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Klaus Goravich is the victor of the 61st Hunger Games. He is a quintuplet (ouch) and came out of the closet in the Games (you go Klaus)

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Klaus Goravich
Victor of the 61st Hunger Games
District 3
Age 17
Weapon(s) Rapier, Hatchet, Machete, Sword
Training Score 9
Alliance Countdown Kids
Victims Fawn Raiys
Destiny Lenstil
Fitz Ripley

played by Clover


61st Hunger Games

Betrayal and shiz

Early Games

Got out of the Bloodbath with zero damage

I think he killed some Fawn chick

Countdown Kids

Still no damage

Splitting of the CDK

Nope still none

Late Games

Killed Destiny (probably had some damage but then again)


A tidal wave and a pirate ship

Betrayed Fitz

Post-Arena Life

Mopes about with his siblings in the Victors Village.

Adopts a baby named Daisy, the biological daughter of Wendy Darling (stare's character i think???)

His sister, Marina, commits suicide after giving birth to her daughter. Klaus adopts his niece as his own child and names her Penelope, after Fitz' love and District Partner Penelope Libertine.

Lives a quiet life with his daughters minding his own business. The Capitol like that very much and leave him be after Atticus Manor is crowned victor and takes over the role of mentoring tributes.

Preceded by
Julian Bryze
61st Hunger Games
Succeeded by
Peridot Myler