63rd Hunger Games

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Everyone seems to be reasonably sure these were not a quell games. Notable for being the eighth non-quell games in the site's canon. These games are most known for having the drunkest tributes around.

63rd Hunger Games
Map of the 54th Arena
The map of the 63rd Hunger Games arena.
Arena theme Mesoamerica
Victor Cricket Antoinette
Length 8 days [110 RL days]
Reaping date January 19th, 2013
End date May 22nd, 2013
Gamemaker Thundy & Wolf Tears



List of Tributes

This is a list of all the tributes that took part in the 63rd Hunger Games.

Place Name ID Owner Age Killer
1st Cricket Antoinette 2f Lalia 16 --
2nd River Destin 4f South 16 Cricket Antoinette
3rd Gypsy Keeni 6f Lulu 15 River Destin
4th Pyrian Keeni 6m Python 15 Cricket Antoinette
5th Owen Rook 7m Aya 17 Gypsy Keeni
6th Elodie Magpie 5f Arx 15 Cipactli
7th Asunder Hayes 12m Kay 18 Pyrian Keeni
8th Noah Ripley 4m Windy 15 Asunder Hayes
9th Viridian Harper 1m Greenbeads 17 Gypsy Keeni
10th Ivy Soren 9f Clover 17 River Destin
11th Benat Izar 11m Zori 18 Ivy Soren
12th Emerald Shore 1f Nofo 18 Asunder Hayes
13th Ezra Argrow 3m North 17 Cricket Antoinette
14th Essence Nemad 10f Danny 17 Asunder Hayes
15th William Woodham 5m Specialk 18 Owen Rook
16th Meela Birdbrook 12f Meg 18 River Destin
17th Belle Calloway 11f Cait 18 Emerald Shore
18th Faye Sinclair 3f Cici 17 Asunder Hayes
19th Roger Nelson 8m Tennisbeast 18 Owen Rook
20th Cassius Birch 2m Meghan 17 Gypsy Keeni
21st Kolo Osei 9m Kolo 15 River Destin
22nd Sampson Farron 7f Sampson 17 Faye Sinclair
23rd Ashby Twillkenn 8f Wispy 14 Gypsy Keeni
24th Axel Van de Grif 10m Kale 17 River Destin

Death due to inactivity.


Before the Bloodbath

Montezuma's Revenge

These crazy-cats jumped into the bloodbath immediately and successfully gathered most of their items without dying. Elodie and William had a special relationship. It should also be noted that the alliance was named after a form of Travelers Diarrhea that is commonly contracted from drinking tap water in Mexico. Ironically, tribute Benat Izar had a form of diarrhea in his pants right as the games were beginning. Even more important than that fact is that not one member of Montezuma's Revenge killed a fellow tribute.

The Conquistadors

The "career pack" of the 63rd games, the Conquistadors killed their fair share of tributes during the bloodbath and escaped with their entire alliance. For the time being, they were untouchable.

Thrift Shop Heroes

Teaming up with Cassius Birch, this alliance successfully destroyed two tributes before escaping the bloodbath unharmed. Cassius, however, wasn't so lucky and fell to the hands of the Conquistadors. There was initially some confusion with this alliance because the pair desired to team up with Cricket Antoinette and Noah Ripley. The two oddballs contradicted this request pretty quickly by deciding to do the games alone.

Death Whisperers

Orchestrating the perfect betrayal, Cassius helped get his fellow alliance member, Axel killed by River Destin. Before he could manage to escape, however, he was swarmed and was finally killed by Gypsy Keeni. Ezra stayed at Cassius side until his last breath, then escaped the bloodbath without any items. Their alliance motto was, "You can take the wank out of the name but you can't take the wank out of us."

Sampson Farron and Ivy Soren

The two girls teamed up with the best intentions, but the death of Sampson at the hands of the fearful Faye Sinclair shattered Ivy's dreams. They also weren't cool enough to have an alliance name.

After the Bloodbath

Ghosts of Apep

This likely pair joined up right after the bloodbath, allied by their fears and their hesitance, but they lost their lives quickly to the fight that was dubbed "the second bloodbath" because of the sheer amount of tributes involved in its slaughter.

Ezra, Ivy, and Meela

Soon after the death of her only alliance member, Ivy cornered the dreary Meela Birdbrook and practically 'demanded' they team up. They bonded over their second person perspective and skewed views of the world. Ezra, still heartbroken from the lost of his only friend in the arena, snuck up on the pair after receiving valuable tools from a rather wealthy sponsor. The group stayed together for a grand total of one day before Meela lost her already shattering life to the hands of the deadly River Destin after a futile attempt to betray Ezra with the insufferable Ivy. Knowing the invaluable help that Cassius had provided to their alliance in the bloodbath, the Thrift Shop Heroes provided Ezra with yet another water jug, and the now two-person alliance split to find their own ways in the arena. Ezra died at the hands of Cricket Antoinette soon after.

Las Almas Perdidas

Late in the games after the death of half of their alliance, Benat and Elodie teamed up with the considerably nomadic Ivy Soren. Ivy with a heart made of pure scheming helped Elodie murder her final alliance member, Benat, before falling to the revengeful heart of River Destin in not one, but two instas. Elodie died to a shallow slice from a mutt after being weakened considerably by her fellow tributes in one last hurrah.

Betrayals and Unofficial Truces

The Helping of Cricket Antoinette

Throughout the games Cricket Antoinette received help and encouragement from her fellow tributes, despite not being in an alliance. A few notable examples of this would include:

  • Asunder Hayes supplying Cricket with an empty water jug that she had failed to retrieve in the bloodbath.
  • River Destin turning on Ezra Argrow due to an odd interaction with Cricket's feet during training. (okay this is a wip)
  • Owen Rook allowing his longsword to be temporarily stolen in order for Cricket to perform some mumble-jumble circus trick in order to impress the audience.

The Slaughter of Asunder Hayes

Due to the career pack's target of Noah Ripley during the Feast, and ultimately his murder at the hands of Asunder Hayes, the distraught lover-boy called Pyrian decided to turn on his own alliance member and attacked Asunder. He successfully killed Asunder in cold blood, but the death resulted in a tear in the very fabric the alliance had boasted so proudly about. Owen, enraged at the murder of his friend turned on Gypsy, who due to having a certain Hufflepuff-quality of loyalty, felt the need to defend her blood brother Pyrian. Gypsy succeeded in killing Owen but in a fury of blind rage and confusion attacked her own brother in the finale. The two eventually reconcile by signing "I love you" to each other and dying wrapped up in each other's arms.

This section is a WIP by Meghan. Next to this section she will add actual details! Woo!


Day 1


It was pouring rain when the gong rang. The sound reverbrated around the Cornucopia, and like any other bloodbath, all hell broke loose. Tributes fashioned flashy neon uniforms, streaking across the sandy terrain looking like lost Capitolites. William Woodham was the first to take off, and the first to bask in the glory of the weapons and goodies. Essence Nemad, in a panic, trips off the pedestal and falls flat on her face. Benat Izar loses his mind on the way up, messing his pants the second the bloodbath began. Faye Sinclair attacks Ashby Twillkenn with her harpoon multiple times, leaving her as bait for about three other tributes. Axel Van De Grif is the first to fall, beaten by Emerald's axe, and finished off with a split skull. Whirring fists and weapons fly through the air, and blood is spilled on the terrain. Everyone was rushing, screaming, spitting hateful words - what was new about a bloodbath? In the end, only nineteen tributes escaped with their wits; and their lives.

It was bloody and dangerous.

After the Bloodbath


Day 2

Meela Birdbrook died.

Day 3

Same old routine. Ezra Argrow, William Woodham, and Essence Nemad died.

Day 4

MOAR DEATH. Emerald Shore met her doom.

Day 5

I think it's been established that the point of this festivity is to kill people. Benat Izar died.

Day 6

Everyone got together in the gardens for a joyous and wonderful feast, of flesh and blood. And death. Typical. Viridian Harper, Noah Ripley, Ivy Soren and Asunder Hayes died.


Basically just death and betrayal and all that popcorn poppin' drama. Good times.

The feast is set in the garden; a place that is far from innocent. Tributes entered the fray with flaming weapons and burning ambition. Ivy Soren's life is stolen first, her skull split by River Destin. River attempts to flee afterwards, Viridian close behind. Cricket steals Owen's longsword, but he snatches it back and flees. Cricket relinquishes Owen's sword and performs a circus act with it to impress the audience. The drama concludes and all tributes flee.

Day 7

Death, that is all. Elodie Magpie and Owen Rook died.

Day 8 / Finale

Fiesty River Destin, talented Cricket Antoinette, and the siblings Gypsy and Pyrian Keeni met in the jungle for the dramatic finale. Gypsy is the first to be attacked, stabbed in the chest with River's longsword. In a flurry of panic, Gypsy turns on Pyrian and stabs him in the back; quite literally. Cricket dances onto the scene, breathing fire and the like. She builds a wall of fire and lets it descend on the others. River severs Gypsy's arm at the shoulder, and her foot at the ankle. With a quick slash to the chest, Cricket fells Pyrian, and Pyrian grabs Gypsy's hand to die with her.

And then there were two. Cricket and River are the shallow cut queens, landing constant blows on each other with their blades. River asks why Cricket wants to go home, causing Cricket to freeze and tell all. She regains her toughness and stabs River in the stomach and cuts a deep gash on her cheek. River accepts her downfall, and whispers her last words.

Cricket is crowned victor, after a painful week of turmoil. The Games, notable for its drunken tributes, had finally ended with a bang.

Famous Last Words

”I-.. I’m sorry..”

-Kolo Osei

"Go home, Ezra. Go home."

-Cassius Birch

"Screw off!"

-Roger Nelson


-Belle Colloway


-Meela Birdbrook

“Fancy seeing you here.”

-William Woodham

"You two are gonna pay for this."

-Essence Nemad


-Ezra Argrow


-Emerald Shore

“I’m going now… Be good to each other, okay?”

-Benat Izar

"Hold on tight, Casper. This is my party, and I'll cry if I want to."

-Ivy Soren

"Damn it that was my good hand."

-Viridian Harper

“Sorry, I’m sorry… so sorry.”

-Asunder Hayes

"I know you wannna keep me fo-eva but I dun think I'll fit in dat bag, Mr. Keeeeeni."

-Elodie Magpie

"Hey, Alexander? Did I make you proud?"

-Owen Rook

"You are not worth knowing!"

-Axel Van De Grif

"And when you meet my daughter, I want you to look her in the eyes and tell her what her mother died for."

-River Destin