68th Hunger Games

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68th Hunger Games
Map of the 68th Arena
The map of the 68th Hunger Games arena.
Victor Patricia Valfierno
Length 9 days
Reaping date 22nd September, 2014
End date 2 January, 2015
Gamemakers Lulu and Aya



List of Tributes

This is a list of all the tributes that took part in the 68th Hunger Games.

Place Name ID Owner Age Killer
1st Patricia Valfierno 5f Rook 18 --
2nd Galaxy Rose-Clements 6f Shrimp 18 Patricia Valfierno
3rd Fionnbharr Stoddard 8m Rave 14 Galaxy Rose-Clements
4th Crusader Rhodes 11m Cato 18 Patricia Valfierno
5th Stella Calloway 11f Cait 15 Fionnbharr Stoddard
6th Pearl Millison 1f Python 18 Crusader Rhodes
7th Cha Leviane 8f Pogue 17 Patricia Valfierno
8th Tauankia Ojai (Notchimine) 6m Windy 15 Rocks, from the cave-in RE
9th Esme Truus 10f Emsrocks 18 Fionnbharr Stoddard
10th Blaire Sycamore 5m Arx 18 Pearl Millison
11th Barnabas Stroud 7m Nyte 16 Blaire Sycamore
12th July Cartwright 7f Loki 18 Frank [Tankard Rat]
13th Asa Reau 2m Elegant 17 Esme Truus
14th Jim Deer 12m Kire 17 Galaxy Rose-Clements
15th Valerie Leotos 2f Rosetta 18 Jim Deer
16th Animus Valentine 6m Kousei 16 Barnabas Stroud
17th Kirk Marshall 10m Charade 18 Stella Calloway
18th Kendrick Draper 1m Chaos 17 Esme Truus
19th Jay Krearns 4m Tom 18 Jim Deer
20th Emery Willton 12f Arrows 15 Scott the Cobra Noctiluna
21st Ryin Sileece 3f Traid 18 Pearl Millison
22nd Zelphyr Bastille 4f Dia 17 Patricia Valfierno
23rd Kia Soul 3m Death 14 Kendrick Draper
24th Meghan Cooper 9f Puppy 18 Stella Calloway

Death due to inactivity.


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The Lost Boys

Exit Wounds

Wolf Gang


The Virgins

The alliance known as The Virgins consists of four members. All of which had the 68th Hunger Games as their first time being selected as Tribute.

  • Kia Soul was from the Soul family. He was the male tribute from District 3. Kia was killed by Kendrick Draper during The Bloodbath of the 68th Hunger Games from a stab wound to the eye.
  • July Cartwright was the female tribute from District 7. She became the final member of the alliance alive once the third day's anthem blared. She went on to survive until day four when she was finally killed by a rat muttation.
  • Emery Willton was the female tribute from District 12. She had formed a deep connection with fellow tribute and alliance member Kia Soul as she considered him an older brother. Naturally she was very hurt after his murder in the opening Bloodbath. However, her pain didn't last long since she died at the teeth of a Cobra Noctiluna on the second day of the games.
  • Ryin Sileece was the female tribute from District 3. She made friends with Kia almost instantly after they were selected. She was killed during the Bloodbath of the Games by Pearl Millison, after being beaten and sliced by her alliance. Her final words were: "I... Forgive..."

The Guardians



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