56th Hunger Games

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56th Hunger Games
Map of the 56th Arena
The map of the 56th Hunger Games arena.
Arena theme Autumn Forest
Victor Topaz Ross, District 1
Length 8 days
Reaping date September 4th, 2010
End date January 19th, 2011
Gamemaker Wolf Tears



List of Tributes

This is a list of all the tributes that took part in the 56th Hunger Games.

Place Name ID Owner Age Killer
1st Topaz Ross 1f Lulu 16 --
2nd Takeba Suzumi 4f Luna 17 Topaz Ross
3rd Joshua Rowan 9m Kitsune 17 Takeba Suzumi
4th Nash Harvey 2f Aya 18 Topaz Ross
5th Anani Petros 12m Kevin 16 Hellhound
6th Ember Milan 9f Reeallia 16 Self (suicide)
7th Luyu Nimmons 3f Cameron 16 Ember Milan
8th Will Atlas 8m Shrimp 16 Luyu Nimmons
9th Clarisse Wilmith 6f Tori 16 Nash Harvey
10th Theodore Croggstad 2m Semper 17 Falling Shoe
11th Johnathan Wrusche 7m Atoa 14 Wounds
12th Agatha Mirell 8f Ray 14 Will Atlas
13th Mercury Duval 5f Thundy 18 Hyords
14th Cole Haister 11m Grikey 16 Ourbourous
15th Estelle Havenporth 11f Glitter 13 Ourbourous
16th Ocean Jones 12f Skylar 15 Luyu Nimmons
17th Trace Rowgan 5m Damen 17 Ocean Jones
18th Emma Jenning 10f Bane 16 Luyu Nimmons
19th Anthony Peterson 10m Wingsonmyheels 17 Ocean Jones
20th Bolcco Renred 4m Zonacat 16 Hellhound
21st Timothy Hearst 1m Gorim 16 Takeba Suzumi
22nd Gerrard Menderson 3m Ella 15 Takeba Suzumi
23rd Hermione Easteallas 7f Clovegoodshot 16 Takeba Suzumi
24th Alkin Fletcher 6m Chase 17 Will Atlas

Death due to inactivity.


Team Strikeoutthrough

Summary of their ish

Eternal September

Summary of their ish

Team 1378

The Exterminators


Lions and Tigers


Day 1


The bloodbath was not actually all that bloody. Will beheaded a kid then Takeba killed everyone.

After the Bloodbath

So much hunting you guys. Ocean and Luyu killed a bunch of people, then Luyu killed Ocean.

Day 2

Two Ourboros wiped out an entire district. Hyords killed Mercury. SOT killed Sheepish.

Day 3

Cerba. Ally-ditching. Sleeping bags. Theo dies by falling shoes. Takeba looks on like "wtf mate."

Day 4

Nash kills Clarisse. Anani joins Hiccups and Luyu starts fights.

Day 5

Luyu uses an imaginary knife. Takeba teams up with Will, therefore Will dies. Twice. Takeba looks on like "wtf mate." Topaz and Nash smash pumpkins, Nash tries to kill Topaz, so they make out.

Day 6

Hiccups implode a lot. Ember stabs Luyu and then uses her scarecrow to kill herself or something. Takeba looks on like "wtf mate." Anani and Joshua ran away to impersonate Ke$ha I think. Topaz and Nash snuggle.

Day 7

Anani gets inactivity!deathed by Cerba. Joshua's like wtf mate. Takeba does Serfaty things. Horsemutts kill no one but almost Nash but actually no one.

Day 8

Takeba kills Joshua. Topaz kills Nash.

Day 9

Everything is on fire because the Gamemakers said so.


Takeba has a creepy doll thing and cuts Topaz's head a lot. Topaz wins tho. Then clutches the sleeping bag and cries.


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