Patricia Valfierno

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Patricia Valfierno
Patricia Valfierno
Victor of the 68th Hunger Games
District 5
Age 20
Weapon(s) Bone Sword, Stalagmite Spear
Training Score 2
Alliance The Walking Dead
Victims Zelphyr
Cha Leviane
Crusader Rhodes
Galaxy Clements

played by Rook

Patricia 'Trix' Valfierno was the District Five female of the 68th Hunger Games. She is notable for actually winning and being rather rebellious during the games.


Early Life

Patricia and her younger sister Rose were abandoned by their parents at a very young age. As a result, Patricia became a mother figure to her younger sister and had to pickpocket and steal in order to get them food. They were homeless and lived very low underneath the poverty line. When they got older, petty crime eventually developed into them developing a double act of conning people. They changed their names to fit their respective persona. Patricia became 'Trix' and Rose became 'Ruze'. Patricia was very good with technology and Rose was sharp-tongued. Rose would lure the targets while Patricia would pull off the technical side of it. They did this for many years, their trickery and exploits reaching new heights on various wealthier citizens who lived in District Five. As a result, they went from living in poverty to living decently, considering they lived in District Five.

68th Hunger Games

The Reaping and Training

Patricia was excited to have her final reaping over and done with. However, she was still more worried about Rose than herself so the possibility that she could still be picked never really hit her until her name was actually called out. She screamed out but still found herself on stage and nobody volunteered so she found herself sent to the games. She had a final heartfelt goodbye to her sister before she was sent to the Capitol.

In the training centre she developed a friendship with Leon Krigel who agreed to help her with her private training session. She also met Pearl Millison while she was dismantling a piece of tiling in the training centre to take a look at the wires. At first, she was hostile and distrusting towards Pearl as she was a career from District One and the daughter of a victor. However, she soon began to trust her. Pearl also got her into the alliance of Asa Reau from District Two and Barnabas Stroud from District Seven. However, she never formally met them so were not familiar with them until the bloodbath.

For her private training session Patricia decided to be unorthodox and rebellious. With Leon's help behind the scenes, she had the lights turned off at the centre and was very rude and disrespectful to the Gamemakers, which resulted in her being scored a very low two.

Day 1

Patricia went into the bloodbath contemplating who she can trust and how she would escape the arena without having to kill people and play the games how the Capitol wanted her to play. She quickly felt a sense of panic at the darkness. She still fought despite this, attacking Emery Johnson with her bare hands, only dealing a bruise, and then managing to pick up a sword carved from bone. She quickly proved to be lethal with the weapon, tearing a deep gash along Kia Soul's forearm and stabbing Jim Deer in the stomach. When the tribute's at the cornucopia began winding down, she ultimately achieved her first kill by gashing Zelphyr Batille's back. Pearl killed Ryin Sileece from district three, however, annoyed by Pearl's hesitance at the kill, Patricia made it out that she had killed the tribute instead, in order to paint herself as vicious. Despite winning the wealth, a misunderstanding and miscommunication led to Asa Reau tackling her to the ground and threatening to kill her if she went near his friend Barnabas Stroud. It was only Pearl's intervention that saved her from the career's hands. Salvaging all they could carry from the wealth, the group of four quickly cleared the cornucopia.


1. Bone Sword

2. Rucksack

3. Empty Water Jug

4. Empty Water Jug

5. 3 Matches

6. Lighter Fluid (Sponsorship)

7. Medical Kit (15 ft of Bandages; Needle and Thread x1) (Sponsorship)

8. Nightvision goggles

9. Shin Guards (+5 legs)

10.Helmet (+5 head)

11. Gloves (+3 hands)

12. Combat boots (+3 feet)

13. 3 Iodine tablets

14. Flashlight


1. Rat bite

Day 2

Shaken by Asa's attempt on her life and the fact that he's a career, Patricia could not shake her distrust of Asa and stood over him and contemplated killing him in his sleep. However, he was in fact awake and asked Patricia what she was doing. This made her freeze in her tracks, having been caught in a very compromising position with her sword hovering above him, she turned and ran instead of answering the question. She counted herself lucky that he didn't pursue her or try to kill him, she still remained with the group.

The four of them found it difficult to navigate through the arena as it was completely dark. They found themselves at the mercury lake and were attacked by three tankard rats. However, one was quickly decapitated by Pearl, giving the rest of the group time to flee with minimal injuries. She acquired no new injuries from that day as a result. During the night, the female from District Five helped her ally/adversary Asa with a wound he had suffered from the rat. They spoke about trust, why Asa was so close to Barnabus and why Patricia was so close to Pearl. She is surprised to see him take the events of the previous night so casually. They also spoke about why he hadn't killed her yet, to which he replied that careers weren't just cold-blooded killers and that if he wanted her dead she would be already to which she appeared to brush off, not allowing it to affect her too deeply.

Day 3

The group woke up to find that their numbers had been cut from four tributes to three, Asa had mysteriously disappeared during the night. The four of them faced their first real challenge of the arena. Running into the battered group of Fionnbharr Stoddard, Stella Calloway and Cha Leviane in addition to the equally battered alliance of Kirk Marshall, Crusader Rhodes and Animus Valentine. Upon seeing Kirk slash Barnabas across the cheek, she ruthlessly gashed him across the stomach, almost outright killing him. However, he is only finished off when Stella slashes him across the throat, killing him. The rest of them make quick work of Animus, killing him then quickly fleeing but leaving Barnabas is a rather badly wounded state. Pearl and Patricia do their best to heal him to a viable state before focusing on searching for Asa. However, they are unsuccessful.

While on her shift to keep watch during the night, Patricia ran into Galaxy Clements. Instead of fighting, the two exchange formalities and even manage to joke around. In this conversation, Patricia reveals to Galaxy her secret theory; that there is in fact, a way to escape the arena and this had been deduced from the breeze. This leaves Galaxy impressed and with a sense of hope they she may get to see the stars again. Galaxy offered Patricia a chance to go with her, so they could escape together. However, Patricia declined because she had Pearl and Barnabas and she simply couldn't truth this stranger from District Six. Instead, the two part ways for the night.

Day 4

The group's hopes of finding Asa are dashed when they are met with Galaxy, Tauankia Ojai and Blaire Sycamore in addition to a monstrous rancour. Despite the formalities of the previous night, Patricia does not hesitate in attacking Tauankia (Galaxy's ally) when they are attacked. While she missed, Tauankia was ruthless in his retaliation, he managed a deep gash along Patricia's right thigh with sword of his own. Not backing down, she still continued to attack him, however she only managed shallow scratch on his hip but did a good job of blocking his retaliation strike and dodging the rancor's swing. She then flew into a rage at seeing Galaxy sever Barnabas' entire leg and promised to kill all of Galaxy's friend's before killing Galaxy herself. Still, Tauankia continued leaving Patricia with harsh wounds, gashing her bicep in retaliation of Patricia gashing his arm. Despite her best efforts, Barnabas was still killed right before her eyes by Blaire, his ear being severed in the process. Everything seemed to go from bad to worse, Patricia barely avoided decapitation from Tauankia (her neck barely being nicked by his sword) but was then cut deeply by Galaxy herself. In a desperate attempt to avenge Barnabas, she swung her sword for Blaire but still failed, her attack being soundly blocked. In the end, it was Pearl who would avenge Blaire, despite being heavily outnumbered, Pearl managed to kill Blaire by slicing his back, leaving an opening for the two of them to flee before anymore damage could be done by the tributes or the rancor.


1. Deep gash on right thigh

2. Deep gash on right bicep

3. Shallow cut across neck

4. Deep gash on left forearm

Day 5

After a long conversation involving Pearl sobbing and Patricia doing her best to comfort her, it was confirmed that their group of four had quickly shrunk to a pair in less than five days, Asa's face had been in the sky. Day 5 was a feast, involving all nine of the remaining tributes. Patricia threw a petrol bomb at Stella, severely burning her. The pair didn't have a plan of action, just stay near each other and hope for the best. Pearl followed in her footsteps, attacking Stella as well. The pair kept their sights set on Stella, consistently trying and failing to kill her. Following the death of Esme by Fionnbharr's spear, Patricia dropped the bag she acquired from the feast and was the first tribute to turn and flee from the carnage. However, the chasm were the feast was held caved in, damaging every tribute in the area and crushing Tauankia to death. The cave-in caused Patricia while Pearl wasn't too damaged. As a result, the two did their best to patch her up and keep her alive.

Following the chaos, Patricia realized it was time to part from Pearl. It was the final eight and Patricia could not bare the thought of killing Peal herself. So, she said her goodbyes while Pearl was sound asleep and left in the middle of the night.


1. Damage from being hit by rocks

Day 6

Now alone, Patricia wandered the caves with no light and in complete darkness. Spotting movement ahead that wasn't Pearl, she decided she was so far past helping people or reasoning her theory about to escape; she decided there was only one way to escape the arena. Without mercy, she attacked the unlucky tribute in her way, driving the tip of her sword right through their eye. She realized it was Cha Leviane who she had killed in one strike. She quickly looted the corpse and went on her way.

She broke down when she saw Pearl's face in the sky, sobbing into the caves through the night and refusing to accept the truth.

Day 7

She encountered Galaxy at the mercury lake. However, before she could get answers from her and then kill her, the girl from District Six managed to escape from her.

Day 8

Before she could properly react, she was attacked by Crusader Rhodes, his bone sword slicing her stomach lightly. Enraged, she demanded to know if he was the one who killed Pearl before retaliating, only managing a shallow cut on his shoulder. He admitted to being the one who killed her, telling her to grow up as they had both lost people before attacking. Despite her armored gloves, the blow was so strong from the big boy from eleven that it severed her left hand at the wrist. Driven by adrenaline and desperation, she attacked but only managed another scratch on his skin. Slightly maddened by the loss of her hand, she begun taunting him about watching his friends die on the third day as they exchange blows, hoping to get a reaction out of him. However, he didn't respond, only continuing the exchange of shallow cuts before gashing her left thigh with his sword. Dying and bleeding, Patricia continues to attacking the larger man from eleven with everything she has. It was clear the bigger man had an advantage despite missing a foot. However, Patricia managed to dodge the finishing blow and killed him by slicing his thigh very deeply before kicking him into the mercury lake, finally putting an end to the long, brutal fight.


1. Shallow cut on stomach

2. Severed left hand at wrist

3. Shallow cut on right forearm

4. Shallow cut on right thigh

5. Gash on left thigh

6. Shallow cut on right forearm

7. Shallow cut on left thigh

Day 9

She felt well prepared for the final fight against Galaxy and found herself led to beast pit for the final showdown. The red head from District Five attacked Galaxy with a fiery vigor, gashing her arm after telling her there was nowhere for her to run. Both the tributes were in a bad state, Patricia riddles with gashes and missing a hand, while Galaxy was missing her entire left am. However, Galaxy didn't show fear, telling her to come and get her if she wanted the crown so badly. Before attacking, Patricia dismisses her theory about the breeze indicating an escape route, deciding it was simply volcanic pressure from cracks in the ground. She quickly proved to be the much faster tribute during the course of the fight. She was not fazed when Galaxy hit her with a flaming torch, bruising her hand and burning her slightly, nor is she fazed when Galaxy explains that her idea on the volcanic pressure is simply wrong. Patricia simply told her to shut up before continuing her assault and cutting her again. However, Galaxy proved to not be a pushover opponent, trading Patricia blow for blow. The ensuing sword fight is brutal, neither tribute showing any signs of fading while only managing to score minor blows on each other. For a split second, it seemed as if Galaxy might have gained the upper hand, driving her sword through Patricia chest and somehow missing every vital organ. However, Patricia (filled with determination) simply cried out and struck a similar blow, both of them skewered on the tips of each other's swords. It was coming down to a fight of attrition, both sides continuing to fight with fading strength and determination. However, it was Patricia who summoned the last of her strength to yell and drive her sword through Galaxy's chest a second time despite having a hole in her chest and blood in her eyes from a cut across her forehead.

Galaxy fell dangerously close to the flames, on the edge of catching alight and burning to death. However, a twinge of mercy and sympathy gripped Patricia and she dragged Galaxy's dying form away from the flame, satisfied that she was incapacitated and there was nothing she could do. In the seconds the followed, Galaxy's canon sounded and Patricia was crowned the victor of the Sixty Eighth Hunger Games.


1. Bruised left hand

2. First degree burn on left hand

3. Shallow cut on left calf

4. Stab wound in chest

5. Shallow cut on forehead

Post arena life

Threatened by President Snow

Diamond Millison???

(Maybe for Rook to do?)