58th Hunger Games

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58th Hunger Games
The map of the 58th arena.
The map of the 58th Hunger Games arena.
Arena theme Africa
Victor Lethe Turner, District 5
Length 8 days
Reaping date July 2nd, 2011
End date August 24th, 2011
Gamemaker Lulu




The Fifty-eighth hunger games arena was styled to look the the continent of Africa. As it contained fourteen areas, it currently holds the record for the largest normal area; the one exception being the 60th hunger games Quarter Quell arena, which had three areas that shifted daily for a whopping total of twenty-three separate areas.



Since the very first Games, the center of each Arena has been marked by a huge golden Cornucopia filled with weapons, food, and other supplies. This year was no exception; as always, the massive structure was the first thing to greet the tributes as they rose from the ground, and its supplies would be the salvation or the demise of those who participated in the Bloodbath. However, that year running toward the main supply cache was not the best idea. Under the constant, unrelenting sun of an Arena near the equator, the Cornucopia was painful to look at. Unlike the tabletop cornucopias of old, this one was a reflective metal that could blind you from the wrong angle, making those who needed to look at it vulnerable to those who were more interested in getting a head start on the Games.

Deaths in the area:


  • August Millory
  • Alexander Martinez
  • Sebastian Miller

Day 2

  • Anya Crider

North Desert

North Desert One of the largest regions in the Arena, it covered the upper half of the eastern regions, this was perhaps the most merciless of the 58th Arena's rough landscapes. While that meant travelers here were more likely to be alone, it also meant that there were a variety of ways for them to die without a single fight. Plants did not grow here, the only animals were those that wandered in from the south or west, and water was a defunct dream. Worst of all, perhaps, was the endless sand. Dunes peppered the landscape, but they couldn't be trusted as landmarks; they shifted with the wind, burying their footsteps and any supplies they were stupid enough to turn their backs on for more than a short time. There was no shelter. Not from sun, not from burning days and freezing nights, and definitely not from the prowling tributes or the desperate animals- assailants that may or may not have been there in the first place, for the monotony of sand could do strange things to the mind.

Deaths in the area:

Day 6

  • Dicentra Gambler


If particularly intrepid tributes (or tributes who are particularly good at getting lost) wandered far enough into the North Desert, they might just have been lucky enough to find a haven from their troubles. In the far northeast of the Arena sat a tiny oasis, a spot in the desert where water welled from the ground often enough and in great enough quantities to form pools and support plants. Of course, even there, there were sure to be dangers, and the tribute who les shade and water lull them into comfort was likely the next tribute to die. Even so, this was definitely one of the most inviting places in the Arena- so long as tributes were not too disturbed by the obviously unnatural spring, of course.

Deaths in the area:

Day 4

  • Noelle Pines

South Desert

For tributes who made it through the North Desert without fatal harm, the South Desert was a momentous relief. Occasional rainfall gifted the southeastern portion of the Arena with scattered vegetation, some of which could feed a clever tribute. Should one wait patiently near such greenery, they might also have found lizards or even, with great luck, a rodent, rabbit, or other small animal. However, this did not make life in the South Desert easy. Water was absorbed quickly, leaving little for any humans wandering through, and few of the animals were worth trying to eat. Moreover, there was only slightly more cover here than in the north, leaving tributes almost completely vulnerable to attack and the painfully extreme temperatures.

No tributes ever entered this area.


Though the South Desert was much kinder than its northern counterpart, its unique section was much less useful than the oasis due north of it. Rather than a sanctuary of cool water and fruit trees, the only things found there were mysterious buildings that could no longer quite be identified. Perhaps they were once living places- one looked rather like a cabin- but it was hard to say beneath the grime and decay. While much shade and concealment was available here, it could have been tricky to get in and out of (the structures were given to fall apart with little provocation), and the utility of that eerie place ended there. No convenient pools of water could be found, the only plants were unappetizing-looking ivies that sneaked through the grunge, and tiny animals carrying who-knew-what diseases through what was left of walls and floors.

Deaths in the area:

Day 5

  • Hawthorn Fray


For any tribute whose vision was not obscured by trees or some other obstacle, the semi-mountainous region in the southwestern quarter of the Arena's border were a near-constant sight. If one approached this place from the Arena's edges, they would be met by only a shallow slope; however, that slope steadily became steeper and steeper, quickly turning into a sheer climb that created those soaring heights. Tributes who were spirited and strong enough to make it over the edge would find themselves on a plateau of sorts, and if they moved along that toward the center of the Arena they would eventually find themselves faced with not another slope but a sharp precipice and a heart-stopping fall. Those who made it would find relative safety in the highlands, while those who couldn't might have been lucky enough to find sheltering caves if they searched, making the cliffs one of the safest areas in the Arena.

No tributes ever entered this area.


Aside from being intimidating, the cliffs served another purpose: their shade played a direct role in supporting the lively grasslands directly to their northeast. Some grasses could be found further north, where sunlight beat directly on the ground, but these were pale green and stunted- with the exception of those surrounding the large watering hole slightly to the north of the area's approximate center, which were shorter than but almost as vibrant as the grasses in the shaded region. Useless as cover to anything larger than a (possibly poisonous- this was the Arena) rabbit, the regular vegetation was nonetheless a welcome relief from the dry desert and rocky cliffs nearby.

Deaths in the area:

Day 2

  • Dustin Summerfield


Quite reminiscent of less flat Grasslands, this region was covered in pale green grass. Porous soil and slightly heavier rainfall, however, combined to create much more interesting scenery. Various darker shrubs and even some trees stood out sharply against the somewhat pallid grass. Because of this greater variety of flora, quite a few animals flourished here; their life wasn't easy, but large herbivores and even some carnivores could make it if they were willing to work a little. This meant that passing tributes had a better chance of finding something to hunt, but it also meant a better chance of finding something that wanted to hunt them. Rainfall was more likely here than anywhere else outside the jungles, but tributes who wanted to take advantage of that would need some kind of bowl, for the soil here quickly soaked up any moisture that hit it.

No tributes ever entered this area.


This might have been be the most agreeable location in the entire Arena. Home to the greatest variety of non-jungle plants, this region was dominated by grasses but also supported a high number of shrubs and even, should one have known what to look for, numerous herbs. Unfortunately, land that was moist during winter was bone dry during summer, and the amount of vegetation made fires particularly devastating - even more so than in the Grasslands, though they were more likely there, or the Savanna, where slightly moister soil helped keep fires from starting. If lightning struck or a careless match was left on the ground, the entire area could have gone up in smoke, frying everything inside to a crisp- but at least everyone would probably have had a very nice time until then, right?

Deaths in the area:

Day 1

  • Jaime Maccon

Dense Jungle

Once, there were tribes of people who lived in rainforests and knew their ways intimately. Those lifestyles were lost long ago, however, and for the tributes dumped into that year's Arena the Dense Jungle was all but impossible to live in for a day, let alone a lifetime. Every inch was crowded by so many trees that the agoraphobic might have started to feel closed in, humidity reigned unchecked even though there were no aboveground water sources to be found, and the walls of foliage held in every degree of heat that came through them. Darkness was constant here; even during the day, very little light made it through the thick canopy. Water did penetrate the leaves, but only enough to create a continuous, irregularly-spaced dripping noise. Combine that with the rustling of animals, and you had an environment that was not just harsh but positively unnerving. Sometimes it was hard to say whether that noise was a bit of rainfall or a shy herbivore or a tribute closing in for the kill. It could drive a tribute crazy to stay on their toes so constantly, but such differences could mean life or death.

Deaths in the area:

Day 7

  • Aenor Kembry

Light Jungle

The North Desert was hard to survive in because it was so dry and empty, and anyone left dying on its sands might have sweorn that the opposite extreme would be better. Regrettably for the tributes, the jungle territories proved that wet, vivacious landscapes were not necessarily any easier. Even in the Light Jungle, which sounded like it ought to be a pleasant place, close trees made it hard to walk and dangerous animals stalked the day and night alike. During the day light came through in uneven patches, and at night it became an even more precious and hard-to-acquire commodity. Shelter could be found in hollow trees and holes in the ground, but untrustworthy bugs stalked these dark, damp places. Perhaps worse than all of this, even the most experienced horticulturists would have difficulty picking out the edible from the inedible here.

Deaths in the area:

Day 2

  • Colan Raftor
  • Raphale Grey


Much of the region directly southwest of the Dense Jungle felt uncomfortably like a cross between the deserts and the cliffs. Rocky but flat, that area was bone dry and offered little in the way of vegetation or cover. Fortunately, there was an exception: a large river running from the edge of the Arena all the way to the Dense Jungle. Little grew along the banks, but the water made up for the lack of plants. Clear, cool, and shallow near the banks but deep in the center, it offered a haven from the heat, a source of diversion, and a possible drinking supply. Thirsty tributes had to watch their backs, though. Others might go there seeking relief from the heat, making the river a magnet for trouble. One never knew what might be swimming beside them, or lounging in the shallows while it waited for a tasty morsel to emerge...

While this area was traversed by tributes, no deaths took place here.

Elephant Graveyard

This was not the hottest, driest, or least forgiving place in Panem's 58th Arena. While there was no water above ground, there was enough moisture in the land for plants to grow, and the sun's rays seemed more indirect here. For tributes who still thought it too hot, it was very easy to find cover; indeed, even outside of the one cave near the center of the area, shade was so prevalent that it was almost impossible for a tribute to be exposed. However, this very attribute is what catapulted the northernmost section of the Arena straight onto the list of least fun places to be. All the cover here came not from trees, which fazed out quickly as one left the jungle, but from massive bones. Once elephants went there in droves, but then only their sinister skeletons remained, ruining tributes' concealment by crunching beneath their feet and forcing them to wonder what horrible disaster could kill so many great beasts...

Deaths in the area:

Day 5

  • Soyala Delaire

Day 6

  • Saskia Hamilton
  • Gage Cooper

Day 8 (Finale)

  • Razor Creel


Easily the wettest place in the Arena, the marsh managed to act as an unhappy medium between several of the other terrain types. Almost as humid as the jungles, nearly as hot as the shrubland, and with all the potential shelter of the North Desert, this place quickly wreaked havoc on a tribute's body. As if that wasn't unpleasant enough, all manner of nasty bugs bred here, positioned perfectly to attack bare skin at every turn. At least there was water- but drinking it without purification should have been seen as a last resort, for it was so murky that only the hardiest creatures swam in it and the plants that it fed looked sickly and miserable even in comparison to the northern parts of the Grassland.

Deaths in the area:

Day 1

  • Alikia Lombray

Day 2

  • Larae Vacanti
  • Jupiter Vicks

Day 3

  • Ludwig Beilschimdt

Day 4

  • Sylvania Legend

Day 7

  • Seah Storstrand

As you can see, one fourth of the tributes perished in the Marsh, marking its murky deaths as the most deadly area of the fifty-eighth hunger games.

List of Tributes

This is a list of all the tributes that took part in the 58th Hunger Games.

Place Name ID Owner Age Killer
1st Lethe Turner 5f Rosetta 18 --
2nd Razor Creel 2m Charade 16 Lethe Turner
3rd Seah Storstrand 4m Thundy 17 Lethe Turner
4th Aenor Kembry 3f Nofo 18 Razor Creel
5th Dicentra Gambler 6m Plantix 15 Seah Storstrand
6th Gage Cooper 3m Damen 17 Seah Storstrand
7th Soyala Delaire 1f Skylar 15 Seah Storstrand
8th Saskia Hamilton 9f Greenbeads 16 Gage Cooper
9th Hawthorn Fray 9m Snakebird 14 Dicentra Gambler
10th Noelle Pines 7f Cici 14 Pitfall Lizard
11th Sylvania Legend 2f Morgana 18 Timon & Pumbaa
12th Ludwig Beilschimdt 7m Atoa 18 Suicide
13th Raphale Grey 5m Magnet 16 Aenor Kembry
14th Colan Raftor 10m Nervoux 17 Raphale Grey
15th Anya Crider 8f Matta 17 Hellhound
16th Jupiter Vicks 4f Alex 16 Crocaconda
17th Dustin Summerfield 12m Jimmylost 18 Pitfall Lizard
18th Larae Vacanti 10f Larae 18 Dicentra Gambler
19th Allen Hearst 1m Gorim 16 Sphinx
20th Jaime Maccon 12f Sam 17 Suicide
21st Alikia Lombray 6f Ali 14 Anya Crider
22nd Sebastian Miller 8m Dancin 17 Gage Cooper
23rd Alexander Martinez 11m Arrow 17 Gage Cooper
24th August Millory 11f Stare 16 Seah Storstrand

Death due to inactivity.


Before the Bloodbath

Momma and the Mice

Anya Crider was a young mother, having given birth to a daughter prior to be being sent to the arena, she couldn't help but want to look out for two particular tributes; The one suffering from prosopagnosia and the one unable to see.

The Dodecagons

Consisting of both district twelve tributes, the Dodecagons wanted to prove that District Twelve could pull out a victor for the fourth time. Sadly, neither tribute would make it past the second day.

Bloodbath and Beyond

Ironically, one half of this alliance perished at the Cornucopia.

The Bad Kids

While only containing two teens from actual designated career districts, The Bad Kids nevertheless established themselves as the fifty-eighth arena's threatening career pack, racking up a kill count of one-third of the tributes. All the members of TBK made the final eight and two of them made the final four. However, none of them reached the finale.

That Alliance Over There (TOAT)

TOAT was largely considered the underdog alliance for the duration of the games, as big as The Bad Kids but not as skilled or lucky. They lost one member early on to a mutt attack and continued to run into trouble until all of them had died. Hawthorn managed to place in the top ten.

District Six Alliance

Half of this group died before they could do anything of note. The other, on the other hand, placed in the final five.

Summer Rain

Another pairing of district partners, the members of Summer Rain fell all too soon, becoming the first and second victims of the Bloodbath.

Solo Tributes

Going through the arena without allies proves to be deadly for the fifty-eighth's few solitary tributes.

After the Bloodbath

The Angel and the Demon

The boy from six joined up with the girl from seven, seeking redemption for his earlier failure to keep his district partner safe.


Bringing together the orphaned mice and a troubled career, Leskor weathered many mutt attacks and still found time to start a budding romance. Two of them eventually faced off against each other in the finale; one would be crowned victor.


Day 1


Continuing the trend from previous games, few tributes died over the course of the battle at the Cornucopia.The fighting was slow,a combination of most tributes preferring to grab the bare minimum before fleeing,and a lack of strong attacks being landed upon enemies. Both tributes from District Eleven were brutally cut to pieces by The Bad Kids one after the other, right before the career pack also claimed the life of Sebastian Miller. Several other tributes attempted to gather items after this, each of whom received grievous wounds for their trouble and fled, leaving The Bad Kids to collect the Wealth unchallenged.

After the Bloodbath

Following the first fight, many alliances were separated or otherwise away from each other. While the career pack loaded up on supplies, Anya and Lethe searched in the marsh for their missing teammate. While they didn't find her, they came across the tributes from six. Though they were initially reluctant to fight other people so soon, the momma and the mouse retaliated full force when Alikia Lombray began shooting arrows at them. The battle was brief and ended with the latter's death on the edge of a knife. Her district partner was horrified, lashing out like a wounded animal until her killers had fled the scene, guarding the young girl's body from desecration. As the two girls fled the scene, two more entered it, both seeking a temporary alliance with Dicentra. He weighed the odds and decided to let Noelle and Larae accompany him. If only for a bit.

As Dicentra wrestled with his decisions, Ludwig Beilschimdt wrestled with a loss of his own. The boy from seven was lost in the marsh without his alliance or his left hand, having lost track of both during the flight at the Cornucopia. Ludwig eventually settled for tying his falchion to his arm, hoping that that act would keep it steady. Unbeknownst to him, the other three members of TOAT had all escaped relatively unscathed to the safety of the Light Jungle area and were wondering what had happened to him. Neither group would encounter further fighting through the remainder of the day. And that was largely because the remaining tributes were battling it out in the Shrublands.

Razor Creel, an unstable career from two with a thirst to prove himself had left the bloodbath to hunt the tributes from district twelve; the ones that he considered to be the only acceptable casualties. The male twelve, a boy named Dustin, fled as soon as he realized the career meant business, abandoning his teammate to get ganged up on by the arrival of Colan and Saskia, both on the run from the Cornucopia and both anxious to find supplies and allies. The three of them whittled away at Jaime Maccon until the noise attracted the attention of an odd pair of mutts. None of the tributes had ever seen an Ivory Hog before, let alone one accompanied by a Flying Meerkeeta. This proved to be too much for the girl from the mining district to handle and she drove her knife into her own heart, but not before screaming at her attackers and wishing them all a speedy demise.

In the desert, far away from prying eyes, Allen Hearst thought he was safe. That assumption proved wrong when a majestic sphinx flew down and tore his head completely off of his shoulders, taking the body part back to its cave and leaving the rest for the helicopter to carry back to the Capitol. The final tally of tribute deaths for the first day was only six, which was equal to one fourth of the tributes.

Day 2

The second day started with a bevy of mutt attacks to make up for the scant deaths of the previous day. Noelle Pines went temporarily blind due to a small but poisonous creature. Worried that this might leave her open to attack and freaking out over not being able to see, she lashed out blindy and struck Larae with her whip. Larae had chosen to travel with Noelle and Dice for protection but found only death in the form of the latter's sword. Having seen the whip slash across the girl from ten, Dicentra moved quickly and killed Larae by stabbing her in the chest. He didn't want to give her a chance to retaliate against the girl that reminded him of his fallen district partner.

Elsewhere in the Marsh, Ludwig found his allies all alive and well. This joy was cut short when a pair of Crocacondas slithered out of the muck and tore into Jupiter Vicks, killing her instantly. Her teammates continued to fight the abominations until the animals submerged in the muddy water and vanished without a trace. They would have said their farewells to the unfortunate career from four, but during the fight, her body had been washed away and hidden by the swamp surrounding them. A ways off in the Grassland, Dustin Summerfield encountered a Pitfall Lizard. Now, standard procedure when finding a Pitfall Lizard is to run like hell, but Dustin was wracked with guilt over leaving his ally behind to die as well as being malnourished. Feverishly and foolishly attacking it, he died not from blood loss, but from the poison tainted fangs of the dangerous reptile.

Other tributes decided to spend their time searching for supplies to stay ahead. Anya Crider and Lethe Turner went back to the Cornucopia, hoping that they might find something of value that the career pack might have overlooked. While they were successful in finding iodine tablets, they weren't the only ones looking for easy pickings. A hellhound, one of the genetically enhanced attack dogs that the gamemakers frequently utilized, had been attracted by the scent of death left over from the bloodbath and was prowling in the area. It viciously attacked Anya, killing her in less time than it took for Lethe to sob and run away.

The Bad Kids on the other hand, had their hands full with poisonous mutts of the feline variety. A pair of Dart Jaguars was no match for the careers and both animals were dealt with in short order. Poison held no meaning for the tributes able to procure antivenom and anything else they needed to stay on top of things. They even found time to hunt other tributes, something they did with relish. Aenor Kembry found a bloodied Raphale Grey standing over the body of Colan Raftor and dispatched the boy from five with ease. After taking his supplies, she rejoined her allies to attempt attacking the unlikely pairing of Razor and Saskia. The latter two had decided to travel together after the events of the previous day, with Razor debating returning the girl to her allies. They were attacked by a Guard Grenadillo which the blind girl quickly dispatched with a cooking pot. Razor was impressed, and having come to the conclusion that hehad never had a real relationship, kissed Saskia on a whim. To his surprise, they both enjoyed it and the seed of romance had been planted.

It was then that The Bad Kids launched an attack that failed to inflict any lasting damage. Razor and Saskia fled and the Bad Kids pledged to better from that point on.

Day 3

The third day began with a shift in alliances as Razor and Saskia found Lethe and the blind girl convinced the career to let the girl from five tag along. Razor agreed not to harm Lethe unless he had to, but was furious with her for leading the hound that killed Anya straight to their location; And this time it brought it's mate along. Razor quickly learned that the products he used to keep his skin silky smooth might have an unintended side effect, because the mutts only went for him. The three of them managed to kill the male mutt, before narrowly escaping the gnashing teeth of the female. Dicentra fared much better in the desert, killing a rampaging sphinx and suffering only minor wounds while keeping Noelle safe. Elsewhere, The Bad Kids battled TOAT for the title of biggest threat, even though they were a man down, not from death, but abandonment. Seah had left his allies behind when he realized they were a bunch of squabbling primadonna's who were probably going to wind up killing each other. Having the same number of allies did not help TOAT at all, and Ludwig fell, buying time for his friends to get away.

But all those fights paled in comparison to the battle of the century between Seah and the bunny named Wilson.

Things had started off easily enough for the career from four, killing a hog and harvesting its meat. It didn't take long for him to see that he had an audience in the form of a rabbit. For most of his life, Seah had been alone, and he figured that capturing the animal might give him someone to talk to. But Wilson wasn't going to give up his right to hop to his hearts content that easily. Wilson led Seah on a merry chase around the Grasslands, forcing the tribute to employ every means available to try and capture him. After stooping to throwing his whole body at the cotton-tailed fiend, Seah gave up and berated the rabbit for pretending to listen, before telling it to get lost. Sure, Seah had escaped with his life. But Wilson had taken his time, energy, and his pride.

Day 4

Following the events of the previous day, nearly all of the tributes managed to avoid running into one another, the only exceptions being Aenor and Sylvania. However, before either of them could land an attack, the latter was killed by an Ivory Hog and a Flying Meerkeeta that vanished as quickly as they had arrived. In another part of the Marsh, Hawthorn put aside his differences with Gage and Soyala in order for the three of them to survive a mutt attack. However, once the threat was over the boy from nine beat a hasty retreat for safer waters. Noelle and Dicentra thought they had found such waters at the Oasis, but soon after making a fire, they attracted death in the form of a hungry Pitfall Lizard. Noelle was quickly poisoned, but rather than let her ally try to save her she begged him to run, dying as she bought him time to escape. In the Shrublands, Razor debated killing his allies in their sleep, but ultimately decided against it, leading them across an area where they were lost parts of their feet to a pair of ravenous digitamoles. They managed to kill the offending mutts, but not before everyone but Lethe had been injured. Over in the Grasslands, Seah continued to wage a private war against tiny animals, finally catching Wilson the rabbit and beating it into a fine paste. Soon after, he fought a miniature steer that broke his hand. The pygmy cow fell to Seah's blade and he enjoyed the scant meal it provided.

Day 5

During the night, a swarm of genetically altered mosquitoes was unleashed on the unsuspecting tributes, stinging and biting them and forcing them to try and outrun the horde of evil insects. This event broke many alliances, as by the time the sun rose, tributes were spread throughout the entire arena. In the Ruins, Dicentra and Hawthorn faced off against each other with reluctance, neither really wanting to kill the other, but both wanting to survive. Hawthorn was far more injured than the boy from six, and so died in the sands as Dicentra fled. In the river, Lethe and Razor dealt with a latch crab, setting it on fire until it exploded. The blast injured both of them, but Razor took the brunt of it. Once he had recovered, he told Lethe he needed to find Saskia and begged for her to stay out of his way before he was forced to kill her.

Elsewhere, Seah found Aenor and Soyala in the same area, and opted to help the former kill the girl from one. But they didn't stop there. In a different part of the Elephant Graveyard, Gage Cooper fought with the blind girl from nine, ironically killing her with a stab to the eye. He made a fatal mistake in stopping to eat and drink, as it gave his former allies time to find him. Aenor shattered his kneecap as he tried to run, and she and Seah continued to beat away at him until he was as dead as Saskia Hamilton. They parted ways again after that, each not wanting to give the other a chance to turn on them as well. Numbers were winding down at this point; with only five tributes left in the arena, no one could be trusted.

Day 6

The only fight to take place on the sixth day was between Seah & Dicentra in the northern desert. The battle was a quick and silent one, with seah swiftly slaying the boy from six and fleeing as soon as he could. In the Elephant Graveyard, Aenor contemplated how many people there were left for her to kill whilst resting in a cave. Elsewhere in the river, Lethe Turner wailed her woes to a lizard that she found and named Camilia. She was sad about saskia's passing and pessimistic about her chances of winning. Lastly in the light jungle, the career Razor Creel, already mentally unstable before entering the arena, lost it completely when he realized he had failed to save Saskia from death, and to the delight of the cameras, began talking to himself.

Day 7

Day seven saw the final four battling it out in pairs of two. In the Marsh, Lethe and Seah fought each other with words as well as blades, as the girl found the boy from four to be a sorry excuse for a career, labeling him ignorant and selfish, before managing to put an end to his life. In the Dense Jungle, Razor slew Aenor after a bout of tense taunting from both sides and walked away from the fight with a cracked rib and plenty of medical supplies.

Day 8


Epic fight in a thunderstorm between Razor and Lethe. Razor dies, Lethe wins.

Famous Last Words

"Stop it! Don't you realize they're watching?!

- August Millory

"No, I want both of my socks rolled down, please."

- Alexander Martinez

"I really hope these underwear are wedgie-proof."

- Sebastian Miller

"Win for me...Dice.....I know you...can...."

- Alikia Lombray


- Jaime Maccon

Scream of Terror* (Died of Inactivity)

- Allen Hearst

"Help me and I’ll do what I can to help you, but I have no weapons.”

- Larae Vacanti

"Well it seems only fair that I return the favor don't you think?”

- Dustin Summerfield


- Jupiter Vicks

"Wake up! Awe, you're so cute, I could just eat you up!"

- Anya Crider

"It's my fault."

- Colan Raftor

"Good bye...and good luck."

- Raphale Grey

"Go win, and go home."

- Ludwig Beilschimdt

"Thank you."

- Sylvania Legend

"I owe you nothing!”

- Noelle Pines

"Harrier, If you're watching this, know that I've always got your back.”

- Hawthorn Fray


- Saskia Hamilton

"Let's finish what we started."

- Soyala Delaire

"Yeah, nice to see you too."

- Gage Cooper

"You...Seah of District 4...You have to win...Or I won't forgive you for killing me...heh...Lacey...Keep the syndicate alive."

- Dicentra Gambler

“Maybe I’ll do that after I kill you and little Lethe. Now, stay still! This will just hurt a bit if you just stay still!”

- Aenor Kembry

"I am..?"

- Seah Storstrand

.“Remember me Lethe. Please. Remember why I died. Don’t forget the name or face of Razor Creel.”

- Razor Creel

"You know, I had to do it."

- Lethe Turner


  • The fifty-eighth hunger games holds the distinction of being the first and thus far,only games to not have had any site staff among the members playing.
  • The fifty-eighth hunger games also holds the record for fastest games to be completed in real time, lasting only fifty-four days or seven weeks; which is just under two months long.
  • Rosetta, Thundy,10stare, Charade, and Greenbeads all became staff members at points after the fifty-eighth hunger games.
  • Lethe Turner was the first victor from District Five.
  • Nofo's actions in the fight between TAOT & The Bad Kids resulted in a new game rule designed to deter people from using a strategy sometimes referred to as "Aenoring."