62nd Hunger Games

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Everyone seems to be reasonably sure these were not a quell games. Notable for being the seventh non-quell games in the site's canon.

62nd Hunger Games
The first level of the 62nd arena.
The 62nd arena consisted of an above-ground and underground portion.
Arena theme Greek Mythos
Victor Peridot Myler
Length 10 Days
Reaping date September 8th, 2012
End date December 20th, 2012
Gamemaker Cameron & Kay




The arena of the 62nd Hunger Games was broken into two different levels: the Mortal Plane and the Underworld. Tributes could access different levels via the River Styx. The pathway between the two levels of the arena — the above ground and the below ground — is not the River Styx itself, as in ancient lore, but instead a sloping cavern that resides in the center of the river's nine coils. Styx is considered one area although it is found on both maps, and is used to navigate to the following areas: the Cornucopia, the Garden of Hesperides, the Lotus Fields, Tartarus, the Statue Garden, and the Asphodel Meadows.

The second level of the 62nd arena, the Underworld



A floating mausoleum... This white structure, complete with two sphinx statues guarding its entrance, floats on an eddy in the middle of the shallow river Styx. The water is murky, the gentle current swirling the smokey surface. The tributes are lined up, twelve on each bank. They will have to wade through the river's waters, which at the highest point come to the waist, to reach the cornucopia.


  • Atlas Cornell
  • Dragan Baron
  • Theseus Rhodium
  • Mason Krearns
  • Guy Montago

River Styx

The river surrounds the cornucopia, a sloshing, slow current moving along the muddy water. There is a cavern, which if you dare to enter, can take you down and down into the depths of the arena. Beware. The journey is long and fraught with danger.


  • Lydie Mansonna
  • Vitani Loewen
  • Almar Nichols
  • Alaska Putley
  • Riker Mills
  • Damion Winters

Lotus Fields

A field of fragrant lotus flowers, their tips sharp, but their petals forgiving lies off to the west bank of the River Styx.


  • Pyllis Roman

Garden of Hesperides

To the east of the River Styx, tributes will find a luscious garden. Its blackened trees still bear signs of fruit, and rustle with the changing of the breeze.


  • Kiera Dempsey

Wine Dark Sea

To the south of the upper land mass lies a lonely sea. Her waters are sure to cure a sailor's ills, but her inky darkness holds many secrets, some lethal to hear.


  • None

Siren Cliffs

Two cliffs rise above the burgundy waters, their faces sheer and ribbed. It is not the cliffs themselves that are noteworthy, but rather what lurks atop them.


  • None

Asphodel Meadows

The bottom level of the arena grows darker still, except for the sparkling meadow. Flowers of lavender and baby pink hues tickle tributes' feet. It is a resting place for the weary.


  • Ellea Banks
  • Ailis Copper

Statue Garden

See also: Statue Garden Poses

A place to be haunted and for the haunted, the statue garden should not explored lightly. Death is on the faces of the carvings, and death is promised to all who enter. The past tributes are the ones who will haunt you.


  • Learna Libertine


The ground is obsidian and cement, black, glassy, unforgiving. It is a wasteland, until one encounters the ragged pit at its center.


  • Demeter Merwin-Glory
  • Curtis Grant
  • Heather Elliot
  • Naveen Casovnik
  • Bran Wolfe
  • Aria Wolfe
  • Wednesdae Drummond

List of Tributes

This is a list of all the tributes that took part in the 63rd Hunger Games.

Place Name ID Owner Age Killer
1st Peridot Myler 1M Wonder 17 --
2nd Wednesdae Drummond 9M Rook 18 Peridot Myler
3rd Aria Wolfe 8F Zoë 15 Wednesdae Drummond
4th Bran Wolfe 8M Rosetta 14 Aria Wolfe
5th Naveen Casovnik 6F Arx 16 Wednesdae Drummond
6th Heather Elliot 11F Chelsey 16 Aria Wolfe
7th Demeter Merwin-Glory 2F Python 18 Wednesdae Drummond
8th Curtis Grant 7M Charade 18 Naveen Casovnik
9th Ailis Copper 12F Nofo 18 Heather Elliot
10th Damion Winters 10M SininChaos 15 Aria Wolfe
11th Riker Mills 5M Aquarianfire 16 Peridot Myler
12th Kiera Dempsey 1F South 17 Assisted Suicide
13th Phyllis Roman 3F Mcmarti99 15 Damion Winters
14th Alaska Putley 7F Danny 17 Heather Elliot
15th Learna Libertine 4F Tattletale 13 Wednesdae Drummond
16th Ellea Banks 5F Matta 18 Curtis Grant
17th Almar Nichols 12M Tennisbeast 16 Kiera Dempsey
18th Vitani Loewen 9F Naya 17 Ailis Copper
19th Lydie Mansonna 10F Kaylin 16 Kiera Dempsey
20th Guy Montago 11M Snakebird 18 Phyllis Roman
21st Mason Krearns 4M Tom 18 Peridot Myler
22nd Theseus Rhodium 6M Semper 17 Kiera Dempsey
23rd Dragan Baron 3M North 17 Wednesdae Drummond
24th Atlas Cornell 2M Lulu 16 Vitani Loewen

Death due to inactivity.


Before Bloodbath

The Argonauts

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The White Walkers

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Stars of Orion

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Summary of their ish


Summary of their ish

Morbid Sitcom

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After Bloodbath

The Argonauts

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Morbid Sitcom

Some point after the After Bloodbath

Stars of Orion


Day 1


Bloodbath happened.

After the Bloodbath

Things happened.

Day 2

Moar happened.

Day 3

People probably died.

Day 4

Welp, this day happened too.

Day 5

And this day happened.

Day 6

Some other days happened.

Day 7

YEP. Basic outline, cool beans brah.

Day 8

Someday there will be something here.

Day 9

Yay, death!

Day 10



Wednesdae hates everyone and kills the wolfe-girl, Peridot is heartbroken <//3 SO HE KILLS WEDNESDAE THE END.


Lots of NOT TODAYs and platonic awkwardness happened these games.