57th Hunger Games

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57th Hunger Games
The map of the 57th arena.

The map of the 57th Hunger Games arena.
Arena theme Volcanic Wasteland
Victor Heron Kimberling, District 12
Length 8 days
Reaping date February 12th, 2011
End date June 10th, 2011
Gamemaker Aya




The 57th Hunger Games was located in a Volcanic wasteland. It contained 10 areas, as well as a labyrinth that everyone wanted to explore but no one did.



A typical cornucopia.

Deaths in the Area:


  • Azulon Cornoli
  • Enigma Lane
  • Damon McCoy
  • Kaia Johannesson
  • Phoenix Medona



Rock Field


Barren Land

Acid Lake

The Chutes

Ashen Forest

Mushroom Pit

The Labyrinth

List of Tributes

This is a list of all the tributes that took part in the 57th Hunger Games.

Shrimp put in a bunch of them without knowing any of the ages. Then he got to the bloodbath and gave up. This may be wrong, so checking is in order.

Place Name ID Owner Age Killer
1st Heron Kimberling 12f Tsarashi 16 --
2nd Katie Morven 3f Phunke 17 Heron Kimberling
3rd Zuka Faybi 11f Nervoux 16 Katie Morven
4th Storm Wie 5m Dee 18 Heron Kimberling
5th Daniella Lamonde 9f Dancin 15 Hellhound
6th Zack Detroff 8m Greenbeads 16 Katie Morven
7th Nadene Albertine 7f Arrowchaser 17 Daniella Lamonde
8th Maia Grayson 2f Rosetta 17 Zack Detroff
9th Winona Kirby 4f Cameron 15 Storm Wie
10th Themba Kilera 7m Wolf Tears 16 Storm Wie
11th Soren Ryder 12m Damen 18 Sabertooth Bat
12th Snip Bysho 4m Jasik 16 Sabertooth Bat
13th Weldon Morris 10m Hayley 18 Bakkup
14th Olivia Bell 10f Alex 15 Zack Detroff
15th Evan Jackson 6m Underarmor 13 Pitfall Lizard
16th York Mentz 1m Matta 16 Nadene Albertine
17th Anastasia Fortescue 1f Shrimp 17 Soren Ryder
18th Hayden Devitko 11m girlbeyondsaving 16 Weldon Morris
19th Karl Miller 3m Bane 15 Zack Detroff
20th Phoenix Medona 6f Glitter 13 Evan Jackson
21st Kaia Johannesen 5f Kaia 14 Plate explosion
22nd Damon McCoy 9m Rascalgal 16? Tripped onto own axe
23rd Enigma Lane 8f Morgana 16 Zuka Faybi
24th Azulon Cornoli 2m Trey 15 Zack Detroff

Death due to inactivity.


Before the Bloodbath

The Devil's Templar

An unlikely alliance, these three tributes used their diverse skills to survive. Yet after Day 2, they were down a member and a pair of legs. Ever the father figure, Storm carried Heron for the remainder of the games, enabling her to overcome her obstacles and be crowned victor.

Team Snowin

Team Snowin proved themselves to be fighters early on in the games, winning the Wealth. However, they were separated and then plagued by bad luck; Winona abandoned the team when they were attacked by Sabertooth bats, eventually reaching the Top 9. Snip and Soren were not so lucky.

The Switchblade Sisters

This powerhouse duo showcased their strengths throughout the games, surviving all the way to the Top 7. Fortunately for Zuka, the two never did meet Zack Detroff.

Evan Jackson and Daniela Lamonde

This alliance lasted until Day 2, when the two were separated as Evan was forced to face a pitfall lizard all by himself. Daniela continued on after his death, placing in the top 5.

Enigma Lane and Zack Detroff

The budding District 8 romance was cut short as Enigma was killed in the bloodbath. This led Zack to swear vengeance, earning him his catchphrase, "Did you kill Enigma Lane?"

Solo Tributes

Unfortunately, all tributes who had decided to be mavericks perished by the end of Day 2.

After the Bloodbath

Katie Morven and Themba Kilera

Summary of their ish

Maia Grayson and Weldon Morris

Summary of their ish


Day 1


The bloodbath was not actually all that bloody. A few people died so that was ok. Winona, Soren, and Snip got the wealth.

After the Bloodbath

People might've done things but I don't think so.

Day 2


BYE HERON'S LEGS (lost to a Random Event in a volcanic eruption, in case anyone was wondering...)

Day 3

na na na na na na na na bat kills!

Day 4

"Did you kill Enigma Lane!?" (part 3)

Day 5

Volcano went 'splooode and people die

also Daniela the secret bamf bamfs it up

Day 6

Hellhound kills Daniela. Heron kills Storm. Katie kills Zuka.

Day 7

Heron still has no legs. Nothing happens.

Day 8


Longest finale with the fewest posts ever.

Famous Last Words

"Why me?"

Azulon Cornoli, District 2

"You made it worth it, Zack. Now go kill those bastards."

Enigma Lane, District 8

"...Oh, you're such a good little axe, correct?"

Phoenix Medona, District 6

"Olivia. I'm... I'm not the demon. The real demon is the one that puts us here. The real demon... it's the Capitol."

Karl Miller, District 3

"Great, now I'm asking myself questions."

Hayden Devitko, District 11

"I can't believe I ever looked up to you two."

Anastasia Fortescue, District 1

"Bring it...bitches."

York Mentz, District 1

"Daniella! I know you probably d-don't believe in it, but just find i-it in your heart. Win"

Evan Jackson, District 6

"I’m Olivia Bell. I‘m the fifteen year old tribute from District 10. I‘m the oldest sibling of eight in my family. The youngest is seven. So, you better hope you don‘t win the Hunger Games ‘cause if you do, I guarantee you will have 9 people waiting for you in District 10. If you don‘t, well, I guarantee they will be cheering when your final blow comes."

Olivia Bell, District 10


Weldon Morris, District 10

"You worthless piece of shit!"

Snip Bysho, District 4

"Dammit. Come on Soren. Pull yourself together."

Soren Ryder, District 12


Themba Kilera, District 7

”I’m sorry.”

Winona Kirby, District 4

“Thank you.”

Maia Grayson, District 2

"Zuka, we have company."

Nadene Albertine, District 6

"I love you."

Zack Detroff, District 8

"This isn't fair. I don't want to kill you."

Daniela Lamonde, District 9

“You don’t get it, do you?! It’s never that simple. I can’t…I can’t—I loved Ana! I loved Ana just as much as you did! I still beat myself up over her death and I keep asking myself why I wasn’t there to catch her, why I didn’t stop her in the first place. Watching her fall…I hated it. I could never kill her and yet…a part of me believes that I did. Just like what you believe.”

Storm Wie, District 5

"She deserved it, she needed to... die!"

Zuka Faybi, District 11

"Wh-why w-w-wouldn't you llllet m...let me h-help you? I-I cou- could- could help y-you!"

Katie Morven, District 3

“Thank you for helpin’ me… Thank you for helpin’ me home…”

Heron Kimberling, District 12



Copied and pasted from the 55th Hunger Games, to be edited later.