Klaus Goravich

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Klaus Goravich is the victor of the 61st Hunger Games. He is a quintuplet (ouch) and came out of the closet in the Games (you go Klaus)

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Klaus Goravich
Victor of the 61st Hunger Games
District 3
Age 17
Weapon(s) Rapier, Hatchet, Machete, Sword
Training Score 9
Alliance Countdown Kids
Victims Fawn Raiys
Destiny Lenstil
Fitz Ripley

played by Clover


61st Hunger Games

Betrayal and shiz

Early Games

Got out of the Bloodbath with zero damage

I think he killed some Fawn chick

Countdown Kids

Still no damage

Splitting of the CDK

Nope still none

Late Games

Killed Destiny (probably had some damage but then again)


A tidal wave and a pirate ship

Betrayed Fitz

Post-Arena Life

Mopes about with his siblings in the Victors Village.

Preceded by
Julian Bryze
61st Hunger Games
Succeeded by
Peridot Myler