65th Hunger Games

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These Games were notable for being quell games. Probably for other things like scary small children.

65th Hunger Games
Map of the 65th Arena
The map of the 65th Hunger Games arena.
Arena theme Oversized Landscape
Victor Saffron Lowe
Length 8 days?
Reaping date October 2013
End date December 2013
Gamemaker Lulu



List of Tributes

This is a list of all the tributes that took part in the 65th Hunger Games.

Place Name ID Owner Age Killer Day
1st Saffron Lowe 10f Zoë 14 -- --
2nd Ewe Saw 4m Shrimp 14 Saffron Lowe 8
3rd Lucy Peverell 12f Clover 14 Saffron Lowe 7
4th Iago Izar-McClaine 11m Zori 14 Ewe Saw 7
5th Emery Moreno 1f Cici 14 Iago Izar-McClaine 6
6th Jim McCoy 3m Cato 14 Emery Moreno 6
7th Cassie Radke 5f Mylee 14 Iago Izar-McClaine 6
8th Scout Watson 11f Rosetta 12 Teddy Bear 5
9th Sticky Washington 6m Shine 14 Cassie Radke 5
10th Storm Jay 9m Emsrocks 14 Lucy Peverell 4
11th Shadow Bison 5m Semper 12 Emery Moreno 4
12th Cerise Mephistopheles 3f Aya 12 Jim McCoy 4
13th Beatrice Birch 2f Meghan 14 Cerise Mephistopheles 4
14th Brendon Halt 12m South 13 Scout Watson 3
15th Mantel Scoff 10m Kousei 13 Beatrice Birch 3
16th Hope Woodards 8f Rook 12 Emery Moreno 2
17th Darren Dublin 1m Kittyoemily 14 Mantel Scoff 2
18th Kyle Jones 2m Yoya 13 Mantel Scoff 1
19th Siana Felies 7f Ani 14 Beatrice Birch 1
20th Sophia Landros 4f Cameo 12 Emery Moreno BB
21st Ivana Vox 6f Chime 14 Iago Izar-McClaine BB
22nd Linus Cohen 8m Verbal 12 Ewe Saw BB
23rd Vespasian Minix 7m Chaos 12 Scout Watson BB
24th Eden Angelis 9f Onyx 14 Lucy Peverell BB

Death due to inactivity.


Before the Bloodbath


They were scary and did scary things.


The Fairy Thieves

Death Whispers

Los Pequeños Gigantes

The Mazerunners


After the Bloodbath

Los Pequeños Gigantes

Death Whispers



Day 1


What a clusterfiesta tbh

Team ID won the Wealth, which consisted of the usual leftover items as well as:

  • 8 diapers
  • 3 baby bottles
  • 1 rattle
  • 2 pacifiers
  • 1 baby blanket
  • 2 rubber ducks
  • 1 teddy bear (which turned out later to be infested by fleas)
  • 5 cans of baby food: 2 mashed carrots, 1 applesauce, 2 strained peas. The applesauce turned out to be spoiled, giving Iago food poisoning on day ??.

After the Bloodbath

people died idk

Day 2

Anthem -- Kyle Jones, District Two. Sophia Landros, District Four. Ivana Vox, District Six. Siana Felies, District Seven. Vespasian Minix, District Seven. Linus Cohen, District Eight. Eden Angelis, District Nine

Mandated Fights

Orchard -- Matilde Watson, Ewe Saw, Iago Izar-McClaine, Emery Moreno vs. Cassie Radke, Hope Woodards, Shadow Bison, Brendon Halt

Redwood Forest -- Mantel Scoff vs. Darren Dublin

Beanstalk -- Beatrice Birch, Jim McCoy, Sticky Washington, Storm Jay vs. 2 Hellcats

Maze -- Cerise Mephistopheles, Saffron Lowe, Lucy Peverell vs. 2 Flurbles

Day 3

Anthem -- Darren Dublin, District 1. Hope Woodards, District 8

Mandated Fights

Ice Cube -- Matilde Watson, Ewe Saw, Iago Izar-McClaine, Emery Moreno vs. Cassie Radke, Shadow Bison, Brendon Halt

Mountain Chain -- Mantel Scoff vs. Lucy Peverell, Cerise Mephistopheles, Saffron Lowe vs. Beatrice Birch, Jim McCoy, Sticky Washington, Storm Jay (posting order still applies)

Day 4

Anthem -- Mantel Scoff, District 10. Brendon Halt, District 12

Mandated Fights

Orchard -- Cassie Radke, Shadow Bison vs. 3 Honey Badgers

Bird's Nest -- Matilde Watson, Ewe Saw, Iago Izar-McClaine, Emery Moreno vs. 4 Pitfall Lizards (See games info board for new rule regarding mutts)

Mountain Chain -- Lucy Peverell, Cerise Mephistopheles, Saffron Lowe ** vs. Beatrice Birch, Jim McCoy, Sticky Washington, Storm Jay

Day 5

Anthem -- Beatrice Birch, District 2. Cerise Mephistopheles, District 3. Shadow Bison, District 5 .Storm Jay, District 9

Mandated Fights

Redwood Forest -- Cassie Radke vs. Saffron Lowe, Lucy Peverell vs. Jim McCoy, Sticky Washington

Beanstalk -- Matilde Watson, Ewe Saw, Iago Izar-McClaine, Emery Moreno vs. 10 Teddy Bears

Day 6

Anthem -- Sticky Washington, District 6. Matilde Watson, District 11

Mandated Fights

Bird's Nest -- Emery Moreno vs. Iago Izar-McClaine vs. Ewe Saw vs. Saffron Lowe vs. Lucy Peverell vs. Cassie Radke vs. Jim McCoy vs. Jabberwocky ***

Day 7

Anthem -- Emery Moreno, District 1. Jim McCoy, District 3. Cassie Radke, District 5

The earthquake has caused all the trees in the orchard and redwood forest as well as the beanstalk to come tumbling down. These areas are now closed.

Mandated Fights

Ice Cube -- Lucy Peverell vs. Saffron Lowe

Mountain Chain -- Ewe Saw vs. Iago Izar-McClaine


Anthem -- Iago Izar-McClaine, District 11. Lucy Peverell, District 12

Almost as soon as it's over, the air temperature suddenly rises at least ten degrees, and what was once a comfortable coolness has now turned to nearly unbearable warmth. For the rest of the night the temperature continues to climb, little by little, until finally you're dripping sweat. Then all of the sudden, you feel wetness under your feet. You look to see the massive ice cube where you spent your last day melting completely away in the heat. Because it's so large, you'd think it would take a lot of time, but this isn't the case; it deteriorates quicker and quicker, and you realize that due to its sheer size, it could flood out the entire area; you need to get away fast. To the north, the snow at the tops of the mountains have begun to melt and slide; this location is certainly not safe either. You make a quick decision and run straight for the maze, all the while knowing that this was planned. The Gamemakers are driving you and your final competitor together. The Games will end today.

The heat wave has closed every area except the maze.

Mandated Fights

Maze -- Saffron Lowe vs. Ewe Saw

Ewe saw Saffron win

Famous Last Words