54th Hunger Games

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54th Hunger Games
Map of the 54th Arena
The map of the 54th Hunger Games arena.
Arena theme Frozen tundra
Victor Arbor Halt, District 12
Length 9 days
Reaping date January 19th, 2010
End date April 21st, 2010
Gamemaker Tori

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List of Tributes

This is a list of all the tributes that took part in the 54th Hunger Games.

Place Name ID Owner Age Killer
1st Arbor Halt 12m Aya 15 --
2nd Jared Strahan 8m Lulu 17 Arbor Halt
3rd Blue Kilio 12f Breeze 16 Arbor Halt
4th Ailia Goodnite 3f Kara 15 Blue Kilio
5th Zinnia Yaren 1f Thundy 15 Jared Strahan
6th Anastasia Estrange 10f Tori 18 Arbor Halt
7th Rocko Hopkins 6m Marisa 16 Arbor Halt
8th Windy Mathers 4f Greenbeads 15 Jared Strahan
9th Jeremy Houser 3m Rizzo 17 Blue Kilio
10th Archer Fields 2m Quint 17 Zinnia Yaren
11th Colton Brax 5m Gigi 13 Zinnia Yaren
12th Jestina Lelborne 9f Stare 16 Jared Strahan
13th Ismene Clemet 2f Innocent 16 Mountain hound
14th Iris Brookside 5f Tardisgirl 14 Archer Fields
15th Ruby Georges 7f Cici 13 Arbor Halt
16th Evangeline Karbajal 11f Rosie 13 Hypothermia
17th Oz Myrrh 1m L 14 Archer Fields
18th Prenten Sichian 11m Prenten 13 Oz Myrrh
19th Jasna Michelson 6f Dee 16 Wounds
20th Sylthis Sinnombre 4m Palistus 15 Frostbite
21st Jayson Calloway 10m Atoa 14 Zinnia Yaren
22nd Dalton Fahert 9m Savius 14 Ailia Goodnite
23rd Senia Alexanderson 8f Reeallia 16 Self (suicide)
24th Ralph Hawk 7m Red 15 Archer Fields

Death due to inactivity.


Team EXP

Summary of their ish

Team AIR

Summary of their ish

Team 13

They tamed wolves you guys

Blue Kilio and Jestina Lelborne

They were Blue Kilio and Jestina Lelborne

Solo Tributes

Pretty much everyone else? Notable:


Day 1


The bloodbath was weird because we didn't know how to do anything back then, basically. So, death generator.

After the Bloodbath

Oz kills Prenten, Archer kills Oz and steals Windy's apple or something.

Day 2

Wolf-taming happens. Probably some other people die idk idr

Day 3

Colton gets whacked, Zinnia and Ailia are like "whoa dude let's kill Archer for shiggles!" and Archer's like wtf and Arbor's like ok we can kill him so Jeremy's like ah shit run away

Oh also Ismene gets her face eaten by mountain hounds

Day 4

Mostly nothing happens except RIP Tarzan

Day 5

Nothing happens. No, seriously, it was a one-RL-day-long gap day.

Day 6


No one actually dies. Zinnia almost does, I guess, and Rocko almost dies too. Most people get their ish.

Day 7

Jared kills Windy even though Blue is like wtf. Arbor/Zinnia/Ailia kill Rocko also Rocko doesn't actually post but he dies yeah.

Day 8

Jared kills Zinnia. Blue kills Ailia. Arbor kills Anastasia.

Day 9


Jared and Arbor attack Blue. Arbor kills Blue. Jared attacks Arbor. Arbor attacks Jared. Jared dies. Blind kid wins wooo.


It should be noted that due to the novelty of the site Hunger Games at the time of the 54th, there were many changes made to the structure of the Games both during and after. Following the 54th, the combat system was broadened to account for different weapons, the tributes were required to obtain food and water, and training stations were introduced. During Day 2 of the 54th, the concept of hit points were introduced, allowing for a more standardized way to achieve death.