71st Hunger Games

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These are the 71st Hunger Games, and the 18th on the site.

71st Hunger Games
Map of the 71th Arena
The map of the 71st Hunger Games arena.
Arena theme Celtic Myths
Victor Harbinger Rhodes
Length 9 Days
Reaping date 26th September, 2015
End date 21st December, 2015
Gamemakers Kay and Aya




The Seventy-First Hunger Games took its arena theme from Celtic mythology, giving it a very supernatural vibe only reinforced by the items provided to the tributes. It is notable for the Aibells, or protective spirits, provided to each tribute who survived the bloodbath.



As the tributes ascend into the arena, they will at first rise to darkness. For a moment they will remain in their pitch black shoots, enveloped in inky dark. Slowly, it is revealed that they are not in a cave but rather surrounded by velvet curtains. These part simultaneously to reveal the twenty-four tributes arrayed around a wooden stage. In the center is a gleaming Harp, several granite boulders, and all the treasure anyone could want. The Harp chimes the countdown. When it sings its final note, the glass containers are opened for the tributes. The Harp begins to play a ghostly melody, mirroring the tributes’ actions. Deaths in the area:


  • Draco Wellings

Sea Cliffs

Overlooking the black rock beach, steep, rocky cliffs jut out of the ground. Though they are steep, surefooted tributes can find enough handholds to make their way up and down the rock face. It is a long drop to the bottom, however, so tributes are encouraged to be take care when scaling the slick rocks. The high winds and sea spray add an extra layer of difficulty to climbing, and one misstep is all it takes to send even the most careful tributes plummeting to their deaths.

Rolling Hills

As picturesque as any place in past arenas, the rolling hills are an oasis of gently undulating verdant waves. Weeping willows, giant-sized oak and bare birch trees dot the landscape. Small creatures, including rabbits, hedgehogs and badgers nibble at the flora. It is a quiet and peaceful place.

Peat Bog

Patches of decaying vegetation provide a stable path around the muck and creeks of the peat bog. The varied terrain is difficult to cross quickly — one misstep and it's your boot, your foot, your life trapped in the sticky jaws of the arena itself.

Wooded Glen

The Wooded Glen is home to Scots pine, fir and spruce trees. Much colder than the rest of the arena, the Glen always seems to be just one day shy of winter. The trees cluster together along the banks of a gently lapping stream. If you look carefully enough in the brush, you might discover some robust plants. The wind whistles through the trees, kicking up fallen leaves. This area has all the supplies you might need, but you are not the only one looking for something to eat in this cold and grey Glen.

Rock Beach

At the bottom of the sea cliffs, the rough waves of the cold sea meet land on a pile of black stones. Each rock is smooth and round, well-worn by the icy waves — some large as a head, others mere pebbles, and most falling somewhere in between. Between the dreary atmosphere and the dark stones, there is little color to be found on the chilly shore.

Basalt Column Causeway

Rising from the shore and waves like stone titans, the honeycomb towers of basalt dominate the misty seaside. Each column is a near-perfect hexagon, interlocking with its neighbors and reaching towards the sky like some mountain comprised of a child's blocks, perfect for climbing. The peculiar stones stretch into the water, providing a small passage into the sea for those brave enough to see what lies at the end of the gamemakers' brick road...

Sea Cottage

This quaint little stone cottage sits alone on an islet. The thatched roof is in sorry need of repair but the rest of it has been sturdily built. Inside of the thick wooden door, tributes will discover a fully furnished home, complete with a sitting room, kitchen, working bathroom and a king-sized bed in the small but well appointed bedroom. The copper plumbing is in good repair. Tributes may drink from the faucet or take a shower. The back porch has ends in a series of steep wooden stairs. These steps lead down to a dock, from which the tributes can fish.

List of Tributes

This is a list of all the tributes that took part in the 71st Hunger Games.

Place Name ID Owner Age Killer Day
1st Harbinger Rhodes 11m Cato 18 -- --
2nd Heather Tenley 7f Cameron 16 Harbinger Rhodes 9
3rd Septys Lexig 1m Muffin 18 Heather Tenley 9
4th Someith Krearns 4m Kire 18 Harbinger Rhodes 9
5th Beretta Corléon 2f Lalia 18 Someith Krearns 8
6th Daria Staite 4f Ali 17 Harbinger Rhodes 8
7th Tyler Westbrook 5m Lancelot 16 Septys Lexig 8
8th Kitty Keeni 6m Anzie 14 Thanatos [Dullahan] 7
9th Chloë Angor 12f Dee 17 Harbinger Rhodes 7
10th Ruth Foster 1f Cameo 16 Tyler Westbrook 7
11th Dustyn Chase 2m Dars 18 Someith Krearns 7
12th Jequirity Eckhart 6f Arx 18 Daria Staite 7
13th Annora Taylor 11f Thundy 18 Someith Krearns 6
14th Neptune Liefde 12m Flyss 18 Dustyn Chase 5
15th Cody Bowers-Fox 8m Mylee 18 Neptune Liefde 5
16th Taurus Hawk 9m Marree 15 Cody Bowers-Fox 5
17th Rodrick Benstaloe 10m Mattio 17 Jequirity Eckhart 5
18th Saxton Hale 5f Grim 16 Rodrick Benstaloe 5
19th Leticia Tibideaux 10f Azaleah 17 Kitty Keeni 3
20th Leo Everitt 3m Damen 18 Rodrick Benstaloe 3
21st Odile Quintanilla 3f Goat 17 Heather Tenley 2
22nd Hannah O'Leary 9f Briar 17 Cody Bowers-Fox 2
23rd Paige Hope 8f Puppy 14 Saxton Hale 1
24th Draco Wellings 7m Nyte 18 Neptune Liefde BB

Death due to inactivity.



Day 1


The 71st Bloodbath is notable for only involving one death, that of Draco Wellings, who was instantly killed by a stab to the eye.

The Bagpipe Bitches won the Wealth, which consisted of a cloak of invisibility, an elder wand, and a resurrection stone.

The Vandals and The RuNTS Compound both won Mini-Wealths, as well.

After the Bloodbath

The Vandals alliance spotted Paige Hope lagging behind her alliance after fighting a Silver Siren on the Sea Cliffs. Someith Krearns led the attack against the unsuspecting girl from District 8, and Saxton followed up with a stab directly through her throat, instantly killing the girl.

Day 1 Deaths:

Draco Wellings, District Four

Paige Hope, District Eight

Day 2

Two heated battles took place in the Wooded Glen that day. Despite losing an alliance member in the Bloodbath, Helter Skelter proved nonetheless dangerous as they went straight for Victor Colgate O'Leary's younger sister, felling her quickly and leaving her to bleed out from her wounds as they fled the scene. Meanwhile, the Bagpipe Bitches attacked the allied District Three tributes mercilessly, killing the District 3 female and severing the right arm of the District 3 male before claiming it as their trophy for the fight.

As Hannah O'Leary lay dying, Jequirity Eckhart, who had fled her fight after Odile died, stumbled upon her and gave her a final farewell. Returning to her remaining alliance partner with a medkit, which had been rewarded to her by the Gamemakers, she proposed joining forces with Saxton Hale, whose alliance had disintegrated with the death of Hannah. Despite her guilt over killing their alliance member Paige, Saxton accepts.

Day 2 Deaths:

Odile Quintanilla, District Three

Hannah O'Leary, District Nine

Day 3

A full moon rose overhead on this day of the Games, and werewolves were released to prowl the arena, attacking tributes who strayed too far from other alliances. Someith showed his sadistic side as he danced around one of the werewolves, slicing it one cut at a time until it finally collapsed. His former alliance member, Annora, on the other hand, disposed of the werewolf she encountered with a spectacular burst of flame, burning it to ashes. The other group they attacked were not as lucky, however, as the larger pack attacking the RuNTS bit off several tributes' fingers before succumbing.

Nearby on the Sea Cliffs, Cody Bowers-Fox leads his alliance in an attack against the Cat Pack, severing Kitty Keeni's leg. But the injured Keeni ended the fight quickly as he shoved a spear in Leticia Tibideaux's eye, sending the Helter Skelter alliance packing.

On the other side of the arena in the Peat Bog, the beleaguered Oilliphiésts again ran across the Bagpipe Bitches alliance, which proceeded to taunt them with Leo Everitt's severed arm, hitting their alliance members with it while severing another right arm, this time from District Six's Jequirity Eckhart. Despite being outnumbered, the Oilliphiésts fought back valiantly, and the one-armed Leo Everitt got his revenge as he cleaved off Daria Staite's foot. Angered, Rodrick Benstaloe responds by shoving Leo to the ground and choking him to death with his own arm. The Bagpipe Bitches claim Jequirity's arm as another trophy before fleeing the scene. Unfortunately, they were led to a pocket of hidden gas in the murky bog, which blinded Heather Tenley.

Day 3 Deaths:

Leo Everitt, District Three

Leticia Tibideaux, District Ten

Day 4

Day Four was a very anticlimactic day. After two deaths, there was almost peace and quiet. However, a trail of dotted lights caused the tributes in alliances of four to split up, and they quickly dwindled down into pairs. With the bigger alliances now cut in halves, one would think a sense of vulnerability would make tributes take this time to attack upon each other. Contradictory, only one small fight sprung as Jequirity Eckhart and Saxton Hale went onto the offensive, attacking Rodrick Benstaloe and Daria Staite

Day 5

In the middle of the night, each pair of tributes that was separating from the day prior were given a somewhat rude awakening. Mutts, such as dullahans, harpies, banshees, werewolves, and more, led (or chased) all of the tributes to the Beach. At that time, all of the tributes were upon the rocky shore, split into two big groups: the West Beach and the East Beach. From that point on, it was clear in each tribute's mind, that this was no picnic. It was a feast.

The Feast in the West Beach was very quick to start off, with tributes Saxton, Jequirity, Septys, Ruth, Harbinger, Chloe, Daria, and Rodrick all battling for their lives. Jequirity Eckhart and Saxton Hale were quickly outnumbered by their six opponents. As the battle raged on, Rodrick Benstaloe used his axe to finish Saxton off, marking her as the first death within the feast. The sextet then moved on to Jequirity, slamming their weapons upon her with no mercy. However, the lone girl was able to kill Rodrick, who had just killed her last ally. The six remaining tributes stopped their fighting, each one managing to escape from the bloody battle.

In the East Beach, Dustyn, Cody, Annora, Someith, Heather, Tyler, Kitty, Beretta, Neptune, and Taurus all fought. This battle was much bloodier and more evenly divided than the first. Cody Bowers-Fox was the first tribute to force a cannon to blow as he struck down enemy Taurus Hawk. The domino effect quickly came into play, however, as [[Neptune Liefde], ally of the deceased Taurus, got revenge upon the Bowers-Fox boy. But, as many may say, "if you knock one down, you'll fall with it." This fell into place perfectly as Dustyn Chase, just as easily as Neptune killed Cody for revenge, killed Neptune. The living seven tributes all fled the scene, putting an end to the fighting of Day Five.

Day 5 feast day, the beach was divided in two.

Feast-in-the-East: Dustyn, Beretta, Someith, Tyler, Kitty, Heather, Cody, Taurus, Annora, Neptune.

West Beach Feast: Septys, Ruth, Daria, Saxton, Jequirity, Rodrick, Harbinger, Chloe.

Day 5 Deaths:

Saxton Hale, District 5

Rodrick Benstaloe, District 10

Taurus Hawk, District 9

Cody Bowers-Fox, District 8

Neptune Liefde, District 12

Day 6

WOODED GLEN Cat Pack v. Balor + Banshee

BEACH Septys/Ruth/Jack v. Balor Annora * v. Someith

BASALT COLUMNS Dustyn Chase v. Siren + banshee

CLIFFS Bagpipe Bitches v. Balor

Day 6 Deaths:

Annora Taylor, District 11

Day 7

WOODED GLEN Chloë Angor vs. Harbinger Rhodes

Heather Tenley, Tyler Westbrook vs. Septys Lexig, Ruth Foster SEA CLIFFS Daria Staite vs. Jequirity Eckhart

BLACK ROCK BEACH Beretta Corléon, Kitty Keeni vs. Dullahan

BASALT COLUMNS Dustyn Chase vs. Someith Krearns

Day 7 Deaths:

Jequirity Eckhart, District Six

Dustyn Chase, District Two

Ruth Foster, District One

Chloe Angor, District Twelve

Kitty Keeni, District Six

Day 8

ROCK BEACH Septys Lexig vs. Tyler Westbrook

SEA CLIFFS Someith Krearns vs. Heather Tenley vs. Beretta Corleon

WOODED GLEN Daria Staite vs. Harbinger Rhodes

Day 8 Deaths:

Beretta Corléon, District Two

Daria Staite, District Four

Tyler Westbrook, District Five

Day 9/Finale

Basalt Columns

Septys Lexig vs. Someith Krearns vs. Heather Tenley vs. Harbinger Rhodes

Day 9 Deaths:

Septys Lexig, District One

Someith Krearns, District Four

Heather Tenley, District Seven

Tributes' Last Words

"Happy birthday, Lily."

Paige Hope, District 8

"Jack... Jack... can you play a song for me?"

Hannah O'Leary, District 9

"Tell my mom.. 'fuck you'."

Odile Quintanilla, District 3

"Please! Please, just leave me alone!"

Leo Everitt, District 3


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