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Aranica Petros is the victor of the 55th Hunger Games. She is noted as the youngest ever victor of the Games in site canon.

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(Currently pictured as her current age because Wolf Tears has never liked either of her tribute-aged photos.)

Aranica Petros
Aranica Petros
Victor of the 55th Hunger Games
District 12
Age 12 (now 20)
Weapon(s) Falchion, Blowgun
Training Score 7
Token Acorn Rock
Alliance Shameless Euthanasia
Victims Dru Charlesburg
Semper Capone
Shanks Kensington
Jango Graves
Reeallia Thorne

played by Wolf Tears


55th Hunger Games

She won these.

Early Games

(Volunteers for the Games and goes through training in a bubble of optimistic naiveté.) (Strong showing during the Bloodbath; contributed to several deaths, which horrified her. Spent much of the day in shock. Traded weapons with Dru.) (Pitfall Lizard attacks—poisoned with Dru, both cured.) (Quiet day. Bonding with Shameless Euthanasia; offers to let the others eat her.) (Day 4 Hurricane; fight; killed Reeallia Thorne with an arrow to the eye. Talked to Semper and Sami while finding water.)

Relationship with Dru Charlesburg

If Druara isn't your platonic otp you're wrong.

Late Games

(Travels with Dru; together they find water.) (Reunion of Shameless Euthanasia, and a few other people. Carex saw her with Reeallia's knife, put together the previous day's events, and attacked her, so Dru put the falchion through his eye. Shanks manipulated Aranica into attacking Jango; she happened to kill him, but refused to accept his death; everyone was briefly distracted by Mel's arrival, but after chasing her away they returned to their infighting. Ara fainted briefly; when she woke up she scrambled to Argent's defense but accidentally killed Shanks, which was useless because Argent was already dying. Waited with items and bodies while Dru went to kill Mel.)


(Islands sink, stranding the final three in the water. Ara kills Semper, because it's him or Dru. She doesn't want to fight Dru, but Dru pretends to be possessed by clouds, so she fights to chase them out and eventually succeeds (after the finale HP limit was extended because nobody involved was ready to let go). Tries to kill herself but is captured by the Capitol hovercraft, then sedated. The world is horrible and everything sucks.)

Post-Arena Life

Aranica's left arm was severed at the elbow during the finale; the Capitol replaced it with an imperfect but mostly-functional synthetic arm, which has been refitted three times. Despite her newfound riches, she returned to work for the secondhand shop owned by Ms. Charisse, an elderly woman who took in a clueless eleven-year-old Aranica and continued to look after her until her descent into Alzheimer's and then death after the 62st Games. (The closest person Aranica now has to a maternal figure is Bellezze, her Capitol stylist.)

Aranica's only blood sibling, Anani Petros, resurfaced between the 55th and 56th Games. She did not remember him at first, but soon forgave him for abandoning her years before. In the following months he helped her begin to recover memories of their childhood and the two bonded tightly. Unfortunately, Anani was Reaped and died in the 56th Games.

During the course of the 60th Games, Ara had a brief fling with fellow victor Mace Emberstatt. This resulted in a son, Kieran Lionel Emberstatt, who currently resides with Aranica in District Twelve. Aranica and Mace are not romantically involved but remain good friends.

It took her years to put the pieces together, and the road included several suicide attempts (most notably after Anani's death) and a long slide in and out of eating disorders, but ultimately Aranica has become one of the better-adjusted victors, prone to neither substance abuse nor reckless behavior.

Preceded by
Arbor Halt
55th Hunger Games
Succeeded by
Topaz Ross