Peridot Myler

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Peridot Myler is the victor of the 62nd Hunger Games. He is notable for having the highest training score of his games and his addiction to stars.

Peridot Myler.

Peridot Myler
Peridot Myler
Victor of the 62nd Hunger Games
District 1
Age 17
Weapon(s) Glaive
Training Score 11
Token Opal
Alliance The Argonauts
Victims Mason Krearns
Riker Mills
Wednesdae Drummond

played by Wonder


62nd Hunger Games

Did he win? No one really knows.

Early Games

Lots of crying and pretending to be weak and stuff.

Meeting Aria Wolfe

The Splitting of the Argonauts

Late Games



Post-Arena Life

Preceded by
Klaus Goravich
62nd Hunger Games
Succeeded by
Cricket Antoinette