gemstones embedded in the cave walls. The heat here only adds to the mesmerizing effect, thick but not suffocating or cloying. Be wary of temptation, though. Get too close, and your greed could easily lead you to a horrible burning death.

Pit of Flames

The lost lit area in this arena, without a doubt. The endless void of flames leads from seemingly nowhere, meanwhile the roaring fires rage well above surface level, embers raining down leaving ash covering the ground. Radiating heat from every step within this area it’d be wise to watch your steps. How tragic it’d be to fall into the flames, and become just another screaming soul that joins the chorus the sound of roaring flames make.

Pit of Darkness

Just Derk.

Pool of Boiling Blood

Though not very well lit, it’s easy to see that this pool is definitely not filled with water. Reeking of iron and radiating an intense heat, the boiling blood makes the air around it almost unbearable to breathe. The pool is so hot that one touch is sure to leave burns - even walking too close can result in a splatter of scarlet and unpleasant resulting blisters. The sight of so much blood is almost as disturbing as the question such a large pool begs - where did it come from?


Bros (before Hoes)

Hoes Before Bros

The Hellraisers

The Spunky Spelunkers

Silent but Deadly

Subtle As Fuck

Solo Tributes



Battling to get their hands on the treasures that the Cornucopia offered, the tributes made a more bloodier attack than that the 72nd Bloodbath. Many straggled out of the area with just an inch of their lives left, but two tributes fell to their demise unexpectedly. Percy Delacroix plunged her sword through District 1's eye Renee Perdris, killing her instantly. But a few seconds after, Renee's ally Heathcliff Travers drove his knife into Percy's eye, literally taking an eye for an eye. Quickly everything turned bloody and many tributes fled leaving the alliance Bros before Hoes with the wealth.

After The Bloodbath

At the Cornucopia, the Bros (Justice Fray, Machaon Amador, Atlas White, and Stevie Masinova) and the Hoes (Lucrezia Eckhart, Achilles Muto, and Petra Vipointe) gathered together to say goodbye to Percy Delacroix. WIP for now but I will finish soon

Day 1 deaths:

Renée Perdris, District 1, Cornucopia

Percy Delacroix, District 9, Cornucopia

Day 2

Eight different mutation vs tribute fights took place on day 2 in six different areas. Firstly solo tribute Cedric Lane was up against one bone dragon and one cave spider at the Cornucopia. Cedric was able to kill the cave spider however the bone dragon looked a stronger opponent for the District 12. Unfortunately for the teenager, the mutt killed him instantly, stabbing him in the eye.

Over in the dead Lake, hoes before bros (Achilles Muto, Lucrezia Eckhart, Petra Vipointe), were up against one reflector and one succubus. Achilles Muto was able to finish off the reflector with her war hammer buy breaking it's foot. Petra Vipointe also with the use of a war hammer, finished off the Succubus by stabbing it in the chest. The alliance was able to flee from the area.

Two fights took place in the Howling Storm. District 4 partners, Scout Krigel & Roger Strangways-Teach, were up against Cerberus. The female tribute Scout Krigel was able to finish off the mutt by sending her sword into it's cheek. Also in the area, Bailey Truus, Kizzy Turren, Iona Holbrook and Weaver Rhodes were up against six cave spiders. The alliance was able to fend off all six of the mutts, fleeing the area with their lives in tact...for now.

The Pit of flames also had two fights taking place. The bro's before hoes alliance (Justice Fray, Stevie Masinova, Machaon Amador & Atlas White) were up against one hellhound and one hellcat. However the hellcat became a fierce opponent for the alliance as it instantly killed District 6 tribute Stevie Masinova by stabbing him in the eye. Soon after the tributes death, Atlas White was able to kill the hellhound breaking its sternum with his war hammer. Atlas also killed the hellcat, taking revenge for his alliance members death. Hypatia Anning, Minos Vallanso, Daniel Tate & Natalie Brandt, were also in the area and were fighting 3 bone dragons. Natalie Brandt killed the first bone dragon instantly by crushing its skull with her flail. Soon after Minos Vallanso killed the second bone dragon by severing its hand and finally Hypatia Anning killed the final mutt by stabbing it in the stomach.

Lone tribute Ross Wolfe was in the Pit of Darkness and was up against 1 harpie. Inflicting a fair amount of damage on the mutt, he was able to defeat it with his sword.

Finally, Heathcliff Travers, Emmery Johnson & Iris Flower-Oak were in the Pool of Boiling blood and were up against 1 Loch and 2 Cave Spiders. Heathcliff Travers killed the first cave spider by stabbing his sword into its chest while Iris Flower-Oak finished off the second one with her knife. With his sword Heathcliff once again finished the final mutation the Loch off by stabbing it in the chest.

Day 2 deaths:

Stevie Masinova, District 6, The Pit of Flames

Cedric Lane. District 12, Cornucopia

Day 3

Day 3 deaths:

Day 4