66th Hunger Games

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Then everything changed when the fire nation attacked?

66th Hunger Games
Map of the 66th Arena
The map of the 66th Hunger Games arena.
Arena theme Four Elements
Victor Colgate O'Leary, District 9
Length 8 days
Reaping date February 1st 2014
End date April 17th 2014
Gamemaker Rosetta & South



List of Tributes

This is a list of all the tributes that took part in the 66th Hunger Games.

Place Name ID Owner Age Killer
1st Colgate O'Leary 9m Thundy 18 --
2nd Laila Sycamore 5f Python 13 Colgate O'Leary
3rd Willis Keeni 6m Rook 17 Colgate O'Leary
4th Francesca Levroux 1f Dreamer 17 Laila Sycamore
5th Lyric Woulf 6f Nyte 16 Colgate O'Leary
6th Anni Dorst 3f Dee 15 Laila Sycamore
7th Claude Aeger 5m Kire 18 Willis Keeni
8th Ares Pine 2m Cato 18 Francesca Levroux
9th Eye Saw 4m Elegant 18 Lyric Woulf
10th Savannah Carey 8f Stare 18 Willis Keeni
11th Ari Newton 11m Kousei 14 Willis Keeni
12th Claire Partridge 7f Loren 18 Ari Newton
13th Argonite Shore 1m Kay 16 Ares Pine
14th Moss Rose 11f Ani 17 Francesca Levroux
15th Magenta Ryker 9f Dars 18 Lyric Woulf
16th Henry Fleet 7m Skittlekat 18 Appa
17th Aurora Villela 10f Reasons 16 Poison
18th Aidin Grasswood 12m Kittyoemily 17 Ari Newton
19th Hannah McEwen 2f Specialk 18 Colgate O'Leary
20th Mizar Roxen 4f Emsrocks 18 Henry Fleet
21st Mary Ellen Goulding 12f Axel 16 Hannah McEwen
22nd Luke Davis 8m Anatra 18 Colgate O'Leary
23rd Thistle Cardo 10m Pogue 17 Laila Sycamore
24th Keanu Frost 3m Minieclover 18 Hannah McEwen

Death due to inactivity.


Pre Bloodbath Alliances

Four Horsemen



The White Lotus

The Three Musketeers

TAK That


In Game Changes

xoxo Day 2


Day 1


People ran off little metal round things when gong sounds. Keanu Frost died a valiant death after losing his blood from a shallow cut. Ouch. And then comes along the aggressive small frame of Laila Sycamore who took Thistle Cardo's head and throughly ruined his day.

After the Bloodbath

Day 2


Hannah McEwen, District 2, Keanu Frost, District 3, Mizar Roxen, District 4, Luke Davis, District 8, Thistle Cardo, District 10, Mary Ellen Goulding, District 12

Manadated Fights

Cornucopia - Moss Rose and Aurora Villela vs. 3 Mormo

Water Area - Anni Dorst and Ari Newton vs. Aidin Grasswood Argonite Shore, Francesca Levroux, Ares Pine, and Magenta Ryker vs. 2 Giant Moles

Air Area - Eye Saw, Willis Keeni, Claire Partridge, and Laila Sycamore vs. 2 Pygmy Cattle

Fire Area - Henry Fleet vs. 1 Boar-Q-Pine Colgate O’Leary, Savannah Carey, Claude Aeger, and Lyric Woulf vs. 1 Appa

Day 3


Aurora Villela, District 10, Aidin Grasswood, District 12

Mandated Fights

Water Area -- Argonite Shore, Francesca Levroux, Ares Pine and Magenta Ryker vs. 3 Clingrays Moss Rose vs. 1 Latch Crab

Earth Area -- Anni Dorst and Ari Newton vs 2 Platypus Bears Colgate O’Leary, Savannah Carey, Lyric Woulf, Claude Aeger vs. 3 Digitamoles

Air Area -- Henry Fleet vs. 1 Appa

Fire Area -- Eye Saw, Laila Sycamore, Willis Keeni, and Claire Partridge vs 2 Appa

Day 4


Henry Fleet, District 7

Mandated Fights

Water Area -- Argonite Shore, Francesca Levroux, Ares Pine and Magenta Ryker vs. Colgate O'Leary, Lyric Woulf, Claude Aeger, and Savannah Carey

Earth Area -- Eye Saw, Laila Sycamore, Willis Keeni, and Claire Partridge vs. 2 Giant Moles

Air Area -- Moss Rose vs. 1 Platypus Bear

Fire Area -- Anni Dorst and Ari Newton vs. 1 Boar-Q-Pine

Day 5

Anthem -- Magenta Ryker, District Nine

Mandated Fights:

Earth Area -- Moss Rose v Argonite Shore vs Ares Pine and Francesca Levroux

Air Area -- Claude Aegar, Lyric Woulf, Savannah Carey and Colgate O'Leary vs 2 Appa

Fire Area -- Ari Newton and Anni Dorst vs Eye Saw, Claire Partridge, Laila Sycamore, and Willis Keeni vs Flemeth the Blood Dragon**

Day 6

Anthem -- Moss Rose, District Eleven Argonite Shore, District One Claire Partridge, District Seven Ari Newton, District Eleven

Mandated Fights: Cornucopia -- Francesca Levroux, Ares Pine vs. 2 Giant Moles

Fire Area -- Colgate O’Leary, Claude Aeger, Savannah Carey, Lyric Woulf vs. Eye Saw, Laila Sycamore, Willis Keeni vs 2 Mormo***

Earth Area -- Anni Dorst vs. 1 Pygmy Cattle**

Day 7

Anthem -- Savannah Carey, District 8 Eye Saw, District 4

Mandated Fights:

Cornucopia -- Claude Aegar vs. Willis Keeni** Colgate O’Leary vs. Lyric Woulf

Water Area -- Anni Dorst vs. Laila Sycamore**

Fire Area -- Ares Pine vs. Francesca Levroux

  • All alliances are hereby disbanded
    • Due to movement to the otherwise closed Air Area, they were moved by strong, yet harmless gusts of wind.

Day 8

Anthem -- Ares Pine, District 2 Anni Dorst, District 3 Claude Aeger, District 5 Lyric Woulf, District 6

But in the as the sun rises, you feel something, a gentle swaying, almost as if you’re being rocked in someone’s arms. A gentle cooing noise rises up to meet your ears, and you fully awaken to realize that you are being borne upon the backs of dozens of Kodama, gently bearing you to your destiny. After a short remainder of your trip, they gently deposit you on the ground and crowd around you, petting your head in a way that seems almost sympathetic before they withdraw a few yards, still watching. Always watching.

Mandated Fights: Water Area -- Laila Sycamore vs. Francesca Levroux

Earth Area -- Willis Keeni vs. Colgate O’Leary


Anthem -- Francesca Levroux, District 1 Willis Keeni, District 6

Morning comes with a roar. You find yourself jolted to your feet (or perhaps off of them) as a bombardment of wind, earth and water comes your way. As the ground rumbles around you and water laps at your running feet, all you can do is hold your ears to block out the scream of the wind. Finally, you cross into a place where it stops. But, this isn’t much better. The volcano looms before you, spewing black smoke into the sky and if you stick your tongue out, you can taste the ashes, falling like snow.

The Finale is happening here and now.

Mandated Fights: Fire Area -- Laila vs. Soap

Colgate won