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Topaz Ross is the victor of the 56th Hunger Games. She is noted as having a really sexy lesbian relationship with Nash Harvey.

Here's what went down in that sleeping bag

Topaz Ross
Topaz Ross
Victor of the 56th Hunger Games
District 1
Age 17
Weapon(s) Bow and Arrows, Trident, Falchion
Training Score 9
Token Owl Brooch
Alliance Team Strikeoutthrough
Victims Nash Harvey
Takeba Suzumi

played by Lulu


56th Hunger Games

She won these, after volunteering for her sister when she was Reaped.

Early Games

As a trained Career tribute, Topaz emerged as a top contender early on. She formed an alliance with fellow Careers Nash Harvey and Takeba Suzumi, as well as the District Twelve brother of victor Aranica Petros, Anani Petros. The allies fought hard in the Bloodbath and emerged with the wealth, then faced a series of muttation fights over the course of two days, first with three Sheepish and then with two Hellhounds. This was the first appearance of notable hellhound Cerba. Following the hellhound fight, Topaz split off from the other two members of her alliance with Nash.

Relationship with Nash Harvey

Topaz and Nash met in training, and became closer with each other than with the other members of the alliance very quickly. They split off from the pack following a hellhound fight and stayed at the shore of the lake for a night, becoming notorious for sharing the only sleeping bag the pair had. A relationship soon began to develop; the two went on to fight and kill Clarisse Wilmith in the pumpkin patch, and then proceeded to smash pumpkins and share their first kiss together. After days of traveling together to the pillars and the forest, fighting a pair of Deadly Stallions, they ended up at the creek, where Nash asked Topaz to kill her. Topaz obliged, doing so swiftly and then painting the word "mine" on her forehead in blood.

Late Games

As previously mentioned, Topaz fought Will Atlas and Clarisse Wilmith in the pumpkin patch, but did not directly kill either. Before the finale, her only other fights were with the Stallions and Nash herself.


The finale took place the day following Nash's death. The Gamemakers set the arena on fire and Topaz was forced to flee from the creek to the pillars, where she came across former ally Takeba Suzumi, the only other surviving tribute. The two fought to the death over the eerie music of Takeba's token, a music-playing locket, but Topaz had the clear advantage after a couple of hits. When the hovercraft came to pick her out of the arena, Topaz refused to let go of the rolled up sleeping bag she had shared with Nash throughout the Games.

Post-Arena Life

Following her victory, Topaz resorted to a life of partying, drinking, and sleeping around in order to cope with the loss of Nash and her sudden thrust into the spotlight. She acquired an apartment in the Capitol and became the city's notorious party icon due to her lack of ability to control herself. In the 59th Games, her younger sister Sapphire Ross was Reaped once again, and was killed in the Bloodbath after her district partner shoved a cleaver straight through her eye. Topaz was devastated, and stooped further into her alcoholic stupor for the next couple of Games, reaching her lowest point in the 61st games when she had a drunken one-night stand with her tribute Stark Harper. Recently she married Maverick Miles, a Capitol reporter whom she'd been seeing for a long time.

Preceded by
Aranica Petros
56th Hunger Games
Succeeded by
Heron Kimberling