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The victor of the 67th Hunger Games. Technically his name is Blaise. Best known for being a tribute to Apollo in Tom's 'Divine' plot, as well as for being Owen's lover in the Games.

He still goes by Leon.

Leon Krigel
Leon Krigel
Victor of the 67th Hunger Games
District 4
Age 17
Weapon(s) Cavalry Sword, Bowie Knife
Training Score 9
Token dolphin necklace that could be eels
Alliance Card Sharps
Victims Gavin Barker
Ingrid Elwyn
Potato Earnest
Siren Baitwell

played by Anzie



Leon grew up in a family of five, with a twin sister Arissa, and a younger brother Michel. As a career, he prides himself on his archery, a skill that he's never been known for.

His closest friend is Zeus, a swimmer, but he's been attached to Finnegan Hood since puberty.

He often counsels those in distress, especially if they come to him.

Sometimes he plays the harp.

He was also tired of doing what his mother wanted so he sort of fell into apathy.

67th Hunger Games

Won 'em, yo

Day 1

BB happened, got separated from Owen/Charlie/Aelia, ran into Siren and sorta maybe adopted Jacinda/May along the way bc why not

Day 2

Something about mutts

Day 3

Something about angsty cuddling with Owen after fighting Owen/Charlie/Aelia

Day 4

Something about pitfall lizards and getting poisoned and Jacinda dying

Day 5

Something about losing an arm to the Rock

Day 6

Something about almost dying

Day 7

Something about Potato


d4 showdown awwww yeah

tried to kill himself whoops sorry Glamour

Post-Arena Life

something about Finnegan Hood sorta maybe also something about mentoring people and then going angsty and addictions. Bad addictions.

Oh and then he maybe slept around with a few people idk

Preceded by
Colgate O'Leary
67th Hunger Games
Succeeded by