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Saffron Lowe is the victor of the 65th Hunger Games. She is notable for being a baby(sitter).

Saffron Lowe
Saffron Lowe
Victor of the 65th Hunger Games
District 10
Age 14 (27 as of 78th Games)
Weapon(s) Flail, Axe
Training Score 8
Token Feather
Alliance Mazerunners
Victims Lucy Peverell
Ewe Saw
Significant Other Mace Emberstatt
Children Quinn Emberstatt
Family Paige Lowe (sister)
Myara Lowe (cousin) (deceased)
Emberly Lowe (cousin) (deceased)
Clementa Lowe (cousin) (deceased)
Kiara Lowe (cousin)
Caroline Lowe (mother)
August Lowe (father) (deceased)
Unnamed Lowe (paternal uncle)

played by Zoë



Saffron grew up in a small rural home in District 10 with her Mother and younger sister Paige. Her father was unlawfully arrested for a crime he did not commit when Saffron was 2 and taken to the Capitol to be put on trial. It is assumed he was convicted to a life as an Avox, although it was revealed shortly before the 70th Games that his files were destroyed in the drought of the 66th and his fate unknown. Her mother worked as a baker and earned money by cooking and baking from home and sending her supply to local stores around the District. Saffron was a tomboy and spent a lot of her time exploring abandoned houses and barns around parts of District Ten, taking tokens from each place she had discovered and hiding them in a box beneath her bed. Because of her small stature and quiet, mischievous nature many people assumed she was younger than her actual age of 14. She kept mostly to herself and was extremely protective of her little sister Paige who was the only one who knew about her explorations, stealing, and the box underneath her bed.

65th Hunger Games

The 65th Hunger Games were noted for being the 3rd Quell games in site history. The 65th Quell twist was that all tributes drawn from the reaping would be between the ages of 12-14 years. Along with this theme, the arena was designed as a giant landscape with various large terrains spread out around the centered hedge maze.

Early Games

Allied with Lucy Peverell, Cerise Mephistopheles and Ivana Vox, Saffron entered the Bloodbath to retrieve a weapon and a bag before quickly departing with Lucy, leaving the other half of the Mazerunners Cerise and Ivana to collect essential items and remain fighting. Saffron dealt little to no damage in her brief Bloodbath stint. Unfortunately Ivana broke a leg and thus died in the Bloodbath before she was able to be carried out by Cerise, leaving the three girls to hide and regroup at the Cornucopia after the Bloodbath had concluded and the rest of the alliances escaped into the maze. Saffron received a generous amount of essential sponsorship items shortly after, and the remaining members of her alliance camped out by the Cornucopia for the rest of the day.

On the second day of the Games the Mazerunners ventured into the large hedge maze that surrounded the Cornucopia. They were faced with fighting two Flurbles, one of which they killed, and then successfully fled the fight and made their way through the rest of the maze. Day Three led to the three girls finding themselves at the Mountain Chain where they were able to find and drink water. A fight broke out between the Mazerunners, Death Whisperers and Saffron's District Partner Mantel Scoff. Finding herself torn between wanting to avoid attacking Mantel and her being the one to go back to District Ten rather than him, Saffron instead fought with his alliance member Jim McCoy, challenging him to kill Mantel and thus calling him a coward as he ran away once Beatrice Birch eventually killed Mantel in all the commotion. After Lucy's foot was severed in the fight, Saffron immediately went to her aid to perform first aid, and the two began to slowly bond.

Day Four saw Saffron and the rest of her alliance once again fight the Death Whisperers at the Mountain Chain. Hefty damage was dealt before Cerise managed to cut off Beatrice's head, but her celebrations were cut short as Storm Jay killed Cerise whilst she wasn't paying attention. Horrified, Saffron hauled Lucy away from the fight and promised her she'd help her get home.

Late Games

Saffron and Lucy ventured to the Redwood Forest to once again face the Death Whisperers along with Cassie Radke. Furious at the others for attacking Lucy, Saffron immediately charged in to obliterate her enemies. The fight was short-lived as Cassie killed Sticky Washington instantly with a crushed skull. As Jim, the last of the Death Whisperers, fled the scene, Saffron and Lucy took pity on Cassie and showed her mercy, allowing her to boil her water on their fire in an unspoken exchange. As Cassie fled, Saffron and Lucy decided to climb one of the Redwood trees and doted the arena their kingdom and themselves the rulers of it, discussing their homes and family in a bittersweet moment of bonding and friendship.

On Day Six the Feast was held at the Giant Birdsnest in which all the remaining tributes (Jim McCoy, Cassie Radke, Iago Izar-McClaine, Emery Moreno, Ewe Saw, Saffron and Lucy) were forced to fight the Jabberwocky. Many of the tributes ended up attacking each-other, with Cassie and Jim falling victim to the feast. After the fight concluded Saffron and Lucy were forced to split and go their separate ways in fear of having to kill each-other. Finding herself alone at the Giant Ice Cube the following day Saffron stumbled upon Lucy in the distance. After calling out to her, Lucy approached her, but instead greeted her not with kindness but with a stab to the stomach. Devastated, Saffron fought back and ended up losing her right hand in the process. The two girls fought it out until Saffron eventually killed Lucy with a broken sternum. After staying with Lucy's body for what seemed like an eternity, Saffron left Lucy in the snow and stumbled on to the finale.


Heartbroken by the betrayal of her friend, Saffron was chased by mass flooding from the Giant Ice Cube to find herself in the Hedge Maze. Here she approached Ewe Saw, knowing they were the last two tributes left, and introduced herself before attacking him. The two fought with little yet meaningful dialogue, dealing terrifyingly close damage before Saffron eventually dealt Ewe's finishing blow. Feeling the weight of all the tributes fall on her shoulders, Saffron concluded her Games by screaming and sobbing over the body of Ewe and vowing to never forget any of the 23 tributes' names.

Post-Arena Life

After a tearful reunion with her mentor Mace Emberstatt, Saffron began to become acquainted with her fellow Victors. She hardly spoke to anyone, but did exchange a few heartfelt words with the other Victors and opened up around the families of the fallen tributes on her Victory Tour - in particular Eye Saw, who forgave her for killing his brother Ewe in the 65th Finale. Terrified that she or anyone else would forget the names of her alliance members she would often be found muttering the names of Lucy, Ivana and Cerise to herself, especially in her bouts of PTSD. Upon her arrival at District Eight, she was drugged and kidnapped by Rubik Woodards, brother of 65th tribute Hope Woodards. Klaus Goravich eventually found and rescued her, shooting Rubik at point-blank and killing him. When the tour eventually concluded Saffron shut herself away in her new home in the Victors Village, experiencing traumatic mutism upon her return.

As the 66th Reaping concluded Saffron took it upon herself to mentor the newest tributes from District 10. At the Capitol she was greeted by Eye Saw, whom to her surprise had volunteered as District 4's male tribute. The 66th Bloodbath saw Thistle Cardo decapitated, Aurora Villela lose an arm, and Eye Saw break a leg. Saffron went into a fit of rage and awoke from sedation 3 days later to both her tributes dead and her best friend being attacked (and thus killed), finding herself slipping into elective mutism once more.

The drought of District's 10 and 11 after the 66th Games saw Saffron come out of her shell and began to change her state of mind, helping wherever she could to get her home back up and running once more and finding solace in aiding the citizens of her district. Saffron also began to spend more time with the children of the older Victors, minding the children most nights in the Capitol and looking after Mace Emberstatt's daughter and son in District Ten.

I literally can't remember except she turned into a brat from like the 66th-69th.

Oh Mace's 10 year thing happened in the 69th.

The entire plot of Uptown Girls meshed together becomes her character development.

Magically becomes Kate Mara overnight. What a babe.

Mace gets divorced. Very conflicting feelings towards Mace. ("Oh my god do I have a daddy kink???? o h m y god")

Goes to find out about her Dad. (Note: Not related to daddy kink at all.) Dad is probably dead but we will never know!!!!!

Still got a thing for Mace tho.

Almost got blown up in the Capitol. Basically professed her love for him in the middle of a warzone. No big deal.


Oh hey, she has a family now???

Finds family. Myara gets reaped a day later. Fuck.

Breakdown. Fml. Also, it's been 10 years since she won the games. Also, she's pregananaenet???

Quinn is born! It's traumatising!!!

Emberly gets reaped. FUCKSAKES.

Another breakdown. Punches Teddy.

Clementa volunteers. Thanks Ment. Thanks. Rly.

Ment dies. Fucksakes.


  • Saffron is the second-youngest Victor (at time of crowning) next to Aranica Petros, who won her Games at 12 years old.
  • Due to the amputation of her right hand Saffron struggles to write with her weaker hand. She has a functional synthetic hand fitted on her right wrist that aids her in everyday activities.
  • Saffron technically 'died' in her fight with Lucy Peverell on Day 7, but due to victor/finale rule confusion was brought back to life to proceed to the final 2.
  • Saffron's original face claim was Bella Thorne. It was then switched to Kate Mara in time for the beginning of the 71st Hunger Games.
Preceded by
Opal Shore
65th Hunger Games
Succeeded by
Colgate O'Leary