61st Hunger Games

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Great opportunity for water metaphors.

61st Hunger Games
Map of the 61st Arena
The map of the 61st Hunger Games arena.
Arena theme Island Sandcastle
Victor Klaus Goravich, District 3
Length 8 days
Reaping date 19th May, 2012
End date 9th August, 2012
Gamemaker Lulu



List of Tributes

This is a list of all the tributes that took part in the 61st Hunger Games.


Place Name ID Owner Age Killer
1st Klaus Goravich 3m Clover 17 --
2nd Fitz Ripley 4m Windy 16 Klaus Goravich
3rd Mahlah Shea 3f GreenBeads 12 Fitz Ripley
4th Stark Harper 1f Aya 18 Fitz Ripley
5th Jae Moreno 1m Thundy 18 Mahlah Shea
6th Destiny Lenstil 2f Stare Age Klaus Goravich
7th Jana Hale 7f Gxk 15 Silver Siren
8th Elon Emberstatt 10m Kay 18 Fitz Ripley
9th Cyrus Malloc 6m Luke 16 The Kraken
10th Dante Ramadar 2m Snakebird 17 Jae Moreno
11th Penelope Libertine 4f Lalia 16 Stark Harper
12th Pandora Woodards 8m Rook 18 Latch Crab shrapnel
13th Walker Liggens 9m Specialk 18 Pandora Woodards
14th Noreen Lyvers 10f Charity 17 Pandora Woodards
15th Fawn Raiys 6f Angel 17 Klaus Goravich
16th Haff Ferde 5m Cass 17 Pyrate Muttation
17th Killian Reese 12m Damen 18 Jae Moreno
18th Destiny Queens 9f Logan 16 Amoebic Dysentery
19th Abri Ballo 12f Dancin 17 Fitz Ripley
20th Fallstreak Hayes 11m Naya 18 Walker Liggens
21st Chole Corby 8f Kiah 15 Stark Harper
22nd Eternity Lordthorn 5f Onyx 17 Destiny Lenstil
23rd Amadeus Cumberland 7m Raseri 16 Penelope Libertine
24th Taylor Muncie 11f Anthena 14 Walker Liggens

Death due to inactivity.


Countdown Kids

Human Resources

Fire & Ice



Glitter and Grease




Day 1


Like 3 people died idk it was hectic (but not as hectic as the 63rd good grief)

After the Bloodbath

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5


Penelope ;____;

Day 6

Day 7

Day 8