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Arbor Halt is the victor of the 54th Hunger Games. He is notable for overcoming both his district (not known for its prowess) and his blindness in order to win. After his victory, Arbor ushered in a short-lived 'golden age' for District Twelve, bringing home two of his mentees as victors in the three years following. The toll of involving himself so deeply in his tributes' affairs was too much for him, however, and he quickly and quietly slipped into the jaws of alcoholism. His self-destructive tendencies culminated in a suicide attempt following the 61st Hunger Games, and while he still struggles with his addiction, he has cleaned up his act considerably - particularly since adopting a son that was left on his door stoop after the 64th Games.

During his fourteen-year tenure as a mentor, Arbor has become callous towards his tributes, and during his dark spiral, had even suggested to one that he shouldn't bother trying to win because he had no hope. While he no longer actively avoids his charges, Arbor has given up on his efforts to get to know them before he sees them off to their deaths. Though he is inattentive to them during the Capitol, if one of his tributes does well, he invests more effort into their well-being.

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Arbor Halt
Arbor Halt
Victor of the 54th Hunger Games
District 12
Age 15
Weapon(s) Hunting knife
Training Score 3
Token Rat ring
Alliance Team EXP
Victims Ruby Georges
Rocko Hopkins
Anastasia Estrange
Blue Kilio
Jared Strahan

played by Aya



  • Three siblings, much older
  • His mother died giving birth to him
  • Blind since birth due to a congenital defect causing his optic nerves to not actually attach to his brain
  • Grew up in the seam in a single family home awww yeah very poor
  • No like seriously he went barefoot for most of puberty bc shoes are expensive
  • Dated a tribute who died in the 52nd games bc that used to be allowed in bios wooo
  • Liked to mess with people for fun bc messing with people is free (and he's sort of a huge asshole)

54th Hunger Games

During the entirety of the Games, Arbor was undeniably considered to be an underdog, due to his blindness and his lack of apparent physical prowess. Arbor himself did not expect to make it very far; as a result, he allowed himself to succumb to the bloodlust and become the sort of monster that he'd grown up hating. When he discovered that he had a knack for finding his opponents' weak spots provided they were close, Arbor devised a strategy that took him all the way through the finale. He exploited the other tributes' tendency to overlook him as a threat, as well as the ease with which he could locate them by the loud crunch of snow under his boots.

In training, Arbor was befriended by District 2's male tribute, Archer Fields, who invited the District 12 to join his allies: Zinnia Yaren from District 1, and both Ailia Goodnite and Jeremy Houser from District 3. Prior to the Games, it was decided that Zinnia, Ailia, and Jeremy would gather supplies from the Cornucopia and meet up with Archer and Arbor after the Bloodbath had ended.

Day 1

Arbor was led out of the bloodbath by Archer Fields. The value of Archer's protection immediately became apparent to Arbor, as his ally snapped the neck of Ralph Hawk, who'd tried to come after Arbor, hoping for an easy kill. The two boys fled the scene,

Day 2


Day 3

Colton Brax then

Betrayal of Archer Fields

After Arbor, Ailia, and Zinnia defeated Colton Brax on Day 3, Zinnia and Ailia turned on Archer Fields upon returning to camp. Initially, Arbor was uncertain about attacking Archer, who had been the reason why Arbor was invited into the alliance in the first place. As the girls attacked Archer, however, Arbor made up his mind to side with Zinnia and Ailia out of self-preservation, turning on the boy who'd treated him like a brother and incapacitating him so Zinnia could finish him off. Their fifth ally, Jeremy Houser, runs away out of fear.

Day 4

It was quiet. Arbor wanted a hat. There were no hats.

Day 5

Nothin doin

Day 6


Day 7

Rocko Hopkins

Day 8

Anastasia Estrange

Day 9


He killed Blue, then he killed Jared. Easy.

Post-Arena Life

p.s. he is kind of a massive alcoholic now. Which means he gets along very well with Topaz Ross. Also once he had sex with a tribute that wasn't even his oops.

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