72nd Hunger Games

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These are the 72nd Hunger Games, and the 19th on the site.

72nd Hunger Games
Map of the 72nd Arena
The map of the 72nd Hunger Games arena.
Arena theme Swamp
Victor Atticus Manor
Length 9 OOC Weeks
Reaping date 30th January,2016
End date 10th April, 2016
Gamemakers Python and Nyte



List of Tributes

This is a list of all the tributes that took part in the 72nd Hunger Games.

Place Name ID Owner Age Killer Day
1st Atticus Manor 3m Mattio 18 -- --
2nd Ezero Laffan 8m Kire 18 Atticus Manor 9
3rd Danny Brooker 3f Stare 18 Atticus Manor 8
4th Astrid Shaw 2f Ali 17 Ezero Laffan 8
5th Kite Tide 4m Elegant 18 Danny Brooker 7
6th Celia Mortuus 12f Avalon 17 Ezero Laffan 7
7th Nell Locke 5f Loony 18 Astrid Shaw 7
8th Sol Shim 5m Arctic 17 Atticus Manor 7
9th Iain Miristioma 11m Emsrocks 14 Ezero Laffan 6
10th Noelia Tibideaux 10f Azaleah 17 Sol Shim 6
11th Eryn Sconosciuto 7f Cameo 17 Atticus Manor 5
12th Henrietta 'Hettie' Cheyne 4f Frankel 18 Celia Mortuus 5
13th Scout Fray 1f Cass 17 Henrietta 'Hettie' Cheyne 5
14th Basil Anatola 7m Chelsey 17 Nell Locke 5
15th Insanis Keeni 6m Kousei 16 Kite Tide 5
16th Amerika Eckhart 6f Muffin 17 Sol Shim 5
17th Dane Allore 10m Dars 18 Danny Brooker 4
18th Cecilia Brontz 8f Marree 14 Sol Shim 4
19th Timothy Feldon 9m Zoë 17 Roman [Skeleton] 3
20th Quadrys Lexig 1m Flyss 16 Celia Mortuus 2
21st Delta Castley 9f Kari 18 Cecilia Brontz 2
22nd Carrita Nessage 11f Puppy 13 Timothy Feldon 1
23rd Lemon Cake 12m Yoya 18 Kite Tide 1
24th Andesite Obsidian 2m Kaplan 14 Noelia Tibideaux 1

Death due to inactivity.


The Seventy-Second Hunger Games took place in a swamp themed arena. Every night swarms of mosquitoes attacked the tributes, if they did not have bug spray in their inventory (obtained from the bloodbath).



What was once a thriving, luscious oak tree now lays in ruins. Vines have made their way along what remains of the leafless branches, spreading along the trunk like thick rope. The tree towers several stories above you, most of it swallowed up by an ever-present fog. Along the hollowed innards of the gray bark are various treasures, most notably: weapons. But who knows what other treasures this cornucopia may contain, have you the courage to look.

Cypress Swamp

Hot and muggy, this vast landscape feels like a sauna throughout. It smells of musk, moist plant life, and muddy earth. There is not a dry spot in sight, save for the trees with thick bottoms and narrow trunks that are nearly impossible to climb. They are often slippery to the touch, coated in green, organic material. While they are impressive, they offer little shade from the sun, so skin continues burn skin tributes continue to sweat through their clothes. This may be the stickiest area yet, but there is plenty of thriving wildlife and plant life to offer. Just be wary, because the bigger the swamp the meaner its residents.


Like spiderwebs the branches tangle overhead, the only light peeking through the thick bramble are slivers of a winter sun. Water covers most of this area, it reaches about your ankles but you find yourself sinking into the swamp mud anyway. And ​​_thump_​​ just like that, one step forward and you find yourself plunged in to the darkness, blood rushing in your ears as water surrounds you. There's no telling which areas are shallow and which lead into a suffocating abyss.The sour stench of swamp water follows you everywhere you go and the thin branches seem to catch the threads of your garments almost on purpose. Perhaps there is no escaping the mangroves once they have you in their grasp.

Sinkhole Springs

A cavity is carved into limestone bedrock, surrounded by the driest grasses in the arena. Inside is a deep pool of the clearest water in Panem. Undisturbed, it resembles a sheet of glass through which tributes can see the jagged bottom. While there is nothing to fish, the water itself is already clean, purified, and safe to drink without concern for contamination. But beware, the ground is not as solid and steady as it appears. One wrong step could lead to disaster.

Flooded Grassland

Miles of waist high grasses stretch toward the horizon. The combination of maize-colored blades tickling skin and wet clippings clinging to ankles will label this area the itchiest. Every inch of the landscape is flooded, but never reaches higher than the knees. The water is as unappetizing as it looks, and is incapable of being decontaminated. It will be poisonous to any tribute who dares consume it. And that isn’t the only thing to worry about; the land may be flat, but there could be critters lurking wherever the tributes may travel. Tributes should always look before they step.

Sawgrass Marsh

Wider than its adjacent grassy companion, the sawgrass marsh looks like an extension of grassland invaded by murky waters. However, the grass here is taller and sharper, capable of causing discomfort if tributes aren’t careful. This area is riddled with open expanses of collectible water, and the air is thick with an unpleasant, muggy vapor. On evenings it is practically foggy. Tributes shouldn’t get too comfortable with the treeless marsh. After all, looking above the water and the grass does not tell you what hides within.

Fresh Water Slough

Barren. That is all that comes to mind when you stumble upon the Sloughs. Grass, cut clean across like a razor to hair, deep puddles bleeding into the marshland below. Deep forest colors give way to that of straw and maiden's braids, of wheat that has long since been taken by the winter's frost. The only break from this monotonous scene is that of the sun's reflection rippling across stagnant water.



The Silence

The Swamp Awakens

The Wallflowers

The Swampwives


Solo Tributes



The 72nd bloodbath is notable for having zero deaths.

After The Bloodbath

Due to their being no deaths during the bloodbath, tribute hunting was in order. The Wallflowers, Outlanders, Swamp Awakens, Scout Fray and Noelia Tibideaux all targeted The Silence in the Cypress Swamp, killing every member in the alliance. Dying first was Andesite Obsidian who was killed by Noelia Tibideaux. the final hit being a deep gash on right bicep. Second was Lemon Cake who was killed by Kite Tide by a shallow cut on right forearm. Finally Carrita Nessage was the last member of The Silence to be killed in the tribute hunt by Timothy Feldon. The final blow that killed her was a broken right collar bone.

Day 1 deaths:

Andesite Obsidian, District 2, Cypress Swamp

Lemon Cake, District 12, Cypress Swamp

Carrita Nessage, District 11, Cypress Swamp

Day 2

Four fights took place in different areas on Day 2. In the Sinkhole Springs, The Swamp Awakens and The Wallflowers were up against each other. Iain Miristioma, Henrietta 'Hettie' Cheyne, Delta Castley and Basil Anatola, were all taking the majority of the damage in the fight. An immolation on Delta ended the fight which was caused by Cecilia Brontz. Ezero Laffan punched Cecilia in the ribs breaking them, due to her killing his ally. The Swamp Awakens soon fled, leaving the Wallflowers with the burning body.

Meanwhile, in the Freshwater Slough, Outlanders and Lennyface were up against each other. Celia Mortuus, Quardys Lexig, Kite Tide and Amerika Eckhart were the ones receiving the most damage. The fight ended with Celia inflicting a shallow cut on Quadrys' chest, ultimately killing him.

In the Mangroves there were two fights taking place. The Swampwives were all up against two Hellcats, which they killed easily. While Eryn Sconoscuito was up against a Sun Swarm which she defeated.

Day 2 deaths:

Delta Castley, District Nine, Sinkhole Springs

Quadrys Lexig, District One, Freshwater Slough

Day 3

At first light on the 3rd day, the swamp waters will bubble and stir. From their depths the whites of bones will emerge, plated armor stretched across the rib cages of skeletons. Remnants of old, decayed flesh still dangle from their fingers and jaws, and each wields its own warrior's sword. These skeletons will visit tributes in any area who aren't mandated with other tributes. To defeat them, tributes must attack the pieces that hold them together; the armor.

Six fights took place during Day 3. In the Cypress Swamps, The Swamp Wives were up against 3 skeleton warriors.Atticus killed one,Sol the other two. In the Sinkhole Springs, the Swamp Awakens were also up against three skeleton warriors, Hettie Cheyne killing them all.

Meanwhile, in the mangroves the Wallflowers were up against 1 skeleton warrior and 2 lesser dragipedes. Basil killed both dragipedes while Ezero killed the skeleton warrior. Over in the flooded grassland, Lenny were up against 1 skeleton warrior and 1 bloodfeaster. Scout killing both of the muttations.

Two fights took place in the Sawgrass Marsh. Eryn Sconosciuto was up against one skeleton warrior but she defeated it. The Outlanders were up against 1 skeleton warrior and 1 nightwing troll. Before they had the chance to kill the mutts, the skeleton warrior decapitated Timothy Feldon with its sword.Dane ended up killing both of the mutts.

Day 3 deaths:

Timothy Feldon. District Nine, Sawgrass Marsh

Day 4

During day 4, three fights took place in three different areas. In the Cypress Swamp, The Swamp Awakens were up against The Swamp Wives as well as a crocolisk. The fight did not last long as Sol Shim stabbed his flaming spear into Cecilia Brontz's thigh, ultimately setting her whole body on fire.The rest of the Swamp Awakens fled the scene while the Swamp Wives killed the mutt.

Over in the Mangroves, Noelia Tibideux was up against one spiting raptor. Following many hits, she was able to defeat the mutt.

Finaly, over in the flooded grassland another fight was brewing.Kite Tide, Dane Allore, Celia Mortuus vs. Danny Brooker, Ezero Laffan, Basil Antola vs. Scout Fray vs. Amerika Eckhart vs. Eryn Sconosciuto. The clusterfuck was very close however Danny Brooker laid the final blow on Dane Allore with her throwing knives, ultimately killing the District 10 tributes. All the survivors fled the scene.

Day 4 deaths:

Cecilia Brontz, District 8, Cypress Swamp

Dane Allore, District 10, Flooded Grassland

Day 5

During Day 5, two large fights took place, which both involved large mutts. In the Cypress Swamp there was a fight between Scout Fray, Kite Tide, Celia Mortuus vs. Hettie Cheyne, Insanis Keeni vs. Noelia Tibideux vs. Iain Miristioma vs. Barkskin Treant. The first attack in the fight was an instant kill, Kite Tide stabbed his spear through Insanis Keeni's eye, killing him. The fight continued, Scout Fray, Hettie Cheyne and Iain Miristioma were taking the most damage while the large mutt was dishing out attacks to the others. Having being mauled by a plant in a random event due to having a naked dance with Insanis Keeni prior to the fight,Hettie Cheyne was at deaths door already. However Hettie was able to hit Scout Fray in the chest with her spiked blunt, causing a deep gash which killed her. In revenge, Celia Mortuus hit Hettie Cheyne around the face with her axe, killing her off. When all three of the tributes died, the mutt fled the scene along with the surviving tributes.

Over in the Sawgrass Marsh, another large fight took place between Astrid Shaw, Atticus Manor, Nell Locke, Sol Shim vs. Danny Brooker, Ezero Laffan, Basil Antola, Eryn Sconscuito vs. Amerika Eckhart vs. Dragipede. Already having a large damage due to not drinking, Amerika Eckhart was an easy kill for Sol Shim who stabbed his flaming spear through her chest. Nell Locke then threw one of her knives into Basil Anatola's calf, causing a deep gash and ultimately killing him.The final unexpected death was that of Eryn Sconoscuito. Atticus Manor stabbed his spear into her neck, instantly killing the District 7 tribute. When all three of the tributes died, the mutt fled the scene along with the surviving tributes.

Day 5 deaths:

Amerika Eckhart, District 6, Sawgrass Marsh

Insanis Keeni, District 6, Cypress Swamp

Basil Antola, District 7, Sawgrass Marsh

Scout Fray, District 1, Cypress Swamp

Henrietta 'Hettie' Cheyne, District 4, Cypress Swamp

Eryn Sconosciuto, District 7, Sawgrass Marsh

Day 6

Audiences were advised to fully equipped their feels proof vests on this day, due to the hell of Day 5 prior to this day.

Two fights took place during day 6.The largest fight was in the Cornucopia between Astrid Shaw, Atticus Manor, Nell Locke, Sol Shim vs. Kite Tide, Noelia Tibideux, Celia Mortuus. Both sides were sustaining considerable damage however the wealth alliance was able to inflict the most damage onto the opposing alliance. Sol Shim was able to stab his flaming spear through Noelia Tibideaux's thigh, ultimately killing the last District 10 tribute in the games. Once Noelia fell, both alliances fled from the fight.

In the Sawgrass Marsh, another rather feelsy fight was taking place between Danny Brooker, Ezero Laffan vs. Iain Miristioma. Being up against two other people and having his whole alliance dead, there wasn't much hope for the poor District 11 tribute.Ezero Laffan inflicted the last attack on Iain, severely burning him with his knife and killing him. The reign of consecutive District 11 victors was over.

Day 6 deaths:

Noelia Tibideaux, District 10,Cornucopia

Iain Miristioma, District 11,Sawgrass Marsh

Day 7

As tributes slept in their makeshift camps or guarded themselves from potential danger, a toxic fog crept between the trees. It was inescapable, settling over the swamps with odorless vapors that would lull each tribute into a state of unconsciousness. The trees would come alive after that, replicas of the barkskin treant that twisted and separated themselves from their roots. They wrapped their winding branches around the tributes' limp bodies and carried them to new destinations.When tributes wake up, they will each find themselves inside of giant, locked bird cages with one other person. The doors of these cages will not unlock until one of the tributes is killed.

Four of these cage fights took place in three different areas. In the Cornucopia, two fights took place, one being Ezero Laffan vs Celia Mortuus.The District 8 boy was able to get an upper hand over the District 12 and inflicted a lot of damage onto the female. The final blow by his throwing knife caused a deep gash on Celia's cheek, ultimately killing her. Ezero was then able to flee from the cage. Also taking place in the Cornucopia, alliance members Sol Shim and Atticus Manor were up against each other. Fighting to free themselves, the alliance members turned on each other.The District 3 boy was able to overpower the District 5, a severed left calf at the knee by an axe was to finish off Sol Shim. Atticus Manor was then able to free himself from the cage as soon as the District 5 fell.

Elsewhere in the Flooded Grassland, more alliance members were up against each other. Astrid Shaw and Nell Locke were both fighting in the cage to free themselves. Both of the girls inflicted a pretty equal amount of damage onto each other, however the District 2 girl was able to free herself from the cage. The final blow from her spear was a deep gash to Nell Locke's neck, killing her.

Finally, in the Freshwater Slough, Danny Brooker and Kite Tide were trapped in a cage together. Equipped with her spear, the District 3 female was able to overpower the blind District 4 boy. Danny Brooker finished off Kite Tide with a deep gash to the back and was able to flee from the cage without a substantial amount of damage.

Day 7 deaths:

Sol Shim, District 5, Cornucopia

Nell Locke, District 5, Flooded Grassland

Celia Mortuus, District 12, Cornucopia

Kite Tide, District 4, Freshwater Slough

Day 8

Two fights took place on Day 8, one of them being in the Sinkhole Springs. Ezero Laffan and Astrid Shaw were up against each other here. Quickly the District 8 boy was able to inflict a large amount of damage onto the District 2 however in the middle of the fight, both opponents were hitting softly.Although Ezero was able to turn around the fight and hit harder like he had started, while the District 2 consistently hit softly, with the odd deep gash. Ezero Laffan ended the fight with a knife deep in Astrid Shaw's hand. However with her last breath, the District 2 girl crawled into one of the springs...

Over in the Mangroves, both District 3 tributes, Danny Brooker and Atticus Manor were up against each other.From the start of the fight, Atticus was able to overpower his District partner although like in the other fight, both opponents had a time where they were hitting each other with equal shallow cuts. However Atticus was able to finish off Danny with a severed left ear with his axe.

Day 8 deaths:

Astrid Shaw, District 2, Sinkhole Springs

Danny Brooker, District 3, Mangroves

Day 9 | Finale

The games drew to a close at the Sinkhole Springs, with Ezero Laffan and Atticus Manor up against each other. Both of them started off with equal damage so it was hard to pick out the winner at first, due to them having no armor of fire. However at first Ezero was unable to lay his weapon on Atticus, while Atticus began to fight by inflicting small damages onto Ezero. When Ezero finally hit Atticus, he broke his right collar bone with his war hammer however Atticus soon started to hit the District 8 harder. Severing his right calf at the knee with his tomahawk, it slowly grew obvious who was going to be the victor of these games. Ezero put in a great fight, inflicting deep gashes on the District 3 however Atticus was able to be superior. Stabbing his tomahawk through Ezero's chest, Atticus killed the district 8 boy. District 3 crowned it's first victor in 11 years in the shape of Atticus Manor.

Day 9 deaths:

Ezero Laffan. District 8, Sinkhole Springs