70th Hunger Games

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70th Hunger Games
Map of the 70th Arena
The map of the 70th Hunger Games arena.
Victor Kirito Miristioma
Length 8 days
Reaping date 30th May, 2015
End date 8th August, 2015
Gamemakers Thundy and Shrimp



List of Tributes

This is a list of all the tributes that took part in the 70th Hunger Games.

Place Name ID Owner Age Killer Day
1st Kirito Miristioma 11M Arrows 16 --
2nd Wyatt O'Connor 6m Mylee 18 Kirito Miristioma 8
3rd Kiena Ward 3f Stare 17 Wyatt O'Connor 7
4th Orion Hammerfell 2m Cato 17 Kirito Miristioma 7
5th Circe Lyon 2f Earthling 18 Circe Lyon 6
6th Preston Garrity 4m Flyss 13 Kiena Ward 6
7th Sue Tate 7m Pogue 18 Orion Hammerfell 6
8th Asher Rainer 7m RoyalGhost 17 Preston Garrity 6
9th Lily Hope 8f Puppy 12 Circe Lyon 5
10th Tybalt Capulet 1m Ani 17 Lily Hope 5
11th Gunner La Torre 4f Lalia 18 Circe Lyon 5
12th Imp Stole 8f Grim 16 Alarm Owl [Mutt] 5
13th Stella Summit 7f Avalon 17 Kiena Ward 4
14th Nat Krigel 4m Anzie 15 Doppelganger Mutt 4
15th Olivia Revenue 2f Marree 15 Doppelganger Mutt 4
16th Geo Venn 6m Mattio 16 Tybalt Capulet 4
17th Gabrielle O'Dale 6f Ali 15 Circe Lyon 3
18th Rhyme Morales 1f Cameo 17 Kiena Ward 3
19th Simon Karnes 10m Arx 18 Olivia Revenue 3
20th Abel MacLaren 10m Ghosty 13 Gunner La Torre 3
21st Maya Xiaoqing 9f Azaleah 17 Cornucopia Mutt 3
22nd Noah Bowers 8m Rave 18 Cornucopia Mutt 3
23rd Rowan Combe 7f Zoë 17 Kirito Miristioma BB
24th Elya Johnwayne 2f Aya 18 Noah Bowers BB

Death due to inactivity.





Eternally Ticking

The Twisted Triplets

Vicious, Delicious, And Ambitious


Consisting of ex-The Twisted Triplets members

Broken Babes

Consisting of ex-The Twisted Triplets & Basilisks members


Day 1

The day began with the tragic, untimely deaths of Elya Johnwayne and Rowan Combe. There was no hunting on day one, but there was Rowan Combe's beautiful funeral thread, which many tributes participated in to pay their respects to her and say goodbye. She died peacefully, asleep, at last. Meanwhile, the BARFs (Circe, Gunner, Nat, and Orion) held a funeral for Elya. Gunner made a pyre out of $50,000 in cash, and they said their goodbyes. She then ignited the pyre, sending Elya's body and the cash up in flames.

After that, most alliances departed on the trains to move to different locations. During travel, Simon Karnes set of an RE and got his foot blown off. Damn, savage.

Gunner and Noah ran into each other, and upon this encounter, Gunner hogtied him and put duct tape over his mouth. She then gave him a prison tattoo that said: GUNNER'S BITCH. She cut the rope from Noah's ankles but left the duct tape over his mouth and his wrists bound, letting him run away.


Only two died in the chaos of the bloodbath. Noah Bowers insta'd Elya Johnwayne, and Kirito Miristioma killed Rowan Combe. Noah just barely made it out of the bloodbath alive- he was getting close to 40 damage by the time he fled, but luckily, he got out just in time. It was the Doctrines who claimed the wealth- Wyatt O'Connor, Sue Tate, Noah Bowers, and Maya Xiaoqing.

After the Bloodbath

Rowan Combe's funeral took place as well as Elya's, and after that, most alliances moved to different locations via the trains. The Twisted Triplets (Kirito, Rhyme, Olivia, and Imp) went to the Powerline Forest and chilled for a bit, meanwhile Eternally Ticking (Tybalt, Gabrielle, Geo, and Abel) went to the Clock Tower and also chilled. Preston and Asher went to the Abandoned Factory, while the Leviathans (Stella, Kiena, and Simon) traveled to the Rubble to catch words. Circe and Nat couldn't find Orion and Gunner, but all turned out fine when they found them. Nat Krigel burned a Glamour Kinkade plushie, which pissed the Gamemaker off to no end. He also got some weed from Gunner, so that was pretty awesome.

Day 2

It was raining that day. There were absolutely no deaths on day two, despite the many fights raging on in the Arena. (Little did the tributes know that there was a price for their beating hearts.)

In the Abandoned Factory, the Doctrines faced the a mutt called Virachne, but luckily, they defeated it and all of them got out alive. Meanwhile, Orion, who was separated from the BARFs, fought with Lily Hope to defeat Pocket Dragons. Preston and Asher faced a MechaByte, but were able to destroy it. Stella, Kiena, and Simon were battling against two Pitfall Lizards in the Powerline Forest, and the Twisted Triplets faced three Hellhounds.

Circe, Nat, and Gunner annihilated their foes, a Sinking Worm and a Gulper, in the Wind Turbines. And finally, in the Sewers, Eternally Ticking fought two Tankard Rats.

After all of the fighting, Eternally Ticking chilled and received sponsorship. The BARFs searched for Orion, worried that he was dead, but then they received a note from Cricket Antoinette that Orion is alive. They rejoiced and promised that they would find him. Back in the Powerline Forest, the Leviathans patched each other up, and they exchanged old legends from their districts that they had heard.

Day 3

Day 3 gave rise to one of the most deadly mutts ever to appear in a Hunger Games, the Elyacopia. This mutt was literally as looming robotic structure of mass devastation formed from the body of the cornucopia. This mutt wasted no time in its lethal advance as it first stole the life of Noah Bowers with a brutally shocking insta. From there the tensions rose as the remaining participating tributes (Maya, Wyatt, Sue, Preston, Asher, and Lily) fought as valiently as they could to bring down the mutt. However, once again the Elyacopia proved its strength and terror as it brought death upon Maya with yet another insta. From there luckly no more deaths occurred since Wyatt immolated the mutt and the other tributes quickly followed his lead in finishing it off once and for all. Once the Elyacopia laid burning dead upon the desolate and blood stained ground the tributes all fled swiftly from the horrific scene.

the barfs vs et, gabrielle dies then et gets taken prisoner

leviathans vs twisted triplets, olivia kills simon and then kiena kills rhyme then that whole scene with simon and olivia rhyme spends her last moments with the triplets and rhymin

sue and wyatt reminisce about parents and drink together

Day 4

doppels everywhere

stella gets insta'd by kiena, who thought she was the doppel stella </3 funeral thread also

nat krigel gets beheaded by his doppel :c

triplets split up, imp and olivia face doppels and kirito faces his alone

suddenly kirito is kiri and now he's sadistic, he smashes his doppel and laughs at he bleeds from his severed ear

Day 5

kiena, wyatt, and sue, now allied, fight against imp and kirito, as well as preston and asher. preston and asher turn on each other and both die, while imp is attacked by 5 owls and dies.

the night before, circe and gunner have sex on a bed of cash monies. gunner gives circe her six-chambered gun, with only one with a flare, which is pointed at her head- a game of roulette. circe ends up shooting gunner and killing her :c

lily vs. tybalt, ends with tybalt setting off a bomb and lily kills him

after killing tybalt, circe and orion hunt lily and circe stabs her in the eye, killing her

sue leaves kiena. she tells him that when he kills kirito, that he needs to make him feel it. before he leaves, she tells him that they will be okay in the end, and sue says that she's lying to herself.

Day 6

Leon vs Ingrid, Potato vs. Sonja, Siren vs. Owen, Charlotte vs. Erebus. Many sads.

Day 7

Leon vs. Potato, Siren vs. Charlotte. Many many sads.

Day 8


Siren and Leon utterly fail to hit each other at all, but Leon fails to hit a little bit less and thus lives. Many many many sads.

Tributes' Last Words

“I’m begging you for only a second more— I just need another minute here.”

Wyatt O'Connor, District 6