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Katelyn Persimmon is the victor of the 69th Hunger Games. She is best known for being the first victor from district eleven and for being one of only two mentors thus far to bring home a victor the following year.

Katelyn Persimmon
katelyn picture
Victor of the 69th Hunger Games
District 11
Age 17 (during games) 19 (current)
Weapon(s) Ice Pick ,Throwing Axes
Training Score 7
Token Red Bandanna
Alliance Lambs Become Lions
Victims Dillon Hartman
Chaske Parks
Margaret Dubois

played by Charade


Before The Games

Born an only child to a stay at home mom with culinary skills and a father who managed a cherry grove, Katelyn's childhood was altogether unremarkable and not that different from many of the other children in the district. Like many of the people in the lowest districts, she grew up knowing that the annual games was a terrible ordeal, and harbored feelings of hate towards the Capitol for putting people through it, as well as despising the amount of food they took every harvest. As her father was a manager, they were slightly more well off than most others in the district, a fact she learned when she was eleven and met a homeless child around her age scrounging around an orchard for fruit too bruised or rotten to be sold.

Confronted with this knowledge, she made the decision at a young age to help people by bringing them food. By the time she was thirteen, she had taken it upon herself to send pastries to the homes of families that had lost someone to the arena. But Katelyn's life changed forever when she was seventeen, as she was selected to the the female tribute from district eleven for the sixty-ninth hunger games. At the start she cried, before settling into a quiet depression, fully believing that she was going to die, given how her district had gone without a victor for the previous fifteen years, if not longer.

69th Hunger Games

The sixty-ninth hunger games arena was a frozen wonderland of death, just like the arena exactly ten games before it.

Early Games

The bloodbath was kicked off by the death of one of her allies, a girl named Velocity Rush. Despite this setback, Katelyn’s alliance killed two tributes and managed to damage a career pack severely enough that they were able to secure the wealth for themselves and bring the bloodbath to an end. Soon after, Marchello spotted several tributes fighting a short distance away and ran to join the carnage, Ellexias following after. Katelyn chose to watch the skirmish from a distance instead, still upset over having killed Dillon Hartman in the bloodbath and not wanting any more blood on her hands.

By the start of day two, LBL had made it to the evergreen forest and stumbled upon a strange shrine dedicated to President Snow. Feeling prompted to interact with it as the cameras were surely watching, Katelyn offered a prayer for everyone in the arena they had come into contact with, or would, right after her allies offered a prayer for Snow’s health and an egg respectively. It appeared to have worked, as the game makers rewarded them with a genetically altered rose capable of curing poison soon after. Upon leaving the shrine, Katelyn and company ran into the same career pack they had fought in the closing moments of the feast, with the addition of Velocity’s killer. The battle ended when Ellexias brought down the female career from four, as their other enemies fled soon after.

Mid Games

They made it to a castle carved out of ice the following day, only to find it guarded by a trio of sabretooth tigers, with enough evidence in the area to imply that a tribute had perished there previously. Joining them in their fight was the boy from eight, who barely talked, but attacked the mutts anyway. Katelyn found it much easier to attack animals than people and killed the tiger pack leader, claiming a strange golden egg that it had been guarding. All the tributes ran away after the mutt fell, not wanting to deal with the other two. Katelyn discovered that a key she had found in the Cornucopia fit into a slot in the egg and opened to find some much needed supplies. Her alliance, plus Elverum, spent the night in the Ice Castle, the boys drinking alcohol that some capitolites sponsored, and the girls talking briefly before settling into their own thoughts.

Upon awaking on the fourth day, Katelyn found that the strange boy from eight had departed, but she didn’t have long to wonder about it, as she and her allies, once again ran into what was left of the career pack. The battle was quickly decided, as Marchello made short work of the boy from ten, and Ellexias killed the male career from one only seconds after Katelyn had cut off one of his fingers. She hoped that their deaths had been a mercy as at the start of the fight both of their opponents had been heavily wounding and missing limbs. The anthem showed her that the only tribute to die that day besides the two she watched expire had been the boy from eight, though she wouldn’t learn the circumstances of his fate until watching the games recap.

There was a feast on the next day in the Ice Pillars area, a feast that all ten remaining tributes arrived at. The struggle was brief but incredibly bloody, with the first tribute to fall being a massive career that Katelyn had spent most of the games being afraid of. His killer was dispatched moments after he fell, and as the fight raged on the boy from seven was killed by his own district partner. By that time, Katelyn’s allies had gotten away, but she stuck around in a vain attempt to climb a pillar and claim a supply bag left by the Gamemakers; however, she gave up trying when she heard a fourth cannon fire due to the tributes fighting at the top and made haste to catch up with her allies.

Late Games

Having realized that there were only six tributes left in the arena after the feast, Katelyn made the decision to leave her allies on the sixth day in hopes of being able to avoid having to fight them. However, the path she took led her right back to Ellexias, and together they warded off the boys from three and nine, the former dying, but not before he took Ellexias’s leg and hand. Katelyn patched up her friend as best as she could under Ellexias's instructions and decided to stay with her until the anthem so they could see whether or not Marchello had survived a day on his own. He hadn’t. Katelyn left again, hoping that she wouldn’t have to be the one to kill Ellexias, and unable to bring herself to euthanize or otherwise mercy kill the only friend she had left.

She made her way back to the cornucopia on day seven completely by accident, having been wandering the arena aimlessly for most of the morning. It was there, while she was covering her throwing axes in tar that Chaske Parks caught her by surprise and slashed her head, wounding her and destroying the helmet she had been wearing. The fight that ensued was one of the longest and gut-wrenching of the games, as both of them went back and forth, alternating between misses, breaking bones, blocks and deep gashes. In the end, with only the barest shred of life left in her ruined body, Katelyn threw her ninth and final throwing ax and killed Chaske by breaking one of his ribs. Collapsing into exhaustion, she granted him a final mercy and stayed by his side until his breathing stopped and the cannon fired, declaring that nobody deserved to die alone.


The final day in the arena saw a return to ice castle to find Maraget Dubois. Having used the process of elimination, and by her opponent's own admission, Katelyn knew that Marchello and Ellexias had both died at the hands of the girl from seven and resolved to avenge them and go home. What followed was a fight just as intense if not moreso than the one she had survived the previous day. The two girls proceeded to cut each other to pieces, with Katelyn claiming victory by an extremely slim margin. Her stay in the arena came to an end after she used her ice pick to destroy the throne carved out of ice inside the castle, bringing an end to the sixty-ninth hunger games.

Post-Arena Life

Following the conclusion of the sixty-ninth hunger games, Katelyn embarked on the required victory tour and visited each of the other eleven districts in Panem before returning home. Over the course of the tour, Katelyn was assaulted by friends of Margaret, had a curt conversation with one of Chaske's siblings and had an unlikely heart to heart with the brother of Mason Hammerfell. After getting home, she had an odd conversation with one of the Izar boys. She assumed he wanted to meet her since an Izar had been her district partner, but it went deeper than that. He warned her that things wouldn't stay the same. The district's good fortune would run out one day, and when that happened, he wondered if she'd be willing to help, or if she'd just be a Capitol puppet. She assured him that she had the districts well being at heart, but not much else happened as a result of their meeting. In her home life, Katelyn found it hard to be around her parents, as while they were overjoyed to have her back, her mother seemed to be afraid of her, and her father began treating her as if she was fragile.

One year later, the Capitol announced the special rule for the quell; that twenty-four tributes would be reaped, but from the entire pool of candidates, not simply one boy and one girl from each district. This frightened her, as it meant that district eleven had the potential to have more than two tributes for her to mentor. That fear was proven unneeded. While some districts had no tributes, and others had a total of four, Katelyn only had to mentor a single tribute, and resolved to pour everything she had into him, instructing him on everything that she felt had helped her emerge victorious. She spent most of the quell worrying in her room, watching the games like a hawk. The only time she left the training center was to visit a tattoo parlor. Having promised herself that she would not forget the reasons she was alive, she had the names of all twenty-three tributes from her games inked on her torso. She had also been prepared to have Kirito's name written on her should he die in the games, but to her surprise and joy, her first tribute came back from the Arena alive to become district eleven's second victor in as many years. Something that hadn't happened since Arbor Halt and Aranica Petros.

As the year passed and the seventy-first hunger games rolled around, Katelyn once again found herself dreading the event; perhaps even moreso as she began to feel that the weight of her district's hope was on her shoulders. Now, not only was she the first tribute from eleven to make it to a finale in recent memory, as well as the first victor in the same timeframe, but she had replicated her success on the first try. To many in the district, she was hailed as a hero, and she wasn't sure how she was supposed to feel about that, especially now that the rules were back to normal,and there was no way to bring both of the tributes home alive. Katelyn did her best, and Kirito supported her, even though she found it hard to confide in him at first. Even so, it was a crushing blow when Annora Taylor was slain, and Katelyn went out and got a new tattoo almost immediately afterwards, before deciding to funnel all she had left into Harbinger Rhodes and pray for the best.


Having spent a majority of her focus on keeping her tributes alive during her times in the Capitol, Katelyn has not gotten a chance to interact with many people. While at home, she spends most of her time in the Victor's village, and has not spent much time trying to get to know anyone.

Kirito Miristioma

As he was Katelyn's first tribute and then successive victor, Katelyn considers him to be her closest friend, though she has trouble really letting anyone in. She worries that Kirito may one day snap again the way he did in the arena. Despite that, she's made it a point to hang out with him on an almost daily basis, and as of the seventy-first, the two of them have shared the burden of mentoring tributes. However, though they are technically on equal footing as mentors, Katelyn still feels like it is her job to look out for him and make sure he's alright. Only recently has she come to realize that Kirito has tried hard to get her to worry less about everything and keep her calm.

Mace Emberstatt

The only other victor that Katelyn has established a rapport with, Mace has become a sort of a friendly ear. A majority of their interactions have consisted of Mace listening to her rant, while she feeds him some tasty pastries. She's not entirely sure what to make of him, but feels a bond as a the two of them survived similarly themed arenas.


Katelyn's motto:

"Heroes don't get to come home. Villains don't get to come home. Only survivors do."

What Katelyn has tried to instill in her tributes is that they must choose the smart thing, not the emotional thing if they want to make it out of the arena alive. In her opinion, that means picking allies that you can trust, but severing ties before you're forced to fight them. To make sure that you've stocked up on food and water. To stay away from careers as they are the most dangerous threat in the arena, and to never stay in one area for multiple days or double back as the gamemakers appear to punish tributes that do so.


  • Katelyn's FC was originally Landry Allbright, but is currently Katheryn Winnick.
  • Katelyn is one of the few "whole" victors, having lost no body parts in the arena.
  • Katelyn was Charade's sixth tribute as well as being the third tribute of his to make it to a games finale.
  • She was also his first and only female tribute.

Preceded by
Patricia Valfierno
69th Hunger Games
Succeeded by
Kirito Miristioma
Preceded by
Stella Calloway
District 11 Female Tribute
69th Hunger Games
Succeeded by
Annora Taylor