67th Hunger Games

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67th Hunger Games
Map of the 67th Arena
The map of the 67th Hunger Games arena.
Arena theme Wild West
Victor Leon Krigel
Length 8 days
Reaping date 14th June, 2014
End date 12th August, 2014
Gamemakers Kay and Charade



List of Tributes

This is a list of all the tributes that took part in the 67th Hunger Games.

Place Name ID Owner Age Killer
1st Leon Krigel 4m Anzie 17 --
2nd Siren Baitwell 4f Kire 16 Leon Krigel
3rd Charlotte Brownings 1f Rave 18 Siren Baitwell
4th Potato Earnest 11m Elegant 18 Leon Krigel
5th Erebus Turner 5m Greenbeads 15 Charlotte Brownings
6th Owen Bowers-Fox 8m Mylee 18 Siren Baitwell
7th Sonja Arcopello 6f Kiah 17 Potato Earnest
8th Ingrid Elwyn 11f Python 15 Leon Krigel
9th Gavin Barker 7m Dars 18 Leon Krigel
10th Dan Johnwayne 2m Aya 18 Scorpion King
11th May Rhodes 9f Sahalie 16 Owen Bowers-Fox
12th Aelia Vanderwell 7f Cass 18 Ingrid Elwyn
13th Jem Morgan 1m Pthalorarity 17 Potato Earnest
14th Jacinda Zembori 8f Briar 17 Pitfall Lizard venom
15th Nocturne Vargas 9m Lalia 18 Ingrid Elwyn
16th Tiger Chautin 2f Zoë 16 Potato Earnest
17th Darius Radler 10m Wonder 18 May Rhodes
18th Future Stine 3f Mini 17 Tusken
19th Jix Everwild 12m Ani 18 Future Stine
20th Luna Shim 5f ArcticWoof 15 Jem Morgan
21st Eira Craft 12f Arya 18 Gavin Barker
22nd Cystine Crystal 6m Wander 17 Ingrid Elwyn
23rd Marianne Taylor 10f Jess 14 Darius Radler
24th Cadman Gertz 3m Loony 15 Jem Morgan

Death due to inactivity.


Bad Bitches

this is the career pack

Vargas-Turner Gang

The only two-person alliance in the whole Games.


Consisting of ex-Half-Baked members.

Card Sharps

Consisting of ex-Half-Baked, The Innocents and Roses of the Cimarron members.

Sisterhood of the Traveling Boob

Consisting of ex-The Innocents and The Wildlings members

The Puppet Masters

Hunted by Bad Bitches on Day 1.

The Wildlings


Day 1

The first Day of the 67th Hunger Games saw a mere five deaths: Cadman Gertz, Marianne Taylor, Cystine Crystal, and Eira Craft during the Bloodbath, and Luna Shim after. Tributes scattered between the Cornucopia, Desert and Cacti areas. Nocturne Vargas got branded, Bad Bitches got a wagon and dubbed it the Shaggin' Waggin, careers wanted to go shopping and Card Sharps and the Sisterhood were formed.


Four people died, the careers got all the shit. It was over in an hour, holy hell. It was really bloody.

After the Bloodbath

Hunting was pretty uneventful due to camouflage station, but Luna did die. Jix Everwild invoked the camouflage station and was joined soon after by Luna Shim. The Bad Bitches hunted her down and Jix Everwild watched Luna die. Future Stine also invoked the camouflage station. Leon Krigel aka Crazy Cat Guy met Siren Baitwell and decided to become a stray tribute sanctuary AND picked up Jacinda Zembori and May Rhodes on his way. Owen Bowers-Fox, Charlotte Brownings and Aelia Vanderwell met up with Darius Radler and formed the Sisterhood.

A lot of plants got collected by Half-Baked and the Sisterhood, Dan Johnwayne mowed down and branded Nocturne Vargas with the wagon.

Day 2

all the mutts. And the Future/Jix thing, too. All the alliances got mandated with mutts.

Card Sharps vs 2 Kantutzan Bad Bitches vs 2 Kantutzan Vargas-Turner Gang vs 2 Deadly Stallions Sisterhood of the Traveling Boob vs 3 Whip-Horned Buffalo 3Some vs 2 Bufflebara The Puppet Masters vs 2 Tusken

Jix Everwild decided that he needed Future's stuff more than Future needs her stuff and attacked her. Future killed Jix and was promptly killed by Tusken. Meanwhile Kantutzan decide to attack the same tribute twice instead of getting them all at once, Deadly Stallion fight involved a lot of missing to everyone's amusement/frustration and the day was extended a few hours to give the Vargas-Turner Gang a chance to kill everything.

Day 3

Darius + (knife -> eye) = :( Tiger - head = :(

Day 4

Nocturne falls down. Everyone weeps. Also lots of poison and Jacinda dies bc poison.

Day 5

Scorpion king event slash feast event happened, describe that here


Holy Clusterfiesta, batman! Jem gets insta'd, bats attack, sonja gets stalactite'd, looks like a whole buttload of people are going to die?

Scorpion King

Hi, Dwayne The Rock Johnson! Bye, Charlotte's leg! oh there's paralyzing venom! Bye, Leon's arm! Hi, Vraven! Bye, Dan's Arm! Bye, Dan! Bye, Gavin! Bye, Vraven!

Day 6

Leon vs Ingrid, Potato vs. Sonja, Siren vs. Owen, Charlotte vs. Erebus. Many sads.

Day 7

Leon vs. Potato, Siren vs. Charlotte. Many many sads.

Day 8


Siren and Leon utterly fail to hit each other at all, but Leon fails to hit a little bit less and thus lives. Many many many sads.