69th Hunger Games

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69th Hunger Games
Map of the 67th Arena
The map of the 69th Hunger Games arena.
Arena theme Ice Castle
Victor Katelyn Persimmon
Length 8 days
Reaping date 7th February 2015
End date 14th April, 2015
Gamemakers Rook and Cass



List of Tributes

This is a list of all the tributes that took part in the 67th Hunger Games.

Place Name ID Owner Age Killer Day
1st Katelyn Persimmon 11f Charade 17 --
2nd Margaret DuBois 7f Mylee xx Katelyn Persimmon 8
3rd Ellexias Verisity 6f Python 18 Margaret DuBois 7
4th Chaske Parks 9m Ems 18 Katelyn Persimmon 7
5th Marchello Donner 6m Kire 18 Margaret DuBois 6
6th Prism Nixton 3m Arrows 18 Ellexias Verisity 6
7th Pixie Ruined 5f Azaleah 17 Chaske Parks 5
8th Wyatt Manderson 7m Dee 18 Margaret DuBois 5
9th Alexis Rondhal 4m Dars 18 Prism Nixton 5
10th Mason Hammerfell 2m Cato 18 Alexis Rondhal 5
11th Elverum Troshaldr 8m Rave xx Ice Monkey 4
12th Jeff Ryder 1m Greenbeads 16 Ellexias Verisity 4
13th Jordan Scoff-Reye 10m Kousei 15 Marchello Donner 4
14th Quartz Caplin 1f Jess 16 Gulper 3
15th Gaia Cross 12f Minie xx Mason Hammerfell 3
16th Mystic Trotter 9f Grim 17 Wyatt Manderson 3
17th Daphne Riot 4f Kiah xx Ellexias Verisity 2
18th Bree Fawn 10f Ghosty 12 Sabertooth 2
19th Kolton Enim 12m Ali 18 Alexis Rondhal 1
20th Zeki Webb 5m Will 18 Wyatt Manderson 1
21st Levi Izar-Krane 11m Tom xx Ellexias Verisity BB
22nd Hedvig Fabre 2f Tristen xx Daphne Riot BB
23rd Dillon Hartman 3f Cameo 17 Katelyn Persimmon BB
24th Velocity Rush 8f Kay 17 Quartz Caplin BB

Death due to inactivity.


Daydreaming Nightmares

Of Ice and Men

Lambs Become Lions

New Panem Patriots

The Children of Boreas

The Inbetweeners


Day 1

The Bloodbath and aftermath saw a total of six deaths: Hedvig Fabre, Velocity Rush, Dillon Hartman, Zeki Webb, Levi Izar-Krane and Kolton Enim. Zeki Webb and Kolton Enim died as a result of hunting, after jumping Wyatt Manderson in the Snowy Hill area. Zeki was killed by Wyatt after a deep gash to the head. Kolton died to District Four tribute Alexis Rondhal after he hit a deep gash to his chest.

Day 2

Ice Castle

Mystic, Pixie, Gaia, Bree vs. 4 Hellhounds

The four girls were put up against 4 Hellhounds by the names of: Jon, Robb, Sansa and Arya. The alliance fled after Pixie Ruined managed to kill Jon with a shallow cut to his chest. They fled together, but District Ten tribute Bree Fawn took a golden egg from the castle. She was stopped in her tracks by Diego, a sabertooth tiger who killed her before she could reunite with her allies.

Snowy Hills

Margaret, Alexis vs. 3 Gulpers

Margaret DuBois and Alexis Rondhal were put up against 3 Gulpers. Both the mutt and tribute parties took damage, Margaret DuBois losing two fingers on her left hand to the first beast, but it was the mutts who suffered the final blow of the fight causing the remainder of Of Ice and Men to flee. They killed the second Gulper, Mex, after Margaret stabbed him in the stomach.

Evergreen Forest

Jeff, Daphne, Quartz, Jordan vs. Marchello, Ellexias, Katelyn + Elverum

The fight started off slowly with Quartz Caplin of District One taking a shallow cut, however the pace quickly sped up when Marchello Donner severed Daphne Riot's ear. This was only the start of Daphne Riot's downfall, as she was later killed by Ellexias Verisity, the tribute of District Six.

Lambs Become Lions offered an egg to the shrine at the Evergreen Forest and were rewarded with a White Rose - a cure for poison.

Ice Pillars

Prism, Chaske, Mason, Wyatt vs. 2 Charon

With all four of the male tributes selecting stealth as one of their training stations, this fight was off to a flying start. There were many deep gashes and the occassional miss from District Three tribute Prism Nixton, but the New Panem Patriots managed to kill the first Charon, after Wyatt Wanderson slashed at his neck.


Bree Fawn, District Ten

Daphne Riot, District Four

Day 3

Ice Castle

Katelyn, Ellexias, Marchello, Elverum vs. 3 Saber Tooths

The alliance faced 3 Sabertooth tigers, one of which had already killed Bree Fawn the previous day. The tigers were capable of poisoning tributes now, with all four of the attacking tributes being affected by this. Diego was eventually killed by Katelyn Persimmon who collected the golden egg which the mutt dropped.

Igloo Village

Jordan, Jeff, Quartz vs. 4 Gulpers

Quartz Caplin managed to kill the first Gulper named Glub. Jeff Ryder has his leg severed at the thigh, which meant required help from Jordan Scoff-Reye to flee. Bolg the Gulper avenged his dead brother by stabbing his killer in the eye, which killed Caplin of District One very quickly. The survivors of the fight fled.

Evergreen Forest

Margaret, Alexis vs. 3 Burny Rabbits

Noted for being one of the fastest fights of the games, Margaret DuBois of District Seven managed to quickly put a burny rabbit out of it's misery with a deep gash to it's forehead. Alexis Rondhal suffered a deep gash himself, but DuBois managed to flee unscathed.

Gaia, Mystic, Pixie vs. Chaske, Prism, Wyatt, Mason

Wyatt Manderson's first attack saw Mystic Trotter of District Nine lose an arm. Things only turned from bad to worse, when Manderson killed her after slashing at her right calf. The destruction continued when Mason Hammerfell broke Gaia Cross' rib which saw her through to her death. Pixie Ruined of District Five was left without any allies and so fled alone.


Quartz Caplin, District One

Mystic Trotter, District Nine

Gaia Cross, District Twelve

Day 4

Ice Castle

Chaske, Prism, Wyatt, Mason vs. 3 Monmonmo

The four man alliance killed the second Monmonmo after Wyatt Manderson severed a leg at the hip.

Igloo Village

Jordan, Jeff vs. Katelyn, Ellexias, Marchello

The fight started slowly, the three man alliance dealing damage to the two man alliance strategically. However, in the blink of an eye, Marchello Donner severed an ear with his flaming weapon which immolated Jordan Scoff-Reye. Lambs Become Lions went on to kill Jeff Ryder too, sharing out their new items between them in order to heal themselves.

Evergreen Forest

Elverum - Special Challenge

Elverum Troshaldr's special challenge concerned Ice Monkeys. There were three of them and one of him, so he caught one in an attempt to tame it. The remaining monkeys attacked but Elverum managed to flee, but things were not as smooth as they seemed. After running from the monkeys, Elverum found a place to hide in a small hole in a tree. Cholo, the tamed monkey alerted the other monkeys and they pulled him out to attack. Elverum Troshaldr suffered a slit throat which killed him instantaneously.

Light Field

Margaret, Alexis, Pixie vs. 2 Lophiiformes

After fleeing from her fight the previous day, Pixie Ruined joined forces with Margaret DuBois and Alexis Rondhal for Day 4. The trio managed to successfully kill one of the two Lophiiformes and were able to flee. Alexis Rondhal ran for his life and the two female tributes lost him in the snow and so were forced to look for him. Pixie Ruined was hit by an RE and was forced to swap her medical kit for an egg.


Jordan Scoff-Reye, District Ten

Jeff Ryder, District One

Elverum Troshaldr, District Eight

Day 5

The feast was started in the Ice Pillars location. The remaining tributes were made to fight each other (Mason VS Prism VS Alexis VS Pixie VS Marchello VS Ellexias VS Wyatt VS Margaret VS Chaske VS Katelyn).


It started with a bang when Pixie Ruined scored a deep gash against Mason Hammerfell. Alexis Rondhal dies to Prism Nixton's hands and the first cannon booms. Alexis Rondhal of District Four manages to put an end to Mason Hammerfell, signaling a second cannon. Margaret DuBois kills Wyatt Manderson and Chaske Parks reaches the top of the ice pillar after countless attempts and kills Pixie Ruined. Four cannons boom throughout the feast's duration, leaving 6 tributes remaining.


On top of the ice pillars were bags for the tributes to collect. They had a one in three chance of successfully climbing up and descending safely. Many tributes tried to reach the top of these, however luck was slim and only a low amount were able to grab a bag and make it out of the feast alive.


Mason Hammerfell, District Two

Alexis Rondhal, District Four

Pixie Ruined, District Five

Wyatt Manderson, District Seven

Day 6

Snowy Hills

Marchello vs. Margaret

After Margaret DuBois suffering both her allies dying in the Feast, she was put up against District Six tribute, Marchello Donner. It was a long and painful fight which resulted in DuBois slashing across Donner's back which killed him. She stayed with a dying Marchello until the cannon eventually sounded, to which she fled the scene.

Evergreen Forest

Katelyn and Ellexias vs. Prism and Chaske

After a run of shallow cuts, the fight between two dying alliances really began. Ellexias Verisity had her lower leg and hand severed, but responded only by hitting back at her attacker twice as hard, killing District Three tribute Prism Nixton. Lambs Become Lions fled, leaving Chaske Parks with nobody by his side.


Prism Nixton, District Three

Marhcello Donner, District Six

Day 7


Chaske Parks vs Katelyn Perismmon

Chakse Parks was off to a flying start after hitting some crucial deep gashes on his opponent, Katelyn Persimmon. With numerous shallow cuts worming their way into this fight, it is one of the longer mandates of the games. It ends when Katelyn Persimmon of District Eleven breaks one of Chaske's ribs which is followed by the boom of a cannon. Katelyn stayed with the dying District Nine tribute until the very end.

Snowy Hills

Ellexias Verisity vs Margaret DuBois

Both of the female tributes were around 10 damage as the fight began. The fight was relatively equal in terms of attacks and damage, however it was Margaret DuBois who managed to see herself through to the finale after slicing away at Ellexias' forehead. DuBois took the dying tribute's medkit as the cannon sounded, and began to prepare herself for tomorrow's finale.

Day 8


Katelyn Persimmon vs Margaret DuBois

The initial blow of the fight saw Katelyn Persimmon suffer a deep gash to her neck, to which she could only respond with a shallow cut. With a mixture of deep gashes and shallow cuts, it ended with Katelyn seeing her opponent fall. She murmured the word, "Rest", and with that, the 69th annual Hunger Games came to a close, with Katelyn Persimmon being crowned the victor.


Mylee delivered a beautiful death post during the finale.