55th Hunger Games

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Everyone seems to be reasonably sure these were a quell games. Notable for being the first quell games in the site's canon.

55th Hunger Games
Map of the 55th Arena
The map of the 55th Hunger Games arena.
Arena theme Tropical Archipelago
Victor Aranica Petros, District 12
Length 7 days
Reaping date May 22nd, 2010
End date July 28th, 2010
Gamemaker Aya



List of Tributes

This is a list of all the tributes that took part in the 55th Hunger Games.

Place Name ID Owner Age Killer
1st Aranica Petros 12f Wolf Tears 12 --
2nd Dru Charlesburg 1f Cinder 15 Aranica Petros
3rd Semper Capone 5m Semper 16 Aranica Petros
4th Mel Clark 3f Jimmylost 18 Dru Charlesburg
5th Shanks Kensington 4m Quint 14 Aranica Petros
6th Argent Melanger 2m Micra 15 Shanks Kensington
7th Jango Graves 6m Tori 17 Aranica Petros
8th Carex Julian 7m Matt 15 Dru Charlesburg
9th Sami Hawkings 10f Cel 15 Semper Capone
10th Zanne Mason 8f Atoa 15 Carex Julian
11th Cherry Grace 5f Sunnyian 14 Shanks Kensington
12th Reeallia Thorne 7f Reeallia 15 Aranica Petros
13th Abigale Tenan 9f Sapphire 15 Jango Graves
14th Daniel Decatur 10m Greenbeads 17 Cherry Grace
15th Nachele Hale 11f Molly 16 Carex Julian
16th Kale Forrest 12m Kale 16 Nachele Hale
17th Sul Tervish 1m Jasik 15 Kale Forrest
18th Autumn Radiata 2f Rockgirl 16 Poisonous plants
19th Mark Kane 9m Popcap 16 Maneater
20th Garret Vanderbilt 3m Falx 16 Maneater
21st Estrella Angelo 6f Cameron 12 Drowning
22nd Hilderic Ekon 8m Skylar 17 Kale Forrest
23rd Alba Hache 4f Tea 16 Shanks Kensington
24th Papero Hitomiya 11m Luna 18 Argent Melanger

Death due to inactivity.


Shameless Euthanasia

Summary of their ish

The Prevailers

Summary of their ish

Reigning Fire

Summary of their ish


Summary of their ish


Summary of their ish


Day 1


The bloodbath was not actually all that bloody. SE got the wealth.

After the Bloodbath

Even less bloody, really. A forest sprouted out of nowhere.

Day 2

poison poison poison mutts mutts mutts

Day 3

idr idr idr

Day 4

hurricane? lots of death you are welcome

Day 5

less death but still some death ok

Day 6

Feast (Sort of)

lots and lots and lots of death. SE collapses like a flan in a cupboard.

Day 7


All the islands are gone whoo. Um yeah Semper Capone dies and then Dru and Ara fight and then Dru dies and it is le sad.


The combat system was a bit wonky so we fixed that for the 56th.