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Mace Emberstatt is the victor of the 59th Hunger Games. Currently, he is best known for his relationship with fellow victor Julian Bryze and for fathering a son with fellow victor Aranica Petros.

Mace Emberstatt
Mace Emberstatt
Victor of the 59th Hunger Games
District 10
Age 18
Weapon(s) Throwing Knives, the Longsword of Charas
Training Score 10
Token Bone skull pin
Alliance The Bros, Mario&Luigi, Mandyer
Victims Alliance Dowry
Zynna Yondall
Dysis Admea
Aesop Bloom

played by Kay


59th Hunger Games

A Games in a frozen wasteland was surely a bad omen for a boy raised in the heat and color of District Ten.

Early Games

The Bros. formed during training, a collection of strapping lads who fit together awkwardly at best. Denver became their de facto leader. They entered the Bloodbath with strength of arm, felling many tributes. Mace himself killed both Zynna Yondall and Alliance Dowry. The Bros. claimed the Wealth and licked their (very minor) wounds. On Day two, they moved to the Frozen Waterfall, which while beautiful, also brought them face to face with more tributes. Mace killed Dysis Admea, and as she died, she admonished him: "better your aim or harden your heart." Mace carried this motto throughout the rest of the Games.

Bromance with Alexander Hood

By Day Three, the Bros. alliance was starting to show its age. Denver and Aesop wandered off, leaving Alexander and Mace along in the Black Caves. While at first awkward, they spent the day in the warm dark. Mace practiced with his throwing knives and they managed conversation, despite Mace's monosyllabic tendencies and Alexander's secret. It was, without a doubt, the high point of the Games for Mace.

Shroom Trip and After Effects

After leaving the Black Caves on Day Four, Mace and Alexander were determined to find Denver and Aesop. Luck brought them all back together, and Alexander offered them mushrooms he had gathered in the Caves. As it turned out, the mushrooms had hallucinogenic properties, and the Bros. ended up all attacking one another. Mace entered an alternate diamond world, wherein his vision was fractured. Though he contributed minorly to Denver Samuels' death, his biggest hit landed on Alexander. The guilt that followed, after he came down from the shroom trip, further solidified his feelings for his alliance mate.

Late Games

Days Five and Six saw more mandates for Mace and Alexander. After encountering Sawyer Monaghan and the deadly Charas Harp, Alexander killed Charas. Mace thought fondly of her long legs, and took her longsword. Mace and Alexander decided to ally with Sawyer, which sealed Alexander's fate. The three of them sprung an attack on Berkeley and Naida, killing the latter. At some point in the aftermath, Mace finally pieced together Alexander's secret: he was actually a she. He said only "shit, shit, shit" and left it at that. Though confusing, Mace came to realize that he had treated Alexander with respect, as a boy, and thus could trace a path of disrespecting women back through his life. This realization would continue to play out in his openness to a relationship with a man.

Day Six remains a black hole for Mace as he is literally unable to think of the events. On a sheet of ice, Sawyer, Mace and Alexander fought, with Alexander eventually slipping below the frigid surface. Bereft, Mace could not muster the anger to retaliate against Sawyer.


Heartbroken by the loss of Alexander, Mace barely acknowledged the deep bond that Sundrop shared upon encountering them. He helped to kill Sundra without remorse, the blame for Alexander's death shifting to Aesop. Between the shroom flashbacks and the freezing cold, Mace's strength was spent. After Sundra died, he turned on Aesop Bloom, rather than turn his back on Sawyer Monaghan. Aesop hit him once, enraging Mace, awakening him and leading to his famous insult: "bros before hoes."

After a bloody battle, Sawyer ended up taking his own life with a viking pyre, floating away on his burning boat over the frozen sea. Mace, who had collected all of the tokens of his fallen brothers, turned once more to Aesop, who had swallowed his coin token. Mace's final attack was a deep gash to the stomach, opening his core and releasing the token.

Mace drove the tip of his longsword into the ice, and clung to the hilt. He knelt in vigil over the bodies, forcing the Capitol aircraft to pry him free. He promised to carry the lives, memories, and souls of the 59th arena home with him.

Post-Arena Life

During his victory tour, Mace stopped in District Seven and delivered the tokens of the Bros. to Alexander Hood's brother, Owen Rook. This was fortuitous, in that Owen then reused Mace's bone pin token in the 63rd Hunger Games.

During the course of the 60th Games, Mace had a brief fling with fellow victor Aranica Petros. This resulted in a son, Kieran Lionel Emberstatt, who currently resides with Aranica in District Twelve. Shortly thereafter he became romantically involved with Julian Bryze, although it their relationship wasn't officially public until they negotiated for dual citizenship between Districts Two and Ten. This is a rare exception granted by President Snow.


Mace was something of a manwhore before dating Julian. He had flings all over District Ten, most notably with the 58th Games tribute Larae Vacanti. He also briefly dated another orphan in the Northern Community Home. His maturity in relationships can be directly linked to his time in the Arena. After dissecting his confusing feelings for Alexander Hood, Mace came to the realization that he was ready for something more permanent, and perhaps a relationship with a man would be the right fit.

Aranica Petros


Julian Bryze





  • Mace Emberstatt's FC is Jonathan Rhys Meyers.
  • He has near-constant shivers and twitching, especially in his palms. This is an after effect of the frozen arena.
  • Mace is one of the most "whole" Victors, having taken very little total damage in the arena.
  • Mace is also the most tribsat of any Victor. Kay was absent first during the Bloodbath to attend her sister-in-law's wedding, and then for 3 weeks for her own wedding and honeymoon in November 2011. She made it back in time for the Finale. South got Mace's first two kills, and Thundy saw him safely through the arena.

Preceded by
Lethe Turner
59th Hunger Games
Succeeded by
Julian Bryze
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Colan Raftor
District 10 Male Tribute
59th Hunger Games
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