76th Hunger Games

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These are the 76th Hunger Games, and the 23rd on the site.

76th Hunger Games
The map of the 76th Hunger Games arena.
Hawaiian Theme Hawaiian
Victor Teddy Ursa
  1. OOC Weeks
Reaping date June 23rd, 2017
End date TBD
Gamemakers Lancelot and Shrimpand Dee



List of Tributes

This is a list of all the tributes that took part in the 75th Hunger Games.

Place Name ID Owner Age Killer Day
1st Teddy Ursa 6m Tom 18 -- --
2nd Lux Pelotte 4f Azaleah 16 Teddy Ursa 9
3rd Emberly Lowe 10f Briar 16 Teddy Ursa 8
4th Titus Seraphim 9m Elegant 15 Lux Pelotte 8
5th Walherich Cnaimhin 11m Arcticwoof 18 Emberly Lowe 7
6th Adelaide Throes 3f Kay 17 Lux Pelotte 7
7th Chester Meisenzahl 7m Emsrocks 18 Titus Seraphim 7
8th Ree Fer 3m Kousei 17 Teddy Ursa 7
9th Hero Marvray 4m Thundy 16 Nessarose [Serpentine] 6
10th Cam Dialate 5f Puppy 16 Titus Seraphim 6
11th Raquel Izar 11f Solo 18 Titus Seraphim 5
12th Wendell Gordon 12m Marr 16 Emberly Lowe 5
13th Kaiser Fray 1m Python 18 Raquel Izar 4
14th Glacia Eon 9f Zoë 16 Emberly Lowe 4
15th Rory Benstaloe 10m Frankel 17 Cam Dialate 4
16th Lorenza Aita 1f Kaplan 18 Chester Meisenzahl 4
17th Clementina Ogden 7f Arx 18 Lux Pelotte 3
18th Jacob Wickham 5m Lalia 17 Clementina Ogden 3
19th Dandy Gordon 12f Greenbeads 16 Chester Meisenzahl 3
20th Aline Larkin 2f Noodles 18 Titus Seraphim 3
21st Rhetoric Anadiplosis 8f Kire 18 Clementina Ogden 2
22nd Basil Isley 6f Rave 18 Lorenza Aita 2
23rd McCarthy Balmain 8m Gryphon 18 Clementina Ogden BB
24th Gregor McGregor 2m Aya 18 Cam Dialate BB

Death due to inactivity.


The Seventy-Sixth arena took place in a Hawaiian themed arena.



The Overseers

Peaches and Cream


Critics Royale

Te Kore

The Star Squad

Solo Tributes