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Previous Hunger Games
54th Victor: Arbor Halt
55th Victor: Aranica Petros
56th Victor: Topaz Ross
57th Victor: Heron Kimberling
58th Victor: Lethe Turner
59th Victor: Mace Emberstatt
60th Victor: Julian Bryze
61st Victor: Klaus Goravich
62nd Victor: Peridot Myler
63rd Victor: Cricket Antoinette
64th Victor: Opal Earnest
65th Victor: Saffron Lowe
66th Victor: Colgate O'Leary
67th Victor: Leon Krigel
68th Victor: Patricia Valfierno
69th Victor: Katelyn Persimmon
70th Victor: Kirito Miristioma
71st Victor: Harbinger Rhodes
72nd Victor: Atticus Manor
73rd Victor: Justice Fray
74th Victor: Ansgar Tod
75th Victor: Shelby Leviane
76th Victor: Teddy Ursa
77th Victor: Jacinta Salazar



This Wiki is an encyclopedia companion to the text-based, play-by-post Hunger Games RPG, based on the universe of Suzanne Collins' best-selling trilogy. The goal of this project is to chronicle the history of the site-run Hunger Games, to catalog the nuances of the Games' operation, and to provide a comprehensive guide for members wishing to better understand specific elements of the Games. In addition, this wiki is a long-term history store of all OOC and IC achievements and such, so to provide knowledge if it is so required.


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